Philips magnavox 32PT563S37G / L01.1UAC-7638 on/off

bradnNovember 22, 2006

The problem is that when I turn my set on it shuts on and off repeatedly with a clicking sound. It may stay on for a while intially but before long it begins the on/off routine. Any help appreciated!


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I have the same problem. I was told that there may be a recall on these units, at any rate while I am investigating further I was wondering if you found a resolution for this problem. If so could please send me a heads-up.


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model#27PT543S37A, Chassis#L01.1UAC-7368. A couple of weeks ago I turned on the t.v. and it flashed for a second then cut off but the green light was still on. I can hit a programmed channel button and it will click and sometimes come on then, but this morning it took seven tries before it came on. We purchased this t.v. in June 2004. It has been left on for quite a while at times because of my wife and I's opposite schedules after our daughter was born.

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Unfortunately no ideas have been posted regarding this. Are there any other forums like this where I can try to get some clues?

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Model#MS325S Chassis#L01-1UAC-7638 i'm having the exact same problems w/my crappy magnavox. it's an epidemic on these TV's. i will never buy another phillips/magnavox product. anybody heard of a cure or anything more on the recall? once i turn my TV on now it's just turns itself on/off on/off till i mercifully turn it off for good. mines just 3yrs old. am super pissed in michigan

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OK I am assuming that your TV has lost its color-started shutting off-- gotten color bars on the screen etc. for some reason there is not enough ventilation in the TV causing an over heating problem , here is what to do , if you have the back off get rid of the metal shield that covers the circuit board , then in my case i cut a hole in the back panel with a hole saw and mounted a computer fan powered by a 12 v power supply to the cover ,this keeps the guts nice and cool and cures the problem ,use an outlet block with a switch in it to turn the TV +fan off and on this repair only costs about 20 bucks and is a lot less expensive than a repair man who cant fix it, mine would shut off after 20 min and you would have to unplug it to make it come back on again , now it runs all day no problem

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