SS Daily, Monday August 28 - Monday Sept 4

deemarie5500August 28, 2006

OK, let's get this party started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've got the balloons!

welcome back Dee!

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Time to celebrate your weight loss, Raeanne! I found most of those pounds that you lost, but I'm ready to have my butt kicked really hard!

How's everyone doing? Let's hear from you!

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Dee - Where's BJ when you need her? lol

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BJ is probably out buying new thigh-highs. lol Who else is up to the task of kicking my butt? Maddie? Marci? Suzanne? John?(on second thought, don't answer that question, John!)

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Unfortunately, I am in the position of needing my butt kicked also! I'll just get in line. I had so many opportunities to eat cake this weekend, and I rose to the challenge each time! LOL Which doesn't mean I resisted.

But this is a new week and I am busy trying to get my house in order before I start back to school next week. DD left to go back to school yesterday, so it is quiet here and hopefully I can get caught up on some things. I am finally meeting my parents and my sister for my birthday lunch today. I will pretend all of you are watching when I read the menu and make good choices. (Tiramisu is good, right???)

DeeMarie - How did your reading go?

Raeanne - Has your company finally left?

Gotta run,

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Marci - yes, all my company is gone, but I may have some repeat customers for this weekend. They had so much fun they want to do it again - I am up for it. We really did have a great time. I'm pretty sure cake doesn't count on your birthday, but since your's has turned into a month long marathon - I will have to recheck the rules LOL. I would say some of that was medicinal with DD leaving again.

Dee - I just got my brochure on the cruise, the ship looks beautiful. Unfortunately I was playing phone tag all day with the agent, but I will pin her down today.

Where is everyone? Please check in and let us know you are okay or get in line with Dee and Marci LOL.

It's my day off and I need to make the most of it - so I am off and running.

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I am here and certainly in no position to kick anyone's butt! I am just as bad as the rest of you!

Dee, I hope you had a great week away.

Marci, Tiramisu is a very good food for you!! LOL It has the four food groups, fats, sugars, caffiene and alcohol right? LOL

It's raining some more here...........boy I wish it would stop already.

I am buried with a big project at work right now have to run.

Raeanne, I have my Carb Addicts book and it feels a little overwhelming. Can you give me an example of one or two of your daily menus?

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Hi Everyone!

Checking in quick cause we have major, major storms on the way..thunder rumbling as I type.

I need to get in line for a butt kicking too. Marci, I agree with Raeanne that cake on your birthday absolutely does not count but a month long celebration, hmm, have to check on that one. Suzanne, tiramisu contains all of my favorite food groups :-)

We just power surged and browned out - I better sign off and shut down. Take care..check in tomorrow.


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Suzanne - I really don't like how the book was written.
Today's Menu:
B - Asparagus Squares (variation of Marci's spinach squares)
L - Cauliflower Soup and Asparagus Square
D - Salad, 1/3 protein: pork, 1/3 low glycemic veg: cabbage, 1/3 funky: applesauce and 1/2 of potato pancake

Sample Menu:
B - Omlette with cheese and mushrooms
L - Tuna Salad on a bed of lettuce
D - Salad, 1/3 protein: steak, 1/3 low glycemic veg: asparagus, 1/3 funky/carb: 1/2 sweet potato and small glass of red wine

Two of your meals can only contain protein and/or low glycemic vegies (pretty much the same proteins and vegies SS allows). One meal is your reward meal and you are suppose to include 2 cups of salad (or an additional cup of low-glycemic veg), 1/3 protein, 1/3 low-glycemic veg, 1/3 carb - it doesn't matter how big your portions are as long as each 3rd is equal (just eyeball it). All of this must be consumed in an hour. I don't drink coffee but I believe you are allowed 2 cups per day. You really can't use artificial sweeteners, etc except at your reward meal, as they can trigger your cravings. You can snack during the day with any protein or low-glycemic veg. Within a week all my cravings disappeared. I like it because if I feel like I want to have something funky I just say if I still want it later I can have it with my reward meal and I never feel deprived. I really don't snack at all anymore. I will email you more info if you need it, but this should be a good start.

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Doobie doobie doo, where are you?

Kinda quiet this week! Come out and say hello, ya know?

