Do you tip an entertaier? If so, how much?

scarlett2001March 10, 2014

DH is having a "BIG" birthday and I'm giving a dinner in his honor at a restaurant. I have engaged a stand up comic who will do his act for an hour for $200. Do I tip him and if so, how much?

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Does he work for himself or a company that provides entertainment? Self-employed/owners of a business are not tipped. If he works as an employee a tip would be appreciated but not necessary. In my area, 20% is considered a good tip for this kind of work.


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I agree, tip if it's an employee. But I probably wouldn't do 20% for this. I would probably do an extra $20. It's not like a waitress whose base pay is much lower because it is understood that tips will make up a significant part of her pay. This is really just a true "tip," a little extra thank you if they do a good job.

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>Self-employed/owners of a business are not tipped

Well, now, I was a musician for many years, and musicians, while they are self-employed, certainly appreciate a tip, if it is offered. I would imagine any other entertainer would appreciate one, too.

However, we're not like your waiter who needs tip money to live. To us a tip is a welcome sort of extra thank you, and if you decide to give a tip the dollar amount is entirely up to you. I've received tips ranging from $20 to $500. They're all gratefully received, but we don't go around saying, "That lousy so-and-so didn't even tip me" if we don't get one.

One thing--never give the tip to the agency if you hired through one. The performer will never see it. If you decide to tip a performer, tip him personally that day.

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Thank you!

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