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nhsuzanneAugust 9, 2004

GOOD MORNING OUT THERE!!!! Is anyone out there?

Time to get up and tell us about your weekend.

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Hi Suzanne - thanks for shaking things up around here. Too quiet.

I had a great weekend, some delicious dinners, a little live music at a local restaurant, long walk through town with friends, nice visit with DD #1 from NYC and her bday celebration, the only thing missing was a nice boat ride.

I am still swamped at work. Today is DH's birthday and I am going to make a Paella dinner.

Hope everyone is healthy and eating right!

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Hi Everyone,

Things are way to busy right now. Just wanted to check in and say hello.

The girls have done beautifully since there surgeries. Hopefully we are done with all the sickness. Erica turned 3 on the 21st. Where does the time go. Tara will be one in less than5 weeks on 9/11. She has been walking and off her bottle since she was 10 months. WOW, this year has flown by.

Hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully we can get caught up and I get catch up here as well. Take care.


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BJ - My birthday package arrived today. I promise to be good and not open it until Wednesday. I can't wait to see what is inside.

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Good Morning All,

Wow, it's certainly was quiet here yesterday although it was great to hear from Jen. Glad the girls are doing well. You are right, time flies.

Marci, I bet you can't wait to open that package. It's amazing how a wrapped box can turn us into children!

Raeanne, how did the Paella turn out? I love that dish and hardly ever make it. It's really wonderful for a crowd and it's so festive. Yum

My trip to Nantucket was wonderful. The weather was spectacular as well. We got a lot of wonderful rest and relaxation. The boat and crew were the same as the last three years so it was nice to be familar with them, more comfortable.

I have to run. I have a sales meeting today. That should be fun!

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Well, I'm gone until Saturday. Leaving right after I write this-- to head up to the Northern Interior. It's about 80 degrees there and should be a nice drive. Having a picnic lunch at Denali. I love it there.

Marci! YAY! Glad the package arrived ahead of your bday! I won't be here to give you bday wishes tomorrow, so I will do it now:

Happy Birthday to you! (Aug 11th, your special day!) We love having your gifs and messages here when we check in! You make this a very fun place to come to! I am inspired by your endless energy, your optimistic attitude towards the children you are involved with, and happy way you describe your family activities. Your organizational skills are to be envied! I have used your ideas relating to kids many times and my heart warms when I hear you telling stories of the kids you care for. Your compassion toward children is something we need more of in this ole world. And when you vent about the happenings at school, I feel human! Thanks for being part of our group, Marci. We love ya, SIS! Have a great birthday!!!!!!!

Besh~ I just finished The 5 People You Meet in Heaven. Blah. Why do you think it's on the best seller list? I have the same opinion as you-nothing special. I am going to start Beach Girls this week; should be a fun read. I'm also reading The Automatic Millionaire.

NHSuzanne~I'm glad you had a greta trip----you certainly deserve it!!!!! I love Nantucket's airport! Of course, the comedy WINGS was based there, so finally getting to visit the REAL airport was a true thrill for me! lol!

Maddie~ How was your visit with the KT-er? Bet you had fun!

Amy~ Sad to hear your health is not going well right now. ((((((((Feel better)))))))) ((((((((HUGS))))))) I'm happy to hear you are enjoying the internet relationship. I hope the guy comes around to a happier existence soon.

MagicKitty! Hope you make it to French Lick!

Tikanas: HELLO? Come back here!

Patti! Good to hear from you!

DeeMarie! How's it going? Drink WATER! lol.

Jen: Glad the girls and you are doing well. Thanks for checking in!

QOD: I give the illusion of organization in some areas and I am very organized in others. FlyLady helps A LOT!

Gotta get on the road!BYE!

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Hello everyone....

Raeanne - I am jealous of your boat rides!!!!!

This weekend, I belong to BBBS and I took my little to see Garfield. It was movie. Did housework and worked on a planter we have on our lanai. Took out two rather large bird of paradise plants out of the planter and left a palm tree. We are going to plant something else in it, but do not know exactly what yet. I want beach grass, but DH wants to look around for something else.

MArci - you are strong...I would have had that present opened the moment it reached my hands. I am bad that way!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!!


