Hydroelectric Generator Questions

nosambosDecember 24, 2008

My property affords me a unique opportunity to harness a stream for electricity generation. I have an urban property which is over a culverted stream. The stream flows year round although there is a change in volume over the seasons.

The stream is 10 feet deep in a liner which has a diameter of 4 feet. There is a manhole cover with access to the liner about 30 feet from my garage. Besides the numerous technical issues to overcome there is also the political issue. I'm not sure the Sewer board would approve of my proposed project. Therefore another problem is how to design a covert system as well. My internet seach has afforded me some info but I would appreciate it if someone could refer me to a more comprehensive source.

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I'm sure with a little investigation you will find that there is an "Easement" on your property which allows this sewer to be run through your property. There are many restrictions associated with easements one of which is you can not build on. Can you do wind generation? Small wind generators can be relatively inexpensive.

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