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Wild_ChickenAugust 29, 2005


and POST!

Cheers! ~BJ

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BJ - let's hear about your trip! We missed you. I finished the book and passed it on with my favorite quote - just like you to come up with a cool idea.

DeeMarie - I need to hear about the party you went to.

Maddie - I hope you are busy counting all your money!!!

I'm at work and can't chat, but wanted to get a hello in so HELLO.

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Tikanas and I connected, but only over the phone. We have planned to meet (without my in-law's interference) in February when she visits the wet Northwest!

I had a great vacation. Visited my in-law's new house and then took my teens and drove to Las Vegas to visit an old friend of mine. He let us stay at his wonderful house (with pool) and we really took a whirlwind tour of the town! We took in 2 fantastic shows and drove down the strip at night in his convertible. The girls will never forget it and are waiting to go back. We all rode up to the top of the Stratosphere and then went on that wild roller coaster at New York, New York's hotel - ripped my face off, but I had to do it for the girls! I went hiking in Red Rock Canyon on the last day and it was SO awesome! We're going back - for sure!

So, now I'm home and have spent a lot of time school supply shopping, whacking weeds (still more to go!), and trying to buy a car for 17 yr old DD, so she can drive 14 yr old DD and herself to school this year. Picked out a nice (I thought) '95 Honda Protege and bought it, took it in for a buyer's inspection and had to return it to the dealer because it had a list of things wrong with it. They returned my $ and off I went again. This Sunday, bought a black '95 VW Jetta, sunroof, CD player, and tinted windows - DD loves it! It is in for the buyer's inspection today - hope it passes!

This week, the fair opened here - one of 2 large state fairs. I took the kids and LOVED the beautiful quilts, canning exhibits, and Draft horses! We rode rides, drank LOTS of water (hot here last week!), and I limited myself to a scone and a grilled onion & sauerkraut dog - and several Altiods afterwards! Anyway, I am headed to the eliptical trainer to work it off this week.

School starts Wednesday for the older girls and September 6th for the younger ones. We are getting school physicals today and vaccinations, then we are headed to the mall to get the last minute school clothes that we didn't find this summer, so it shouldn't take more than one trip. Gym shoes also, I guess. Tomorrow is the day of hair---everyone gets color, cuts, and conditioning. It takes a whole day, so the hair dresser books out from 1pm on for us and we take up half the salon! Very fun though, as the hair dresser and I have known each other for YEARS!

Well, I am printing out the posts from last week to read while I am waiting a the docs and the mall today, and I'll check in later and catch up!

Make this day a good one!

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What the heck?????? After I posted my message, I came back and the word "weeds" was underlined and then I clicked on it and an ad came up!!!!! Did something change while I was gone and now ads are connected with certain words? I think I'll start writing about my pregnant girlfriend's hemorrhoids and see what happens!!!!!!!!!

GAD! I can't believe it! How intrusive!

Oh, well, fair warning about the ad infiltrating my message! Don't click on it if you don't need weed products!

Raeanne~ SO glad you liked the book! :)

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Hey, I got this crazy idea....





Got weed? ----- I mean WEEDS? :)

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Good MONDAY afternoon!

Yeah, I noticed that here and in other forums (cooking and the KT), BJ!! What's with the weeds and other 'stuff'? lol

Raeanne, I will send you an e:mail or wait until we meet to relate my story. I need to listen to my tape (yes, I taped it!) again in case I forget some things. Both my parents came in loud and clear. Amazing, peaceful, and fun too!

I have been so good over the last month, counting my points and drinking my water, but, alas, I have not lost an ounce. I will not give up, tho!!

Marci, I'm about to read Hard Eight, and I just entered the contest to name book 12!!! Your generosity had enhanced my summer 10-fold; I cannot thank you enough!

OK, I need to prepare some files before I head off to a meeting.

Amy, are you still around? Please let us know how you are enjoying the summer.

