I need encouragement!

pjtexgirlJanuary 7, 2007

I'm PJ. I'm not new to GW(Texas Gardening) but I am new to this forum. I need your help. Your encouragement actually!

Here's my history.I'm 37,female,normal weight,and in fairly good shape. I have 2 boys(12 and 6) I'm a SAHM that homeschools. (Deeeep Breath)

My normal routine includes Martial Arts(Green belt Korean Martial Arts),Yoga(DVD at home I dislike gyms that aren't Martial Arts)and weight training(lowish weight,high reps).

Now for the encouragement... I've decided to join up with Team in Training North TX Chapter.Team in Training is an amazing program that combines marathons,triathlons or biking and fundraising to raise money for research to help blood cancer victims. It's a part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I really don't know how to fundraise that well and running (for me) was really darn boring. I ran 10 miles several times a week back...oh y'know 17 years ago!!! It's a good cause and I will do it. I need somewhere to write about my frustrations learning how to run again and NOT dying of boredom and remembering how to breathe. I've re-discovered that breathing for running is unlike other sports.Iv I was more computer savvy I'd start a blog or something but I'll just whine here for now. I did four miles at a half-jog and my legs hurt! Wish me luck! PJ

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Good luck! The fact the you're doing it for a good cause should be encouragement. It sounds like a great program. Get your kids involved too! Home schooling has the advantage of being able to do things like that with your kids and it teaches them to think of others less fortunate.

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I'm going to get my outgoing 12 yr old to find sponsors at church! My 7yr old has autism (not very outgoing to say the least!)but he can still wear the team shirt. I'm so nervous about finding sponsors. The running part is going to be hard,but easier than that!
I don't work out on Sundays but I'll be back at it tommorrow and try out 5 miles and see how I feel....PJ

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I wish you the best. Maybe your 12 yr. old could put in a word for you too for a sponsor.
Have you heard that some cases of autism are caused by gluten intolerance and also food allergies? A friend's 20+ year old was diagnosed with it recently, but not a bad case of it, and she found out she's gluten intolerant and has to avoid it. She does feel better being off it. Just though you might like to know. Some MDs may not believe in it, though, just to warn you.

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You know what's wierd? My autistic son and I both have Celiac. A lot MD's don't believe in anything that doesn't have totally classic symptoms or that people know their own bodies! (There are 4 MD's in my immediate family.)I've wondered if Celiac and Autism might have a link. We haven't gone milk protien(casein)free tho. The G/F diet is difficult. We cannot even eat trace amounts of wheat,barley,rye or oats. BTW,I figured out I had celiac by the gastro-intestional upsets we were having,not the autism. PJ

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Oh yeah, I forgot to post what I did for my marathon training today. I will continue my normal workouts to "cross train" and prevent injury. I did yoga so keep flexible should I fall all over myself running!
"It is better to bend than break" French proverb. PJ

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I kickboxed today. It involves a LOT of breath control(so you don't pass out while moving fast) that will help me in running. Holding your breath is really bad while running I hear. PJ

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"Holding your breath is really bad while running I hear."

Ya, that could cause some problems. LOL! Sounds like you're doing a good job of encouraging yourself.
GI problems are a good indication of food problems. My daughter had that happen and it turned out to be dairy. It's a good thing I never used it a lot any way, since I suspected we didn't tolerate it very well.
You might want to read up on magnesium since it gets used up when exercising and you may not be eating the foods that contain it or they may be lacking in it since soils are often lacking in nutrients.
Keep up the good work!!

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Magnesium is probably and issue thanks! I probably am low. The celiac tends to limit absorption. I take Viactiv soft chews(extra calcium for the malabsorption too)but they don't contain magnesium.
I know all about depleted soil vegies.They don't taste too good either IMHO. I grow my own all organic vegies from early summer to late fall but not winter or spring(too cold!) I pretty much get fresh eggs all year(thanks to Henny and Penny my pet chickens)
My fruit vines,trees etc.. are immature so no fruit yet.My garden is only two years old this spring.Alkaline clay and extreme heat in summer makes it harder to get fruit going. I'm looking forward to it tho. There is such a HUGE difference between grown fruit,herbs,vegies and greens! If you haven't guessed I work out for health and all but I'm a gardener by true obsession.PJ

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pjtexgirl, off the top of my head, I think I read that autistics do have higher incidences of gluten intolerance & other allergies (my oldest son's "on the spectrum" and he has pollen allergies). I'll see if I can find a good source for that info. Gluten intolerance doesn't CAUSE autism.

back to boredom during runs: I just got an mp3 player. They're wonderful for exercising. My middle son says everybody at his college's gym has them, and they wear the earphones that wrap around the ears -- about $15. The regular earbuds tend to fall out. The inexpensive wrap around earphones aren't the noise cancelling kind, so you can still listen for traffic & other things you need to be alert to.

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awm 03,Mine has moderate Asperger's. (Horrid name!) I don't know what the link is between gluten/casein and autism spec disorders but I'll bet they find something eventually.I'd appreciate any info. thanks.
Do you run? I haven't run in so long I might have forgotten how! It was so easy back in my 20's. A lot of stuff was easier back in my 20's! Maybe I'll inspire people over 35 to get back into fitness. "If she can do it I can!" sort of thing. LOL!
I have an Ipod. They are tiny so it doesn't interfere with exercise unless the person wearing it is really flailing around(areobics/yoga/kickboxing). I'd go nutsos trying to walk or run without it! I only use one earbud(doesn't bother me) so that a have a ear open. PJ

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Calcium is getting pushed so heavily at the expense of other minerals, according to a book I have on magnesium. It helped me understand how calcium channel blockers came to be, that had me puzzled for years. It's an interesting read.

