SS Daily Support, August 21 - August 27, 2006

beshAugust 21, 2006

Good Morning! Wake up and smell the coffee!!!

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I think we should give Tikanis a couple more days of celebrating since her birthday fell on a Saturday when it is too quiet around here! So Happy Unbirthday Birthday!

Besh - you are sounding quite chipper this AM.

I hope John didn't get weather that we had this weekend by me. I hate camping in the rain.

Dee - if you are checking in I am going on a cruise next August for my nephews wedding! I will need to talk to you when you return.

Marci - are you recovering from your birthday week?

Have a great day!

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Good afternoon! It's 101 degrees here, so I'm chillin' in the house till late this afternoon.

Thanks, BJ, for posting that Spinach Loaf recipe the other day. I'm going to make it tomorrow to take with me on my trip.

Speaking of recipes, I also c&p'ed the Spinach Cheese Squares one from a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone here have any other snack recipes which are very low/no carbs that I could make and take with me?

I spent the weekend having early birthday lunches, so the weight loss has stalled for the time being. But, I'm determined to keep at it until I see the results I need to be healthy. I'm drowning in water today to make up for what I didn't drink while I was too busy eating this weekend.

Well, vacuuming calls, so I'm out of here. Have a good day and take care!

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to our precious JEN!

From all of the SS Gang!

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My apologies for what is to follow:
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear, sweet, precious, fantastic mom and friend Jennnnnn,
Happy Birthday to you!

I figured with Maddie at work and Dee on vacation, I better fill in LOL - sorry.

Have a fantastic day Jen.

I have to believe that August is the most popular birthday month.

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Thank you for the birthday wishes. I have no plans for today, which sounds great to me. I have been on a business trip for 3 days and am ready for some "homelife".

Happy belated birthday Tikanas. I hope you had a great day.

I will post more later when I am not wrestling Tara and trying to type.

Have a great day.


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Wow, I have missed some birthdays around here!!

Tikanis, I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I am glad that life is on an even keel for you now. I wish you a most wonderful year and I am glad that you are one of my SS sisters.

Jen, Happy Birthday to you too. I wish you a wonderful day and the best year ever. I am glad to have you as my SS sister as well! Do you have anything special planned?

I will spare both you birthday girls my singing!!

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I am posting a neat site to find out how your surname ranks in US.

Here is a link that might be useful: Surname rank

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Happy birthday, Jen! Hope it's a great day for you.

I'm visiting my son and his family the rest of the week. I brought the spinach cheese squares and spinach bread with me. So far, so good on the eating. They're eating healthier, too, so it's been easy.

I heard from Patti. She's in Texas now, awaiting the birth of her granddaughter. We'll get together next week when I get home.

Take care!

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JEN!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday. Enjoy your family. Sometimes it is nice to just be home. Have a great one!!!

We received some wonderful news last night. My DH had the biopsy of his thyroid yesterday and it came back benign!!! He still has to have surgery since it is a goiter and needs to come out, but at least it is not cancer. Thank you all for your well wishes!

Love, Besh

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((Besh))) Sharing in your good news!!!

Jen - Hope you get to do something special for your birthday. Even a soak in the tub with NO kids pounding on the door, a manicure, a shopping trip for "Mom" only, a night of no cooking, dishes or cleaning.

I spent the morning at school getting more paperwork done. It's beginning to look a lot like preschool again. I don't think I should have to go back until 9/5.

Milkdud - Please tell Patti Hi from me when you see her. I would love for her to check in and let us know when the baby comes. Hvae fun visiting your family. I will finally get to see my son the first week of September. Can't wait!

Raeanne - Your singing was fine! But we need to haul Maddie's a** back here to post soon! LOL

Tikanas - Let us know how your birthday celebrations went.

Preschool Mom on the phone. Gotta run.


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Quick check in...

Happy, happy birthday Jen!! Enjoy your special day -you deserve it!!

Besh - that is fantastic news!

Will catch up later...Donna

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Good morning all,

Besh, ((((hugs)))) and glad you and DH got that good news. Whew!!

This has been quite a couple of weeks of birthdays!!

Marci, thanks for your sweet note...........okay, how did you do the card? I recognized the paper immediately!! I can't tell you how many times I have seen paper that I would love to turn into cardstock. You must share how you did that.

Ladies, Marci sent me a thank you note made out of the paper I wrapped her gift in!! It's great.

Not much new here. My campout was great until Saturday afternoon when the deluge began! The weather predicition was driving rain Saturday night and all day Sunday. So, we decided to pack up and go while it was still fairly calm. We drove home three hours in the dark and rain.....ugh. I was glad when I woke up Sunday morning in the driving rain and hugh thunderstorm! It was nice to know my girls were nice and dry in the barn. We had fun but it was too far and too short a time. Oh well. Ces't la vie.

Raeanne, my surname ranks 1,316 in the US.

It's cold today - only 60! Feels a bit like fall.

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Suzanne - my married name ranks 844 and my maiden name ranks 1051. I was shocked by both of those. My married name I hardly ever hear. Too bad about the rain. It is cold here today too.

Besh - good news - what a relief for all of you.

Just a quickie here - have had company after company, MIL is still here and I am trying to catch up with things and find a little time to relax as I am totally exhausted.

