apoemJanuary 15, 2004

I have decided that for 6 months I'm not going to worry about what I eat. Maybe that is the wrong approach and it wasn't the approach I was going to take in losing weight.

I was going to work out and by Feb. pick a new lifestyle that I wanted to live with (atkins, fat diet, etc) and go for it.

I have decided though that I'm not up to doing it all at once. I have three kids (one is just 5 months old). I also know me- I can concentrate on one thing and do it well or I can get overwhelmed and do nothing.

So- excercise. If I can work it into my routine at some point during the day and get in the habit of doing it daily, I'll do it for life.

So that is my goal- find a time to do it daily monday through friday. And do it for 6 months.

I have a pusher/puller that I can do, I have a treadmill thingy that I can do here in my home. I have several excercise videos that I enjoy. So now it's time to do it.


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I think not worrying about "what" is ok but you should still monitor portion sizes. It's not hard to do, and can at least let you not stress over eating too much while the rest of your life remains crazy. I can sympathize totally!

And ANY healthy thing you do should be suitable to your lifestyle or we never stick to it. You have a good plan!

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You know yourself better than anyone.
One thing you can do is to incorporate exercise into everything you do. Don't do what the organizing people say...LOL....make as many trips as possible up those stairs, or from room to room. You're moving and that's a good thing! Pick things up from the floor, one thing at a time...sometimes bending over (like touching your toes) to pick it up, and other times doing a squat to pick things up. Think exercise in everything you do.
Good luck!

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Last October, I began going to the gym 3-4 times a week, with my sister. Half hour on the treadmill plus the Nautilus circuit. I didn't change my eating, but I've lost inches - all my clothes are loose. Good luck to you!

You might also try focusing on what you *do* want to eat, rather than what not to eat. "I want to eat seven servings of fruits and vegetables each day," rather than, "chocolate is out." That kind of thing.

I like doing this because it keeps me focused on the positive aspects of food, rather than on having to deny myself. Plus, if you eat all the good things you need every day - including grains! - you have less time to eat junk.

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