Dieting Pals--8/7-8/14---One day at a time!

yellowhairAugust 8, 2004

Hi everybody. I miss McPeg!

I'm so mad at myself! I've gained 5 lbs. back, been eating all of the wrong things, eating out too much, and just been super lazy about dieting and exercising.

So, starting tomorrow I'm getting back in the dieting groove. No way am I going back to my old weight. Veggies and fruits are going to be in my shopping cart, along with Skinny Cows and Snackwells.

And I was doing so good there for a while. wahhhhhhhh!

Willpower! Yes, I have it... somewhere! lol Take care ladies and have a great & Slimming week.

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Welcome back, Yellowhair. Missed you at the "pals" thread. It was just DeeMarie and me last week. We got lonely.

This seems to be a difficult time of the year for a lot of us "losers". Summer seems to be slipping right by and I'm sure that those with school aged kids are so busy it must be hard to stay on track with eating well.

Don't let the 5 pounds get you down. You've taken the first step by posting about it. Now go shop for healthly foods and make a plan to eat right for just one week.

Pretend you haven't been on a weight loss plan before, get excited about starting anew. Get creative and try to eat some new foods instead of sticking to the same diet menus.

If you've been eating fish or chicken every day try a lean cut of beef. If you've been stuck on broccoli try some steamed green beans or asparagus. Don't forget to treat yourself each day. Instead of Snackwells measure out an equivalent real snack and have that. A mini bag of M&Ms is better than a 1/2 box of Snackwells.

Eat like a thin person. Naturally skinny people don't deny themselves. They don't eat salads when they want a burger or sandwich. They don't eat yoghurt unless they really want yoghurt. If they want something they eat it and move on.

Foods have no magical weight loss properties. A calorie is a calorie. Doesn't matter if it comes from yoghurt, cottage cheese or ice cream. Of course we want to learn to like and even crave thing that are nutritionly good for us. But I see too many dieters everywhere restricting so many normal foods to lose that would make it near impossible to maintain the weight loss after re-entering the "real" world.

As for myself I am hanging in there. Lost just 2 pounds the month of July but its 2 pounds less before and 8 cubes of butter gone from my body. Slow slow slow but at least no gains.

All of you others come out,come out wherever you are. Maybe we need to do a fall challenge. Not a pounds lost one but maybe about drinking water, exercising, journaling, whatever.

Here's to a flabbyless successful week for everyone.:)))

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Hi everybody! I'm not sure about the different threads that seem to continue week after week. It seems that some of you are doing WW, though. I am trying to use the points system on my own. I am real new at this, so I can use lots of advice.

And I've already gotten lots! I just love these forums. I'm off to a much better start than I would've been otherwise.

Tonight, I tried a Skinny Cow fudge bar (thanks to advice I got here) for the first time. That really hit the spot!

Yellowhair--Yes, that is the way I look at this process--one day at a time.

Wildchild--I don't know about your statement to eat like a thin person. Seems to me that is what got me into this mess, lol! But, I think I do know what you are saying--not to deny myself too much. Because I do believe that I would not have the willpower to stick with a diet that is too restrictive. It would backfire sooner or later. And I could see myself saying to heck with this and totally breaking loose, lol! I know that I might have to deal with that someday anyhow. I'm not good at sticking with routines.

For now though, it is day by day and week by week. Because I know it's worth it.

I am pretty much on these boards everyday due to keeping up with ideas on the Kitchen forum for my remodel. I hope that I will be here for a good long while, too.

Nice to meet you all!

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Here I am! Crawling out of my carb induced coma. Oh not really but I have your attention anyway. I have been stupid (human) too and eating like a "normal" person again and can tell it in my clothes. So tomorrow is another Monday and there is a 2 pound bag of salad in the refrigerator. I will write everything I eat!!! Journal, journal - it always helps. One good thing, I am babysitting a batch of animals (including 5 horses) so that is keeping me busy. Want to see one? This mare has duct tape on her back foot because she had an abcess in the sole of it. Had to call the vet. She is doing much better after soaking her foot every day in epsom salts and putting a fresh bandage on - held in place by duct tape. My shoulder will do better when she is well and I might borrow her epsom salts. Kathy

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Gee I am all about me in that post!
Hi everybody! Nice to see some hanging on and some coming in.
Forgot something - remember when it was said people who eat fatty foods have more breast cancers? Now "they" are saying the same thing about carbs. Could it be that just having more breast tissue (being heavier) might lead to more cancers? Plus people who are heavier tend to shy away from doctors.
So just to be safe - take good care of you.

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Hi Buglady,

Welcome to "Diet Pals". I have seen you at Kitchens.

