magnavox 32' tv gremlin

ken1010November 17, 2007

model no. ms3252s431

chasis no. L01-1UAC-7638


my 4 year old magnavox 32" tv has broken down 3 times in the last 18 months, all with the same symptoms. the first repair lasted 15 months, the second only 3. i refuse to pay the repair place another $175 to fix it, since their warranty only lasts 30 days.

it starts the same every time; at first the volume bar will show up on the screen by itself and lowers the volume occasionally. the 2nd stage is the tv main menu will show up on the tv, and sporatically move thru the menu items with a mind of its own. I even checked with my neighbors, to make sure their remote wasn't fooling with my tv. the third wave it will do all of this then shut itself off. it will come back on via remote, but may only stay on for a few minutes. the final stage is it shuts itself off and won't come back on, and a quiet chirping sound comes from the back of the unit until i unplug it.

the repair owner was very vague when asked what the repairs were, saying only a power supply item was bad.

i was hoping someone out there could advise on which parts to try and replace. i will gamble $20 at radio shack, but will not pay the repair people again. problem is, our entertainment center only holds certain 32" tv's, and this is one of them.

please help! the wife has hidden my baseball bat, otherwise this tv would be in pieces right now! haha



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i have the same tv and it is doing the same thing. it is now at the point where it won't turn on at all and i hear a chirping sound. did you ever figure out what the problem was and fix it?

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not yet.... one gentleman on another forum suggested replacing the C2455 47uf@25v, but i'm a novice and don't know where that is..... i'll check back in if i get more info.

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