Looking for a good vodka, rum and gin

cheerful1_gwMarch 21, 2007

I want to have good liquor on hand for when I entertain. There are so many choices in the stores, I don't know where to start. I have a moderate budget (not cheap, not expensive). Any suggestions?

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I find most people are pleased with Ketel One Vodka...and if that's too pricy, Wybrova is good too.
For Gin, I like Bombay...not the blue 100 proof stuff but the stuff that's clear...or if that's too expensive Gordon's is OK...
Rum? I like Crusian Rum...not the flavored stuff....very in expensive, but I like the taste...but most people are more than satisfied with Bacardi Light rum.
Linda C

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DH and I are gin drinkers, and we like Tanqueray the best, by far. However, our local liquor store has Beefeater on sale right now, so we've stocked up on that. It's almost as good, IMHO. Beware, though that both are 94 proof, in contast to most other liquors which are 80 (I think), so pour with a light hand.

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I've found a good vodka I like, DUE (pr: doo-ay). It is Itailan and very smooth. They also have Merlot and Chardonnay flavored.

Another inexpensive but good vodka is Trader Joe's "Vodka of the Gods".

Rum: I like Curazon also, as well as Captain Morgan and Malibu. Not as big of a fan of plain rum unless it is in a Mojito!

Gin: I don't drink enough of it to be able to differentiate. I think you can't go wrong with the above mentioned varieties.

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Can only comment on the rum.... Appleton Estate is excellent.

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