Planning a Housewarming Party

gillylilyMarch 16, 2010

Hi All-

I am planning my first official housewarming party- we built a house and our friends and family were hugely supportive the last 9 months or so, so we wanted to thank them..

We are doing an "adult" only party at 7 pm and are having apps. and drinks. Just looking for some feedback for the menu. This is what i am planning on serving:

Shrimp Cocktail

Veggie platter

Spinach & artichoke Dip

Swedish meatballs

Mini Hot dogs (my husband's request)


Caprese Salad

medditteranean platter

buffalo chicken dip

buffalo wings

possibly steak skeweres..

Lots of desserts.. How far in advance can I make all of this stuff? Will the dessert still be fresh if I make it on Thursday night? I am going to have the food in chafing dishes so can i make them earlier in the day and just heat up in the chaffing dishes shortly before the party?

TIA for your help!

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That's a very ambitious menu! They all sound delicious, but I don't think you need anywhere near that many different items. How many guests will you be serving? You will have a LOT of leftovers if you make enough of every one of those dishes for even one serving per person.

Don't apologize for the mini hot dogs! Everyone loves them. A caterer told me a couple of years ago that when they serve them at fancy Manhattan cocktail parties, it's always the first thing they run out of.

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The meatballs can be made ahead & frozen, then defrosted the day before or of. I wouldn't prepare any of the other dishes more than the day before. The shrimp sauce & the dip will probably taste even better if made the day before or early the day of. A cake (unfrosted) or cookies can be frozen, defrosted, then iced.

Have a great time!

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I agree with gellchom. I've made that mistake before. Too many items, means a LOT of work for you to MAKE, SET UP, and KEEP REPLENISHED.

Two different meat items are enough so if your hubby wants the hot dogs, do that plus either meatballs, chicken or steak. I'd probably not do chicken wings as they are messy - I'm assuming that this is buffet style. Where will they put the bones? And wipe their fingers?

Most desserts like cookies or bars can be made in advance and frozen. I would probably make dips the day before to give flavors a chance to blend. Except guacamole which should be made as late as possible so it won't brown.

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