Make today count!
Take care, eat healthy and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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BJ - Good to see you again. My DD's roommate arrived in a VW Jetta with four passengers and all her stuff. My DD had our Cutlass packed and we had to make 3 trips to her friends' apartments to retrieve the rest of her stuff she stored with them. Plus, DDs roommate's Dad said they got 48 miles to the gallon in the Jetta. Hope it works out for you.

Dee - When you are ready, I will send you Eleven on Top. Where did you enter the contest? I might give it a try too. I went to the library last week and got 4 books, so now I am trying to finish them before school starts.

I am trying to get all my last minute errands run and relax before I start school on Friday. It's been a good summer, but I am ready to get back into a routine and get a paycheck!


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Marci, here is where it's at!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Name book twelve!

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BJ - DD#2 has a Jetta and loves it. I love it too, VW's are very reliable cars and they are made solid. I hope that one works out for your DD.

DeeMarie - I can't wait to hear all about it.

Marci - it's hard to believe that you will be back to work on Friday YIKES. I have to say I used to love going in and getting the classroom ready. Sort of like the calm before the storm LOL.

I am going to see Meat Loaf tonight!!! We saw him several years ago and his show was more like a Broadway show than a rock concert - but I am trying to go with an open mind, so I am not disappointed - afterall, he is a few years older and so am I LOL. We are going with rather new friends - but they sounded very excited about going - so I am sure we will have a good time. I hope I can stay awake, I just couldn't fall asleep last night.

Have a great evening.

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Good Morning,

Raeanne, You lucky duck! I would love to see Meatloaf. Have a great time.

Marci, Best wishes for a successful year. Erica started on the 24th. She loves it. The teacher told me that she tried to tell her whole summer in one morning. I said "at least she is coming out of her shell". Maybe she wont be so shy this year.

QOD, what is the price of gasoline where you live? Ours was $2.79 this morning. I hope the prices break after Labor day.

Better run. Have a great day.


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Good TUESDAY afternoon!

Can you all hold some good thoughts for my DN, as tomorrow is her first day at college (she is staying locally for at least this year), but she is a nervous nellie!! I'll start it [[[[[[[[[[[[Kimberly]]]]]]]]]]]]

Raeanne, I could not find 2 of the restaurants you recommended (only Longfellows). Are they in Saratoga?

BJ, are you resting from yesterday? Whew, what a life you lead. I'd run out of energy by Monday afternoon with that crowd! Check in, and let us know how the girls are doing.

Jen, I don't fill up my car anymore, I have DH do it. Well, technically we are not allowed to fill our own tanks here in NJ, but I just don't want to see the amount when the attendant gets through pumping that black gold into the tank!

I've decided that I may have to seriously look at how many carbs I eat. I don't want to eat low-carb, maybe incorporate lower points of high protein foods (more veggie burgers, etc.). I'm going to give it some thought and planning for next week and see if I can't shake up this metabolism.

Everyone, please check in. I'm concerned about Gretchen, Joanne, Amy, Patti & Dave.....let's hear from you!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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I'm alive, I'm alive!!!!!!!
After months of MIA here I am!
DD gets married in 2 1/2 weeks, everything going very smooth except the MIL to be!!!!
I'll catch ya'll up later on.
I'm going to go back and read the last couple of weeks and see if I can try and see what's going on.

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RAEANNE!!!! AAIIEE!! You lucky dog, you! I love MeatLoaf, and would just die to see him. Gad, I'm so jealous! :):) (He comes to Louisville every Deby for a party, and he sings there, but the tix are $1200/person. Don't think I'll be going there anyway soon! LOL!) Yep--the $$$ was incredible, even if we did sell out twice, and had to have products over nighted by UPS. I could have bought a really nice, new Camry for what we made, and paid cash. It's in the bank though, and safely away from me! LOL!

Joanne--how nice to hear from you! What a neat time! :):)

BJ--Rog wants to ride that coaster, too. Gulp. Maybe. I don't know. I think if I peed before I got on it, maybe. I'm glad you had a great time--I've never been to LV, but it's a trip I'd love to make! :):)

We're getting ready for another show starting Thurs, so I am trying to catch my breath from the fair, and then go into this. Not complaining, mind you, but I am worn out.