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Woohoo!!! I just landed my first auction!! Happy happy joy joy! (OK--yeas, I am very happy, but the circumstances of this just kill my soul--it's the home of an 87 yo lady, who is widowed, and childless, and neighbors are breaking in and stealing her blind. I was contaced by her caretaker, and I just got off the phone with her, and she told me that when she went over to the old lady's house this weekend, someone had boken in and had taken old waterglobes and smashed them on the sidewalk. Thank heavens, the caretake has moved her into her home, and is taking care of her--bless her heart--I hope we can do a good job for her and make her lots of money)

BJ--Steph didn't get to come in this weekend. She is in the middle of a tubal pregnancy, and is having problems. She has a good frame of mind, but I feel so badly for her and her DH. I've talked to her several times, and she is lovely--

Things are good at work--busy, and I'm tired--but what fun!! I have an open house tomorrow night on a great house with a pool--I may hafta 'accidentially' fall in!! :):)



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Happy birthday Marci. Wishing you a day a beautiful as you are and I hope the year is just a wonderful.

Sorry I can't do a gif for you but I hope you can overlook that shortcoming of mine! LOL


NH Suzanne

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Marci - Imagine balloons floating above with a huge carb free birthday cake, an abundance of gifts, with a heart warming rendition of Happy Birthday - that is the gif I would do for you, if I could. Have a wonderful day, you make each birthday, holiday and season so festive and your posts are always a joy to read. I am so glad that I have "met" you and can't wait to really meet you in French Lick. Your students are so fortunate to begin their education with YOU. Happy Birthday.

NH Suzanne - the Paella was great! It is always a beautiful presentation, but it is a lot of work. Glad you had a great time in Nantucket - I have yet to go there and I really would love to - maybe this fall. Hope you survived your sales meeting.

DD#2 had a job interview in NYC yesterday, so I decided to take a train ride with her. We had fun - she got a job! We did a little shopping and met DD#1 for lunch.

I have a ton of work today, so I will try to check back later - just had to wish Marci a wonderful day!

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Maddie - I forgot to congratulate you. I am dancing with you. How exciting!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...............
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...............

All my best wishes for a wonderful birthday, Marci! Thanks for all you do for us!!!!


Not been around here much for 2 reasons:

  1. our friend died on Friday night; we were busy with cooking for the family, wake, funeral, repasts, etc. sad, sad time
  2. my nieces are here! I'm running around like a little kid with them. Eating way too many carbs for my own good, but I'm going to try to settle down starting today!

The girls like being on the computer; so I'll be here when I can!!!

Congrats Maddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen, good to see you post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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(ahem...mee meeee meeeeee hack cough snort)

Ba Da Boomp Boomp Boomp...


I hope you have a great day today! I look forward to seeing your posts and the gifs, and after all of these years posting and our "walks" together--we'll finally get to really met next year! I can hardly wait! :):)

Love and hugs,


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I can't believe this. I was doing a horoscope search and came across this. So anyone that wants to know what's in the stars for their pet, can check this out. The stars say my dog is going to be stubborn today and do what she want's LOL - that is everyday.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pet Horoscopes

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Love, Besh

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Thanks for all the birthday wishes, imaginary gifs, and songs!!! LOL

It has been a very nice birthday. I walked 3 miles this morning then got ready to go out to lunch with my parents. Then I went shopping and bargain hunting and found a couple of nice skirts for school. My kids ordered dinner from my favorite Szechwan restaurant and my DD bought me a cake for dessert. So I am definitely well fed and I definitely need to walk an extra mile tomorrow!

BJ - Your package was so much fun to open. I got up at 6/am and opened it first thing. I couldn't believe what you managed to fit in the box. Thank you so much for everything.

I will post a picture later, but here is a list of my Alaskan surprise. Smoked salmon, Alaskan teas (which I have had before and really like), Alaskan wild flower seeds, a cute trivet with Eskimos on it, an Alaskan Fireweed candle to relieve stress, (Chocolate) river rocks, 2 dark chocolate raspberry bars, Alaskan Fireweed Honey, Sourdough bread starter, an official Alaskan bear bell (my kids thought that was hilarious), a really neat knife called an Alaskan Ulu and a great book all about............are you ready for this............... OUTHOUSES OF ALASKA!! LOL Where am I going to read it??? In the bathroom! LOL

It has been a nice day but I barely saw DH. He is on vacation starting on the 21st, so we will try to go out to dinner sometime that week. He is going to State College tomorrow to bring back the last of DS's things. DS will be officially moved back home as of this Sunday.

Now I am going to sit back, put up my feet and finish my latest book. BJ - I am reading some of the books in the "Hearse" series by Tim Cockey. They are pretty funny and nice easy reading. I have "Murder in the Hearse Degree" on reserve and I am reading the 3rd one in the series right now.

Thanks again for the birthday wishes,

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Marci - sounds like you had a perfect birthday celebration. It sounds like BJ outdid herself, once again LOL.

Did my walk this morning and getting back down to the basement. I slacked off last week and didn't get done as much as I thought I would. I want it all gone!

