Rehearsal Dinner Help

kitchenredo08March 9, 2009

Hi - I'm new here, have spent many months on the kitchen forum as we have just about completed a new kitchen. My question - my son is getting married in May and I will be hosting the rehearsal dinner at our home (we want to show off the new kitchen). Any suggestions on what to serve - it will be a group of about 35. I'm could always do a BBQ with burgers and chicken and salads, but would like to consider other options. I'll do most of the work myself - I love to cook and will have lots of help from my nephew (a chef) who will be staying with us. Any ideas for a menu????

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Wow....I would be doing top of the line a whole beef tenderloin or 2 grilled and served sliced to order at the buffet....with a huge tray of fat shrimp, garlic mashed potatoes, a salad of spinach abd baby lettuce with strawberries and balsamic vinaigrette, perhaps asparagus quickly roasted ( or grilled if you have room on the grill) with sesame seeds and lemon.
How about a dessert buffet with a flourless chocloate cake, raspberry bars, lemon bars and...umm....something vanilla.
Will there be a cocktail hour? Do you need appetisers as well?
Linda C

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Linda, what a great menu! I wouldn't change a thing.

kitchenredo, can we come?!

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