How to get 'fold lines' out of plastic disposable tablecloth?

villagebetsyFebruary 25, 2008

I am hosting a bridal shower and found a pretty lavender tablecloth and coordinating papergoods at a party shop. I decided to start setting up, and took the tablecloth out of the wrapper and it is full of fold lines. Any of you had success getting your plastic tablecloth smooth and looking good? (I have some fabric cloths, but they won't go with my paper goods.)

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Iron it....
VERY VERY carefully....with a lot of thickness of towel over it...
Or put it ont he table and heat it with a hair dryer and smooth with your fingers..
Or put it in the dryer for a few minutes with a dry towel.
Linda C

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I have great success with wrinkles by using my "wrinke release" cycle (very low about 10 mins) on my dryer. Yes, add a towel with the tablecloth or it will come out more wrinkled than it went in:)). If your dryer doesn't have a wrinkle release cycle, just put it on the fluff or lowest heat setting and check it after about 5 minutes.

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