RE: 6 week Body Makeover Program??

azraelleAugust 18, 2008


As the Harvard Nurses Study, and several more recent studies have shown, salt has no relationship to high blood pressure, or incidence of heart attacks, whatsoever. As was pointed out in Diet For A Small Planet over 30 years ago, and has been corroborated in recent studies, as long as your Sodium/Potassium intake is approximately 3:1, sodium (salt) intake isn't a problem metabolically. Haven't tried the 6 week body makeover program, so I don't know specifically why Michael Thurmond hates salt so much. If it has anything to do with the above-mentioned items, though, I would think that if you adjusted your Potassium intake upward (most Americans' Sodium/Potassium intake is more in the neighborhood of 10:1 or worse), that the actual weight loss would be just as profound (as opposed to water loss). Anyone care to try it??

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Do you have a link to this program? I'm out of the loop on all of this. I did have the book Diet for a Small Planet years ago along with the NY Times cookbook. Both were / are very good.
Who is Michael?

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