Diet drinks are the problem!!!

thad_huffmanAugust 26, 2004

I read in the paper that diet drinks cause obsity & diabetus #2...I do'nt drink'um anyway....Thad

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Good for you, Thad.

Diet drinks are not the #1 choice of most dieters here either, but, as with all types of diets, getting good results depends on following directions, meal plans, and exercise routines. That's a very difficult thing to do, given that most of our celebritory and social customs revolve around food!

What was the source of your info, BTW? Mind posting a link for curious people?

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I read that sweetened drinks (as in sugar sweetened drinks) are the culprit. Wish I could say I do not drink diet drinks. I am sure the article will hit all the papers. Like that's news!

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I found it in the Houston Chronical...Thad

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