Digital Labs Photo Frame Model K101

kevins_1974November 28, 2007

This photo frame offers an Auto-On/Off option. But when the frame comes back on, it opens to the main menu, instead of automatically displaying my photos. Is there a way to make it go directly to Photo display on start-up?

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Kevin - I was searching the web for help w/the same photo frame. I cannot find the instruction manual that came w/it. I thought it had a tech help section w/a phone number. Do you or anyone have a phone number for support from Digital Labs or a website for help. I would also like to have my photos repeat all day and I have went to the set-up and entered repeat but it never repeats. Very frustrating. Any help is appreciated.

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Just opened my digital lab frame from XMAS. I have manual which doesn't help me much. No Website-phone for tech support-866 387 2027-Starlite Consumer Electronics (USA)Inc. I can't select photos-the whole card plays, when I remove, all pics are gone. Have any clues? Manual doesn't help. Guess I'll have to call during day.

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I have the same frame. I've managed to progam it so that it turns off and on at the right times but when it turns on it displays the same images that came with the unit. Is there anyway to get rid of the default images? To clarify, there are a few images that seem to be "loaded" internally and I cant get rid of the darn things! HELP!!!!

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I have opened and operating my digital photo frame K101. The manual is of limited help. The DPF has a USB port, and needs a USB cable with male connectors at each end. I have the cable, plugged it in, and other than providing power to the DPF, I can't see what the USB cable is for. I figured that the USB cable would allow me to use the DPF without a memory card, accessing the photos on my computer in a random or selected format. No help in the instruction manual about the use of the USB port. Can anyone help?

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I basically have the same question as jacktax1. I was wondering if a USB memory stick would work? I don't own one so this is the reason for the question. I saw this help section so thought I would give it a try.

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Any of you still have the manual? What is the native resolution of the screen should be around 800 x 600, but I remember it was some odd number. Can someone please post it if you have it. Much appreciated. Thanks!

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I too have this frame and having a hard time getting the card to work. Looking for a manual but if you say it doesn't help, then I don't need it. Did you ever figure yours out, thought I may need another USB card? For some reason I thought this was a Kodak but the K101 wasn't their #, and never heard of Digital Labs. Any info would be great, cannot get pictures to download from computer on card but they will off of camera card.

Thanks Kat

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