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arbisiNovember 19, 2006

Okay--last year I tried to go cheap and got my kids Dell dj ditty's which ended up being junk. Now my teens both want I-Pods for Christmas. Please tell me the difference and which is the best of these two models. 1) Nano with 8GB 2)Ipod mp3 with 30GB hard drive.

Both are the same price $249.99 and I think they both support the same type of files so why would the 30GB be the same price as an 8GB? Is the Nano a flash drive so less chance of skipping etc? Which would be better for active(clumbsy)teens? Sorry for all the questions I am clueless here--I am still upset that my new car didn't come with a cassette player ;)

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The nano has what is called a "flash" drive (no moving parts) while the regular iPod has a "microdrive" which actually is a very small hard drive (with moving parts).

"Best" kind of depends on what your kids are going to do with them. If they're just playing music, then the only real differences are that the "regular" iPod will hold four times as much music/podcasts/whatever than the nano. However, according to Apple, the 8 GB nano will hold up to 2,000 songs. That's a lot of music -- the equivalent of about 200-250 albums.

If your kids plan to watch videos (Apple sells episodes of TV shows and music videos), then the nano is out of the question since it does not support video.

As for skipping, the nano is somewhat more resistant to skipping because it really doesn't have any moving parts. But I have had a 40 GB iPod for about a year now (I'm putting all my LPs and cassettes on it) and I have never heard it skip. So I think that's a non-issue.

A nano, being so much smaller, will be a bit easier to lose and easier to stuff in a jeans pocket and sit on or send through the laundry. :-( What you're paying for there is the "cool" factor and the fact that 8 GB of flash memory costs more, relatively, than a 30 GB microdrive.

Personally, I think the regular iPod is pretty tough and offers a lot more capability than the nano. It would be my choice. But you know your kids best. :-)

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Thanks for the response Steve. I agree with you that the regular ipod sounds like the better deal in terms of capability. When I was discussing it with my daughter she kept saying the Nano is what she wants because it is so small and "everyone" gets the Nano. She and my son will both only want them for music--no interest in the video. My daughter doesn't even watch TV anymore-she is always on the computer playing WOW or Lineage or downloading music. So I guess it will be the Nanos. Thanks again for your help.

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Nanos are cooler and lighter, but they are flimsier.

I have a nano, I love it. If your children are good with and used to gadgets its a great choice.

If they are rougher with stuff go for the regular ipod.

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Pretty-My kids aren't unusually rough on stuff but we have replaced a few dropped cell phones etc...Are the Nanos reasonably shock proof if dropped or knocked off a desk by my daughter's kitten.

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Are the Nanos reasonably shock proof if dropped or knocked off a desk by my daughter's kitten.

What's it landing on? Porcelain tile? Carpet? I'd say hard surfaces are far more iffy than vinyl/linoleum/carpet.

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Well-I took my daughter to the Apple store at the mall and she fell in love with the regular Ipod because it had alot more storage than the nano plus the video was a really nice clear picture. Looking at both of them it is obvious that the nano is alot flimsier. The only thing that kept drawing her back to the nano was the size--easier to put in her pocket. But when I showed her the nice cases that are available for the regular one that she could clip to her pants she decided that was the one she wanted. She was a little dissappointed that she will have to wait until Christmas to receive it though :)

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She's going to love it!

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