Has anyone used the Miracle Ball Method for exercise?

momintenniesJanuary 14, 2008

Has anyone used the Elaine Petrone's Miracle Ball Method to help relieve tension on their body(shoulders, neck, hip, back, etc.)? Did the balls help reduce soreness/tension on your body? Would you get these balls? I have tension around my shoulders and neck areas and would like to reduce these aches. Thanks in advance.

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Less expensive is to put a tennis ball or two in a sock and roll it around the neck and shoulder areas.

I purchased a Homedics back massager, keep it on while I watch TV or read and it really helps.

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Another consideration would be to purchase a high density foam roller, they come in many sizes but if you get a 36" x 6" you can use it all over. Physical therapists use them for aligning the spine, neck stretches and a verity of other uses. I just ordered one and plan on using it for myofacia /fibromyalgia/arthritis pain. It most likely will not be 100% as affective as deep tissue massage but will hopefully come close. There are a few good books out there on this subject along with instructions and trigger points but I havenÂt weeded through them all yet. After years of studying Pilates, ball, yoga, and traditional weight training, this is new to me. However, after having three deep tissue massages lately and discovering how amazing the results were for me I can not wait to learn a way I can help myself. IÂm not kidding after three deep tissue massages I felt like someone had pulled me out of a little box and I could perform exercises at a much higher level, my concentration and energy was also greatly improved. Reading about deep tissue massage can be very interesting it also supposedly releases stored toxins.

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I have a foam roller; I bought it from my personal trainer at my gym. He works in sports medicine and got it from his company (Athletico). It was $20. He gave me some exercises to do with it and it works very well--it feels better than a massage. I have back problems and it helps. It also really loosens up and works my leg and glutes.

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I'm a personal trainer and I use the miracle method ball all of the time. I would highly recommend this product. I've bought them for all of my clients and for my family. It works gentler than a tennis ball and has realigned my back and relieved my headaches and muscle tension. The balls are gentle and enable the muscles to relax so your skeletal system can realign. Costco sells them for about $10.00. I can't say enough good things about this product!

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Yes, I have used them, and they truly are a miracle. Would most definetly recommend them.

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I got these from Costco for $11. And they are priceless! I had a knee injury that affected my hip and sciatic nerve. It sent pain first to the hip, but by laying with the balls under my hip every morning relived that in a few weeks. Then pain moved down my outer thigh. I continued with the balls under my hips as well as under my thighs and legs. That pain which used to cause me to cripple over is now just a pinch. New sciatic nerve has moved to my hand and arm going numb when I wake up. Working on this now, but each session does relieve the sensation. Don't forget to do the breathing exercise with the ball movements! It is a miracle ball!

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