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bug_girlJanuary 2, 2002

I hate those Life Cycle Bikes they have in all the gyms. You have to peddle really fast to get the computer going. I have a bad knee and I can't peddle that fast.

Well, I just joined a new gym and they have manual bikes for spinning classes. You can use the manual bike and you don't have to peddle really fast.

Manual bikes are a revolutionary idea! I did not think any of the clubs had them. I was going to buy a bike, but now I am not going to do that. I don't need one anymore.

San Francisco has a lot of hills. The traffic is terrible. I used to ride bikes when I was a teenager. There is a bike trail around a lake called Lake Merced. As you ride you inhale car exhaust. It features a monsterous hill.

Then there is the whole car rack problem. If you can get your bike in the car, you can take it to Golden Gate Park. That is not so bad. On Sunday part of the park is closed to cars.

But how to get the bike into the car? How to get it, on to the rack? Those bike racks look terrible if they are on the bumper and if you hit another car, there is major damage.

Bike riding is fun. If I could just open the door and start riding on flat. It would be a blast. But, no you have to ride in the street to even get to Lake Merced, battling hills all the way. Cars try to run you down. It is a nightmare.

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Hi Bug_Girl, I don't know what size car you have,but if you take the front wheel off(comes off easily) the bike--they usually will fit in the back of the car. Kathy

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