how to cut attic insulation

jvmagicDecember 17, 2007


I have the thick 8" + pink attic insulation. I need to cut some in half etc....what can I use to cut this insulation? By hand I imagine it tears very uneven.

thanks in advance,


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Don't know if this is the best way, but I put a board down on the floor, then put the insulation bat down on the board, then compress the insulation with a 2nd board that is positioned over the insulation, and just to the side of the line you want to cut.
This board compresses the 8 inches down to about half and inch, and allows you to cut it with a razor blade knife.


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hedge clippers should work well if you do not have boards or a way to compress the insulation as mentioned above.

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We use an Exacto knife (blade), or a blade (has a rounded knife blade) that carpet layers use.


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