Walking = weight stablization

lazy_gardensJanuary 13, 2004

Recent study on exrecise w/out calory reduction showed that it at least can prevent weight gain.

To make any weight loss happen, the exrecise had to be vigorous (jogging miles a week).

The conclusion: modreate exrecise and a moderate reduciton in calories (giving up the morning donuts, cutting out a few dessserts, etc.) was most effective.

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Yup! I gave up my afternoon cookie and after-dinner dessert a few years ago and lost 20 pounds. I was also walking to and from my office every day, which took 15 minutes each time for a total of 30 minutes a day, M-F. I did NOTHING else to lose weight, in fact I wasn't trying to lose weight at all.

That is why I laugh about all the fancy diets that tell you to not eat this or that. Just cut out the junk, move around a little more, and you'll lose weight.

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