Couples Baby Shower

bluelouMarch 30, 2007

I need help with finger food ideas for a baby girl's baby shower that is held 2-4 in the afternoon. I am going to serve the food on some pink depression glass serving plates

but now I need the food to put on them. I was thinking for sure chocolate covered strawberries and pink Jordan almonds for two of the pieces....but I have four more serving plates to fill...what foods would be a "hit" on them? Thanks for your help!!!

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How about some nice cheeses and crackers? I know it's not a meal time, but it's nice to have some relief from sweets, and many people cannot eat them. I would have some plain strawberries, too.

Also -- it's none of my business, but please consider not calling it a "couples" baby shower. I think you mean that both men and women are invited, right? But you don't want the invitation to be unwelcoming or confusing to your single guests or married guests where only one of the couple can attend -- (or worse: suggest that there is to be some sort of adults-only activity for which couples are required! JK -- I'm sure no one would think that). It is also a little demeaning to both women and men to suggest that a shower is not appropriate or dignified enough for men to attend unless you attach some sort of modifier to it. You don't need to put anything on the invitation like "couples" or "coed" to indicate that it is not a women-only event. You wouldn't feel the need to write "couples barbecue" or "couples open house," would you? The names on the envelope will let the recipients know who is invited.

Sorry about the rant!

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I called it that just to let you guys know that men and women were you could help me get the right food mix for this party. No problem, as I see what you mean if we had of called it that.

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If there will be men at the shower, they'll want to eat no matter what time of day. So I'd have some chip/dip, cheese/crackers, veggie/dip, type of items. One of my favorite things to serve because it's so easy and people love it is cream cheese topped with a sweet-hot jelly (jalepeno-strawberry or the like) with crackers. I'd also have a couple of bowls of nuts, and maybe m&ms(can you get pink ones?).

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Do not know if your shower is over yet or not. Way back when I had to do these events it was popular to spread "thick sliced" ham (from the deli with cream cheese and seasoned salt and roll up and anchor with toothpicks. Very harty for the men. Also crabmeat casserole or dip with triscuits. Crabmeat and creamed cheese were heated before serving. The men liked this also very much.

Aren't those showers called " Jack & Jill" showers?

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