rings of color on TV

alchemyfyrNovember 7, 2006

Hi. We have a Samsung 1080i HDTV. It is 1-2 years old. Three separate times we have had the same problem. The TV works fine then we turned it on and the color was all off. Nothing is the correct color. When we switch to Video to watch a DVD you can see on the first blue screen that there is a circle of red in the middle surrounded by a ring of green, then a ring of blue and then green again. It affects any setting the TV is on. The first time this happened the discoloration lasted about 2 weeks and then one morning just turned the TV on and it was fine. It was good for a few months then happened again. Each time it lasts a couple of weeks then just fixes itself. We have tried unplugging the TV overnight, resetting the TV and cable box. Has anyone heard of this and does anyone know how to fix it?



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