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Marci, Happy Belated Birthday.

I am in the middle of the "Trying to find a babysitter" nightmare. Please say some prayers that we make the right decision this time.

I wish things would slow down.


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Happy Belated Birthday! I came in here last night and I thought I posted Birthday greetings...hmmmm...Oh well! It sounds like you had a wonderful day!


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Hello All,

DeeMarie, ((((((((HUGS))))))) to you and yours. Sorry for the sadness. Sounds like it's being balanced by nieces and good times.

Marci, I am so happy that you had a good day. Your surprise package from BJ sounds just about like I would imagine. Spectacular! What fun.

Maddie, I am SO happy for you. It's about time to hear you happy with your job. Congrats.

Gretchen, good to hear from you. What's new?

Raeanne, you slacker! Get back down in that basement! Just kidding. Actually, I am feeling inspired to get some stuff done in the house while my riding time has been curtailed. I actually painted one side of the barn this week after work. It's a messy job, red oil base paint! It's raining now so I think I will clean out a closet tonight. Just one. I am going to toss stuff and get rid of it.

I had the worst day at work yesterday. Seems like everytime I picked up the phone I was losing an ad!! I lost a 6 month contract that JUST renewed, a 1/4 page ad, and a 12x advertiser is not renewing his contract because he's going to do some television advertising and has stopped all print ads........ugh. I was so upset I wanted to cry. But I am thinking that I can't get negative because if I put negative out there it will come right back at me. Karma you know?

I have been being so good this week to make up for my indescretions in Nantucket. Great food, lots of sugar and wine! Actually, I was better behaved than usual but still I ate lots of desserts. Oh well. Still I am down 10lbs since starting SBD 2 1/2 weeks ago.

I think I can, I think I can.

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Marci~Happy Birthday! I'm sorry that I missed it yesterday. Yesterday was the first day that we have had to just relax & we did just that. We did buy groceries so that Dave could do some cooking. DDIL's family is coming in today. It sounds like you got so much from BJ.

BJ~You always do such a great job of knowing what to get.

NH Suzanne~I hope that things pick up for you.

Maddie~Glad that you got the job but not the circumstances around it. It was sad to read that people act like that.

Jen~Time really flies.

Gretchen~I was SO glad to see you post!!

DeeMarie~So sorry for your sadness. Here's hoping things look up for you soon.

Raeanne~I wish that we had our pets still so that we could do a horoscope. I saw on tv yesterday that someone had won the right in court to keep a pet after her mom had passed away for the depression that she was having. It could be the first step for us to get a pet. I think the woman was in similiar circumstances as us.

Besh~I hope that things are going well for you.

It is a good thing that we are in TX right now. The hurricane is supposed to hit in Tampa & go across us. We are hoping that we will be able to land on Sunday. It is a possibility that the weather won't allow us to land. I don't know. Keep us in your thoughts. I'll try to check back in but I don't know how much time I'll have. DDIL is off from now until Monday. I hope that everyone has a good "rest of the week". We are thinking about you even if we aren't able to post. Patti :)

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Hi All,

Don't really feel like talking. My MIL has taken a turn for the worse. She was diagnosed last November with a tumor on her pancreas. It has grown much faster than anticipated. She is too weak to receive chemo or radiation. She is in a lot of pain and will start on pain medication today. Her name is Peggy. Please keep her in your thoughts. Thanks.

Love, Besh

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((((((HUGS)))))) Besh to you and your family. So sorry that things have taken a turn for the worse. I will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers as always.

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Besh - sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.

DeeMarie - I forgot to mention how sorry I was to hear about your friend - I am glad you have your nieces there for a bit of a distraction - they have a very cool aunt.

Patti - I hope your travel plans work out for you. Sounds like you are having a good visit in TX.

NH Suzanne - you know I love your thinking about karma! WTG with still being down 10 pounds - you are my hero LOL. I never made it down to the basement hehehe, I am easily distracted.

I just found out that the Bette Midler concert that was cancelled back in March is coming in October and my hairdresser is going to go and stand on line for tickets for me. I know they won't be as good as the cancelled show - we were in the 3rd row center stage on the floor (if my memory is right). Speaking of which, I better call her, she went on an internet date last night, and she told me the guy's name and where they were going, just in case.

It is another dreary rainy day here - I don't remember a rainier summer ever.

We are 8 months away from meeting! I can't wait.

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Besh--hugs and prayers to you and your MIL--and to your DH,too.

Raeanne--I am soooooo green! I would love to see the Divine Miss M--

!!! Gotta go--I'll be back in a bit-- figure the luck!