Eat right and drink that water!

take care


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Right here, Scoobie Doo, Doobie Doo (sounds like an Ella Fitzgerald record!)

Well, I managed to kick my own butt this week and lose the 2 pounds gained on the cruise plus 2 for good measure! That's a lot of water and herbal tea here, plus watching and being extremely aware of every bite. I'm exhausted!

Marci, the reading went really well. The staff gave me several of Shel S's books so that I could read some more. I chose about 6 poems and decided to deliver them in a very animated way (because the children were all under 10). They laughed, the parents laughed, and I had a great time!

Brought back Twelve Sharp back from the trip unread. That may be on the list of things to do this weekend.

Which leads to the:

QOD: What's going on with you this weekend?

Early tomorrow before work, I have an appointment for an oil change (well, not ME, my car!). Tomorrow evening we head off to the JETS/Eagles preseason game. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday we have nothing planned except to pick up MIL for dinner at her convenience. DH has a huge 'honey-do' list!

Make today count!
Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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RABBITT RABBITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good TGIF!

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Hey Zig - I wanted to stay up until midnight last night to say that! But when I headed for bed at 9:30 I knew that wasn't a reality.

QOD - no big plans here since they are calling for rain, rain and more rain. DD's are coming home with plans on being on the lake, but that doesn't look good. My perfect weekend would be - snuggled up on the couch with a fire going and a stack of good books to read LOL.

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One day I will get to say rabbit rabbit!

QOD: Not much planned for this weekend, maybe a movie and dinner out. The weather is terrible, wind and rain. Whenever it clears up one day will be spent cleaning up the yard from the storms..branches and debris all over. Hope to get some stuff done inside or, if not, I'm with Raeanne and the good books.

Dee, enjoy the Jets/EAGLES game (notice my twist on the way you said it!)

Stay dry...will check in later.


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Dee - we have to watch those South Jersey Girls(DONNA).

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QOD - I WAS supposed to go camping this weekend, but I am staying home inside my nice warm, DRY house. I have plenty to keep me busy here, but I was looking forward to a walk in the woods, a nice campfire and some fresh air.

DeeMarie - I am glad the reading went well. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with Shel Silverstein. After I suggested him to you, I started rereading The Sidewalk Never Ends and remembered all over again why I love his work.

Besh - 7 days and counting!!

Raeanne - What good books are you considering curling up with? Not that I need to add any more books to my TBR pile! LOL Since I joined Paperback Swap, my TRB pile has grown out of control. And if I haven't said so yet, WTG on sticking with your WOE!! You rock!

Tikanas - Did we ever hear about your birthday package from Raeanne? I love to hear about what others received.

Maddie - Front and center young lady!!

BJ - Same for you!!

NHSuzanne - How is Tillie? You haven't mentioned her in awhile.

Milkdud - Are you back from visiting your son? Did you get to talk with Patti?

Zig - The early bird gets the rabbit! LOL I too tried to stay up to say rabbit-rabbit, but didn't make it. I am trying to get back on my school schedule, which means no more late nights. :~(

School starts for me on Tuesday and I am not mentally ready to give up my summer. I am trying to get some things done (that I put off for too long) in the hopes that I can at least start with a clean house and a short to-do list.

I fully expect to be crabby for the next two weeks! DH has been warned. But on the bright side, DS is finally coming home for a visit next weekend. He is in a wedding in State College, so I will only see him Thursday night and Sunday afternoon, but that is better than nothing.

DD called and she has a fever and a sore throat. I hate when they are sick and far from home. :~(

Since it is cold today (high of 59º!!) I am going to self-clean my oven. I hate to do that when it is too hot out.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend (in spite of the weather).
Hi to everyone I missed.

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Marci - I can't even remember what is my TBR pile, but it is more like 3 piles right now. A few I remember are: The Kite Runner, My Friend Leonard, a few of Jodi Piccoult, A Girl Named Zippy and there is one about a guy that hitchiked all over Europe? with a refrigerator - can't remember the name of it, but it caught my eye. I feel your pain about having to go back to work and about DD being sick. My kids still call and say "mommy come and take care of me". They are kidding (sort of), but it still breaks my heart. Glad DS is coming home!

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Raeanne is right about watching out for us South Jersey girls - we can get a little radical! Can you imagine us Philly fans having a bad rep??? LOL

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