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Belated birthday wishes to Jen and Tikanas. Hope you both had wonderful celebrations!

Besh ~ what wonderful news and such a relief. Now you can look forward to the wedding without that to worry about.

Raeanne ~ Hopefully your B&B will be closing very soon...LOL Get some rest and take sometime this afternoon for YOU!

My maiden name ranked 100 and my married name 14,619...hmmm

I've been on vacation all week and have busier and worked harder than when I work. I am actually looking forward to Monday morning.

milkdud ~ thanks for the update on Patti

Maddie ~ please check in and let us know how the new job is going. Are you guys going to Canada in September?


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My married name ranked 3,624 and my maiden name ranked................30,359! Not a common name to be sure.

NHSuzanne - I am glad you liked the notecard and envelope. Can you believe that I used freezer paper and an iron? You crinkle, crinkle and crinkle the tissue paper then smooth out and lay flat, wrong side up. Tear off a sheet of freezer paper about the same size (it won't be quite as wide) and lay shiny side down on the wrong side of the tissue paper. Iron (works better without steam) the NON-SHINY side of the freezer paper; the waxy side will adhere to the tissue paper. I just use old envelopes as templates and open them up and trace them onto the freezer paper once it is adhered, cut, fold and either use glue or double-sided tape to hold the envelope together. The note card is just a rectangle of the same paper folded to the appropriate size, but you could also use co-ordinating cardstock. Voila! You have stationery! Glad you liked it. Recycling at its best.

Raeanne - Hope you get to take a breather soon.

Besh - When is the wedding? I can't remember the exact date. When do you go back to school? What good books did you read this summer. My favorites were The Girls by Lori Lansens, The Mercy of Thin Air by Ronlyn Domingue, and Black Swan Green by David Mitchell. I am sure there were other good ones, but those stand out in my mind.

Donna - What is keeping you busy these days?

Zig - You need a vacation from your vacation? LOL


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My married name ranked 1618 and my maiden name ranked 18,013. Yikes, I guess I moved up!

Marci the wedding is September 9. 2 weeks! It seemed so far away, now it is almost here. I bought my waterproof mascara, so I am all set. I read only young adult stuff this summer. So much going on, too hard for me to concentrate on much else. I read Briar Rose by Jane Yolen; So B. It by Sarah Weeks (such a sweet book, loved it); I just started Shug by Jenny Han. I am also reading the Carbohydrate Addict's lifespan program because of Raeanne.

Got to fly. Hello to all. Thanks for the good wishes for DH.

Love, Besh

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Hi! Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!

I had a chance to go out of town for the week(unexpectedly!) and have very little access to the computer. I will post all the news (especially what I received from my birthday buddy Raeanne!!!) as soon as I am home on Sat. or Sun.

Happy birthday Jen!!



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Happy B-day Tikanas!

Looks kinda quiet this week, everyone must be getting ready for the big back to school coming soon.

I dont want to rant too much about yet another crappy vacation, but having the last 3 now get rained out is making me wonder who I made so angry to deserve it.

We had a nice Friday, setup camp, went for an evening horseback ride, then had a campfire. Saturday we tubed the river in the morning, then dealt with showers all afternoon and into the night. I brought my portable dvd player, so we watched a movie and played cards. Sunday we got up and it was pouring so my friend packed up and left, and because some of my stuff was under his tarp I had to pack up most of my stuff too. I decided to pack up the rest of it and go out for breakfast and see if I could get the forcast. It called for rain all day and into the night so I gave up and just went home. Monday the weather seemed to break so I drove back up to check out the Polar caves, they forcasted sun all afternoon. But of course when I got up into the mountains it started to rain on me. So I drove home and called it a vacation. I ended up playing golf with my dad tue and wed and stayed local. I had a good time golfing but never got to hike or kayak and its depressing. I dont like to do things alone, esp go on vacation, but bit the bullet and did it and feel like I got slapped in the face. Sorry Im just over tired and sick of life right now, nothing is going well and im having a hard time finding any reason to care anymore...

Think I'll end it here before I suck anymore joy from your day. Take care and have a good weekend, im working to make up for my vacation days.. /sigh.


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Oh John! Sorry about the weather!! It wasn't raining on just you............LOL, I got rained out too. Sucks but it sounds like you made the best of it. Tell me about your horseback ride? I want to hear.......that should have been the highlight of your vacation!! LOL

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John - I was hoping that the sun G@ds were shining down upon you! We had the same weather by us.

Most of my company is gone, MIL is still here. We had 4 different groups since Friday (some overlapping) and friends from FL will be arriving this afternoon, but not staying at my house... I was exhausted yesterday and actually took a quick nap.

I am reading A Million Little Pieces - even after all the controversy - I am loving it. It is a very quick read and well written - I just went into it as a piece of fiction.

BJ - where are you sis?

I am down 12 lbs since 7/5 and my clothes are getting loose and I am loving the new baggy look. Another 8 lbs and I am going shopping!

Tikanis - I am so glad you got to go on a vacation - you deserve it girl!

Enjoy the day!

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Is anybody out there???

Hello, Hello, Hello......

I just wanted to report that I made Marci's Spinach Squares and substituted the spinach for asparagus and they are excellent.

I hope the reason no one is posting is because they are out having a wild fun time - I want to hear all the details tomorrow.

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