security DVR signal won't split

toomuchtodoNovember 1, 2007

I am using a no name 4 channel DVR with all four channels being used. Everything works the way it should except for when I want to split the DVR's signal from one TV to multiple TV's.

I have a run of RG6 QS coming from the DVR to the back of a television and everything works great. When I take the cable off the TV, connect it to a splitter and then continue from the splitter to the same TV I don't have any signal. I've tried a couple splitters, but all of them are for digital TV (5 - 1000MHz).

Is the "speed" of the splitter the problem or is it because of the DVR's internal quad processor?

I've also tried modulating the signal using NetMedia's MM-70 prior to the splitter, but the results were the same.

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