Can anyone identify this 'toy'?

kevint999March 26, 2006


Maybe a little off topic, but the question deals with entertaining.

I was in a park recently and saw someone playing with a unique toy. He had two sticks with a long string between them, which was used to spin a double-sided wooden cone. It looked fun and interesting. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to ask him what it was called.

I have some pictures at:

Thank you,


Here is a link that might be useful:

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It's called a "diablo"...see the link.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: toy

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You're welcome!
I don't mean to reprimand.....well maybe I do a bit....
But when someone goes to the trouble to look up and post a link in answer to your question, it's polite to at least sign on and post a thank you....

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Hi lindac,

Truly, very sorry for not yet responding and very appreciative of your response.

A little background, but no excuse on my part.
The park where I saw the guy using the diabolo was in Tokyo. I was there for 3 weeks on business and just returned to the US East Coast last weekend. I'm still plowing through the tons of email that we all get these days (while enjoying the symptoms of jet lag). :-)

I'm planning on buying a diabolo because it looks very interesting.

Thank you,

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