Graduation Party

riken0892March 14, 2007

A close family friend has a daughter that is graduating from high-school this year. I agreed to let my house be used for a afternoon graduation 'pool-party'. The event is going to be held on June 2nd. Any thoughts on how I should approach the planning for the event, since, I am not technically the 'hostess' for the party, just providing the location.. I want to be sure that all the guests have a wonderful time and the graduate remembers the party fondly, but I don't want to 'step' on her mom's toes. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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Clear the way!!...and stand back!
Have lots of extra towels and a back up of drinks and chips and stuff..
That's really all you can do but for sweeping and raking.
And smile and enjoy!
Linda C

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I'm not sure I'd be comfortable having a party in my home for which I didn't participate in the hosting. I guess if it were me, I'd offer to co-host, at least as far as being involved in planning for food & times & number invited, etc.

I mean, do you have input on these decisions at all? I'd probably just let her mom know that you prefer to help with plans & preps since it's in your house. You don't have to LEAD the decision making, but having input is essential I think.

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