Yes, the point I was making was to not be too restrictive. That doesn't mean we should eat whatever we want...just that its unrealistic to say that we can't have something and will never eat it for the rest of our lives.

We're a mixed bunch here. Yes, many of us do weight watchers, but not all.

I do a modified WW based on the old food exchanges instead of the points. Rumors are that the new WW system coming at the end of the month will incorporate some of the old way with the points.

I love carbs too much to do low carb, so I eat lots of "breads" surrounded with fruits and veggies and plenty of protein to keep me going. I am fortunate that I don't like mayo and fatty dressings so I can occasionally allow myself some real butter. Only when its worth it on a baked potatoe. Rest of the time I use lowfat spread.

Everyone has their own eating style and I believe it's important to work with it in order to take weight off and keep it off. All diets, whatever they be, have the common denominator of less calories. Be it points, food exchanges or carb counting it still ends up being less calories. Some of these plans just do the counting for you. So my opinion is whatever works for each of us is the right way.

I love this forum because its's very supportive and non-judgemental. When Quiltingbunny returns you will see she is so inspiring and cheerful it's a joy to come here and see what's new. I kind of think of Diet Pals as her thread. We're trying to keep it going for her return after the holidays and the move she's undertaking.

Stick around, hopefully DeeMarie, Erica, MaryAnn, Alice and others will soon peek in.

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Hi Kathy, We must have been typing at the same time. Pretty mare. Missed you last week. Well, looks like we're all ready for a new week. Success, Success, Success to us all.

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Hi guys! It's good to see that some of you are sticking with the program! It seems that I got waylayed last Spring during Spring break and I never could get back into the WW like I had been. I have gained a little of my weight back, but not too much. I don't know why because I have been eating way too much with no exercise.
I have quit my job and Thursday is my last day. I am so excited about it and hope to be able to stay at home. I also plan to start an excercise program right away so that I don't get too lazy!

Anyway, it's good to see all of you and hopefully I'll be posting regularly here again soon.

Congratulations to all of you losers! LOL


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Hi Kathy--That is a beautiful horse! It sounds like you are quite the animal lover. Do you consider yourself a horse person?

Hi MaryAnn--I believe I have you to thank for that great link to the food lists with the WW points. I found a link in an old thread, and decided that I would try this first on my own. If it doesn't work out, I will try joining online. Or I might switch to another program. But I'm doing OK so far. Then again, it's only been a little over a week. Anyway, thanks for posting that link. It really got me off to a great start.

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Thanks Buglady! Is this the site? WW points and info
If you have found any other sites that have been helpful just let me know and I'll add them to the webpage.

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Hi MaryAnn, Welcome back. Saw your pix on the KT. Looks like you and Jammer had a great trip. All those country breakfasts would've done me in. Keep posting. Quiltingbunny is on holiday and moving so we need to keep Diet Pals going for her.

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MaryAnn--Yes, that's it! I didn't know that it was your webpage. Bless you for that! I have used the formula many times, too!

What is "the KT", please?

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KT is "The Kitchen Table" forum here on That Home Site forums.

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Yes and if you go to the Kitchen table it will tempt you in and you will spend a lot of time reading there. Nice folks!

Hi everyone! Nice to see all the posts.

I had a maintenance day yesterday since it was hubby's birthday. Had salad for lunch so we could eat out. Bought him a pecan pie instead of a cake (I can live without pecan pie - too rich). Ate at steak house and had very balanced food - no roll, very little potato. OK very good so far and then my sister invited us up for cake and ice cream (it's her birthday too). Did I fall? Nope I had a diet Pepsi (and the caffiene hit me about 10 pm). So yesterday was a good day but when I eat out I maintain so it was not a losing day.

Today will be better because we are eating at home.

Buglady, I once considered myself a horse person but after hitting the ground too many times I let others have the horses. I had ponies but they are both dead now and I am hoping never to get offered another one.....miss 'em. I have 2 dogs that keep me busy (and cleaning - they walked in skunk spray this morning).

Hi MaryAnn! It is scary to quit working. Once you do you will be amazed how many things there are to do.

Hello back at you Wildchild. I like the carbs too but you know when I am faced with a doctor's appt I give them up and the weight comes off much quicker.

Speaking of - I found WW bagels the other day in a supermarket and bought 4 packages! They freeze well but hubby looked at me like I was crazy.

Well have a healthy day - I'm off to care for the critters. Kathy

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I've been doing WW since end of May. I do it without meetings or online. I found this website a little while ago and thought I'd share. Make sure you also click on the link at bottom of the article.


Here is a link that might be useful: Skinnydaily

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Hi there gadgets, Thanks for the link. Looks like a helpful site.