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Forgot to mention, as you can tell by my name I'm obsessed with gardening too. That's where I get some exercise during the spring, summer, and fall. We're on acreage and I use my garden carts more than the lawn tractor/trailer to haul things around. Exercising just for the sake of exercising has always been hard for me.

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PJ, have you tried the rice pastas made by Tinkyada? They're very good. I discovered them when my daughter had to go on an elimination diet and after using them, I decided I'd keep using them when she was done with the diet.
I also came across a gluten free oatmeal somewhere and I can try to find that if you'd like me to.
How is the exercising going?

Here is a link that might be useful: Rice Pasta

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Tinkyada is a staple here. I also eat the Quinoa based pasta(higher in protein but it doesn't cook as easily). My DH got me some G/F Kinninnick foods for my birthday. I got donuts,a cake,a pizza(Amy's),hotdog buns and bread! I ate like a normal person for a week. Unfortunaly, I also packed on an extra 6 pounds. Had to curb that habit! I can bake normal tasting food with a potatoe,rice,and starch flour mix with Xanthum gum as a binder. Having celiac has forced this person to learn how to cook!
You garden in the Pacific Northwest! Seattle? I'm origionally from So. Cal( high desert) and now I'm trying my hand at TX native gardening. A LOT more water but serious hot/dry spells as well. It tends to be drought or drown here. I'm not sure if I could garden in overcast/wet! Acid soil? Only in bags from the store! LOL! The PNW is beautiful no doubt tho. We're in the same hardiness zone(7b).When I'm done taking care of my dad(sandwich gen) I'll be back on that side of the country too. I love TX but my family (except dad) is all back there.
There is so much conflicting advice about minerals. I just take it slow and see how I react. Playing it by ear has always been the best way. People are so unique in their bodies it's nearly impossible to judge how anyone is going to do.
Gardening is HARD work! I envy your acreage. I half a half acre here. If I don't use the tractor thingie mowing takes all darn day! I use the cart for a mulch bin. The constant exercise helps with gardening. If it weren't for the yoga I'd definatly have hurt myself by now. Gardening isn't for whimps. Trees are akward and heavy; soil in a bag is dead weight with no support;hoses snag on stuff and suddenly you're practically being thrown backward;bricks and rocks are heavy and "surprises" live them; and your "helpers"(animals/kids) tend to run under your feet at the worst possible moment!
I'm resting today. Tommorrow is weight training. Saturday is how far I can run/walk. Four miles was pretty easy(especially the walk parts). I need to see what I can do. PJ

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Good, I'm glad you already knew about it. I learned a lot when my daughter went on her diet. We've always eaten whole grain foods and organic vegies, etc. We have a grain grinder that I use a lot. We have buckwheat pancakes or waffles every weekend. That's ok for gluten free diets, isn't it?
Yes, everyone is unique and their nutrient needs probably do vary. My book 'The Miracle of Magnesium' is good at explaining what all it does and how it interacts with the other minerals. It tells how certain drugs, exercise, stress and other things deplete it's supply in your body. It's an important heart nutrient and works along with calcium and other nutrients for bone health and brain health, among other things. It's an interesting book if you like reading about nutrition.
I'm near the WA and OR border. It's a great place to garden and lots of plants like the more acidic soil. It's not wet year around.
My carts are easy to haul heavy loads in and it's much more peaceful without the loud mower engine.

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Haha,my brother in law bought the soundtrack to the Rocky movies for his inspiration while running (eye of the tiger) of course we all made fun of him terribly for this!!!

I do think a walkman with some really upbeat music may keep you going.For me,music pretty much puts the OOOPMPH into any of my exersices.Good luck with it! You sound like quite a super woman!

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Ratherbe,Some buckwheat is popular among the celiac group. I'd make sure it came from a place that was good about cross contamination!They'd have to clean their stuff between different flour runs.
Cool,"Eye of the Tiger" LOL!!! I remember that movie. It actually make testosterone bleed from the TV set! Slylvester had to have done some boxing in real life for that mug.
Super woman? Naw. Just unwilling to quit. Some people follow the 2yr black belt plan and some take 4yrs. I'm on the 10yr and counting black belt plan. I figure by the time I'm ready for the nursing home I'll might be there! Not that I'm secretly jealous of people who make it look easy or anything,honest.
ratherbe,Sun,acreage and acid soil. Never give out your exact location around any gardening forums. There might be a huge migration to where you live causing your prop taxes to skyrocket and traffic will be madness! Seriously, that sounds amazing for gardening.
I weight trained(my arms hurt now whine...) and Saturday is my running day. All I need now is a positive attitude :^P.
Yeah! Running is so great! The wind tangling my hair,sweat running in my eyes and desperatly trying to remember how to control my breathing!Repeat after me...slow and easy...slow and easy... one step at a time....wish me luck. PJ

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We get the raw buckwheat and grind it ourselves, which I'd think would be a very good idea for someone with celiac to do. It tastes better too, especially freshly ground corn.
The word is already out for the gardening in our part of the country and the people are coming in by the dozens, but a lot of people end up leaving after a few dreary winters.
I hope your running goes well today. Don't overdo it!! :)

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I have a grinder. Now to get the discipline to use the darn thing! Someone sniched you out! California always had a lot of peps moving in for the weather. Then they'd enjoy the weather from inside their car on the freeway too often! That too,discouraged more than a few from staying.
We really did get a bonafide ice storm. Heck, it was 65 yesterday! It will clear up by monday or I'll have to resort to running inside. PJ

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STILL haven't run yet! Ice everywhere here in TX. Didn't know it would stay around so long here. Running inside just isn't the same so I kickboxed instead. The ice is suppossed ot melt so tommorrow it is! PJ

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Good luck. Keep up the good work. Pace yourself and don't injure yourself. You can't excercise if you're injured.

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