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Hi everyone,

Just checking in. Have been busy all day long with horse stuff and the farrier too. I started reading a book this morning called What Horses Say. It's really good and is written by an animal communicator who is trying to help the reader use their own intuition. I am enjoying it and realize that I have a great many skills in that department. It's interesting hearing some of the horses stories.

I have also been very sad at the passing of my beloved Julia Child. She was a very large part of my life and everything I learned about cooking I learned from her. I was happy to know that she passed in her sleep and that she is now with her beloved Paul who died ten years ago. She was truly a grand dame!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We are expecting heavy rain and winds starting tonight. Today has been lovely though.

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NH Suzanne - I was a huge Julia Child fan too. I always liked how she wasn't worried about making a mess or not having things come out perfect. She was a very special lady.

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[[[[[[[[[Besh & MIL]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]...I hope she finds some comfort, Besh. What a sad time for all of you. I'm praying for the family.

NH Suzanne, I really admired Julia Child, but I was always annoyed watching her shows. I cook exactly the opposite of her!! I clean as I go along, and she always made the biggest mess! I felt like MONK when I watched her show! (Let me know if you don't know MONK, so I can explain!)

Raeanne, I've been thinking all week about French Lick next year. Our friends wanted to plan a cruise to Alaska, and we had to tell the cruise planner to work it in AFTER April 23! LOL!! I think we leave May 28!

Well, my nieces are off to play minature golf with some friends up here. I have soooo much respect for my sister, especially with her younger one (14 years old). She uses every towel in the house, and they are ALL in the guest room! I've told her a hundred times to keep that door close, because it's a mess in there! Her older sister is sharing our guest room with her, and she keep saying "Aunt Donna, I TOLD you she's a piglet!" I have a hard time keeping up with her because I like a neat house...this is one of the reasons I'm glad I made the decision not to have kids. I'd drive them or myself nuts over this stuff! LOL!!

Maddie, it's so good to see you happy! Are we gonna have fun or what next April?!!

Hello Patti & Dave; hope you guys are safe. We are supposed to get very bad rain up here in Jersey tonight and tomorrow morning....nothing like Florida, but bad enough to suit me.

I'm having about 20 guests for luncheon tomorrow to celebrate my youngest DSD's graduation. I'm tired of cooking!!

Gotta run and watch Big Brother!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Besh~I hope that you know that you are always in our prayers & that we will add Peggy! Let me know if we can do anything to help. Would she enjoy everyone sending "thinking of you" cards or anything like that? Just a thought.

Just to update everyone~We have been in Dallas since August 6th. Our oldest son graduated on the 7th. Dave talked to the lady that is to pick us up tomorrow evening & she said that we got a lot of rain, there were lots of trees down, we don't have electricity for who knows how long (they have said that it could be days!), & that some of the windows were broken & rain coming into the apartments. Who knows if it is ours or not until tomorrow night late. Our plane is scheduled to get there at 10:45 p.m. & it takes about an hour & a half to get home. Then we will be walking into a dark house with no a/c or fans & all food in refrigerator & freezer spoiled. They kinda think that Earl might hit in the same spot so that means that possibly next week we will be going through our first hurricane. We have really enjoyed being our kids & enjoyed seeing Mom & Dad, my sister & her girls, & my DB & DSIL. The lady told Dave that no planes were going in or out of Orlando today so we aren't certain of our take off tomorrow. Please keep us in your thoughts as well. Love~Patti

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Dee - I am an extemely messy cook - but when there are friends in my kitchen - I tend to take more care in cleaning up as I go along. I think it's because I usually wait until the last minute to cook and then I feel rushed. Is Monk the cable show with the guy with OCD? Sounds like the girls are having a great visit with you. You really are a great aunt and step-mom.

Patti - Prayers and thoughts to you and Dave in your travels and to find your apartment in perfect order when you arrive home.

NH Suzanne - I bet you are already very intuitive with your horses - but the books sounds very interesting.

Besh - I am holding special thoughts for you and your family, hope your MIL isn't in pain.

I am off for a walk and to hand out long overdue thank you's to area businesses for their fireworks donations.

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I hate to sound like I am whining but I wanted to keep you updated before we leave for the airport. Got the news today that they don't expect the electricity to be turned back on for at least 2 weeks. So...I'm not quite certain what we will do. No gas that can be pumped & the little town closest to us had quite a bit of damage. We saw it on the news & on AOL. Will get in touch ASAP. Two people died in Lake Wales, the closest town to us. A roof blew off of the top of a nursing home. Not looking forward to going home to tell you the truth. Cold baths do NOT turn me on! LOL Love~Dave & Patti

Everyone take care. Signing off for the next few weeks.

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