I weigh on Wednsdays and am down a pound this week. I write down whatever the scale says upon arising. My weight flutuates horrendously through-out the day and week, so I've committed to whatever it say on Wed. morning that official.

Anybody seen or hear from Tikanas2? Come out and play PJ, if you're around.

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Yippee, it works! I am down another 2lbs. I can't believe it! I think the exercise is helping. A pair of jeans that I wore last week felt too loose this week. OTOH, my size 12 jeans still feel too tight. So I must be between sizes now.

Kathy, a maintenance day is way better than a gaining day!
I have 2 dogs, too. One is my old lady dog. She is a Chessie and I just love her to death. The other is an 18 month old Portuguese Water Dog. She is rambunctious and a little devil, but with the face of an angel. She gets away with far too much.

Wildchild--Congrats on the one pound!

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Thanks, Wildchild for the invitation. I work out of town four days a week and have been doing so since February. This was when I started losing weight. Prior to this I worked at home and had WAY too much refrigerator access. While I am here I walk in the mornings before work between 45 minute and an hour and do a light weight work out. At home I am able to do a longer weight work out. I just use dumbbells.

I have no scale access while I'm out of town so I don't weigh while I'm here. I find that if I don't get enough sleep I don't lose weight.

Today I had grocery store sushi for lunch, I wish I had any kind of idea about the calorie count is in this stuff! I had a few fresh figs for dessert. Lots of water all day. I still have at least 50 pounds to lose. Seems like a long long journey sometimes. I really want to be thin right now!

I didn't have any patience with WW, I hate sitting still for meetings! And I don't have the fortitude to go back several times and check out the different meeting leaders to see if one suits me better than another. One thing I have noticed about the WW (and many others as well) frozen meals is that the sodium content is rather high. I have just eliminated cookies, chips, crackers, bread and butter, and all fried foods, as well as ice cream. More vegies and fresh fruit and smaller portions. More exercise. So far so good.


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Hi everyone!

I took a few days off last week so that my nieces could come and stay with me. I like to give my DSister and BIL a break once a year. We had so much fun, but they virtually took over my home computer, so I could not check in regularly!

Overate carbs with them, but the scale has been kind inthat I've not gained any weight (didn't lose either!). I see my doctor on Thursday (you know the feeling, huh Kathy?), so if the scale remains the same, I'm OK, although I should have lost another 10 lbs since my last visit (8 weeks ago). It's just this major stall. I find the weight comes off when I drink my H20 and exercise, but I was very lax in that department next week.

Today is a new day, and a new opportunity to start all over again!

MAKE IT COUNT!!!!!!!!!!

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OK, just got back from the doctor, and I've lost 2 pounds. Really happy about that, and ready to start on my next short-term goal of 8 pounds over the next 2 months. Fingers crossed.....

Check in and tell us about your successes and struggles.

Have a wonderful day!

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Hi Deemarie! I'm weighing in on Friday mornings, and I lost another 2 lbs this week! So, *high five*!!

I've learned how to eat within my points now. Yay! And when I want something special--like a sandwich with a lot of mayo (I love mayo!), my strategy is to do step aerobics to earn the points for it!! So the exercise comes first, and then the reward.

I've lost half an inch on my hips and 1.5 inches on my waist all total. Still have a yucky fat roll on my middle. So while it is great to see the changes on the scale, I do wish I would have more noticeable results with the tape measure.
I know this takes time.

How's everyone else doing?

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I hit the summer clearance rack and bought 2 outfits in the next size down. My clothes are getting too roomy to hang right. I'm trying to hold out buying too much because fall is coming and I'll need new cool weather clothes. It was good to put on smaller pants!

I am really worried that my boobs will look like tube socks when I reach my goal, and that my stomach will look like a deflated wrinkled balloon. Anyone else considering tummy tucks or boob jobs?

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Hi BarnMom! Good going on the shopping! I am so looking forward to that roomy feeling so that I can get back to a reasonable clothing size.

Can't help you on the physical changes to be expected, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

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It must be Monday - I am here - ha! My docs appointment is the end of September and I am heading for a lecture. Wish I could say I lost 2 pounds DeeMarie! All right it's now or never. I have green beans steamed and turkey breast cooked for lunch. Raw cauliflower in a bowl for a snack. Hubby grumbled his weight is up too so we are partners in crime I guess. Up early and cleaned the refrigerator and discovered my baby bellas (portabella mushrooms) went bad - shucks - they are so good with fresh beans. Anybody have any good veggie recipes?
Buglady those are active breed dogs you have. Pretty dogs too. No surgery for this wuss.
We have been having cooler weather and I love it.
Yellowhair where art thou??? Come and pull it back together with me.
Bye all,

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