Hope this finds all well!


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Jen - Meatloaf was excellent, we had front row seats.

DeeMarie - I sent you an e-mail. All the restaurants I told you about are in Saratoga, not sure which 2 you need info on. (((((HUGS and Good Vibes to Kimberly)))))

Joanne - congrats on the upcoming wedding - how exciting - I am glad that your life has been busy with such a nice event.

The concert was so good - what a great performer MeatLoaf is and what a theatrical event he turns his shows into. He had the entire place rockin'. I have been singing the songs all day LOL. His opening act was John Waite and he was good too. We had front row seats!!!

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Maddie - We posted at the same time - our tickets were an unbelievable $42 for front row - I can't believe it, I would've paid double to see him - what a voice. Glad you had such a succesful week - I will keep that in my thoughts for your next one.

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OK--I'm mad.

Furious, actually.

Livid would be an accurate description too.

I just googled and found that Meat Loaf will be in Cleveland, OH on 9-8 at 7:30.

I am jumping up and down with joy. I've wanted to see him since....what?..... mid 70s???

Rog never batted an eye, and said we can't go.

Didn't eevveenn discuss it.


We have a sshhooowwwwww starting the next day.


(Sorry--just had to rant here. D@mnit!)

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Maddie~ He'll probably get tix and surprise you! If he doesn't, get the Best Hits CD and play it really loud all day long at your booth at the sshhooowwwwww.

Jen~ YOWSA! Gas yesterday was $2.88 here. OUCH! I'm having a credit card meltdown with my SUV truck. As soon as DD goes off to college next year, I'm shoehorning myself into a smaller vehicle!

BTW, we're keeping the black Jetta. We're getting some stuff fixed on it and it should be ready today, but thanks to the rave reviews of it here, we've finally got DD into a car and I am FREE from early morning school driving!

Joanne! YAY for checking in! Bet you're a bags of nerves over the weddin'! Look for a bday box from me this coming month since you're my bday girl!

((((((HUGS)))))))) for Kimberly!

Marci! Thanks for the link to the contest. FUN! I entered 2 names. But I really want to name book #13 - so many plays on words there!

Well, the dad fish ate all the babies in the fish tank, cutting my responsibilities way down. There's a blessing in there somewhere, but the kids aren't too thrilled with the circle of life right now!

I am off to the orthodontist for my 9 yr old---she will have braces soon; she already has the seperators on.

I lost another 1.5 pounds - for a total of a little over 23 so far. Fells pretty durn good, but I am gloing to jump for joy at the "25 pounds lost" point!

Brekky: Kashi (11 g fiber per serving) and N/F yogurt or half a muffin and F/F milk

Snack: Fruit and 100 cal carb snack

Lunch: Salad w F/F dressing or salad topped with olive oil and kosher salt & sprinkled with a little feta plus a half sandwich or a big salad and a bowl of soup

Snack: Oreo 100 cal cookie pack or 100 cal Wheat Thins pack or 100 cal South Beach brand cookie pack & a fruit or veggie

Dinner: Small portion of protein, half the dinner plate filled with veggies (cooked in olive oil & a pat of butter) and fruit.

Dessert or Late Night Snack: Piece of fruit or 100 cal Tilla-Moo snack or a string cheese stick & some Sleepy Time tea.

It's been working for me. Gotta have the cookies to keep me from going off the diet, but with the new 100 cal packets, it's easy.

I read and caught up on the thread yesterday. Lots going on; will comment later!

One of my best buddies called just now. He left his wife on Monday and wants to have lunch. I hope they can work it out. I set them up on a date long ago, they ended up getting married and right after that, she forbade him to talk to me. Who knows what goes on inside a hormonal woman's mind? LOL! I like them both and hope they can come to a point where they're happy.

All for now! Back later!

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Double YAY for Joanne checking in!

BJ, you day of food sounds de-lish!

Raeanne, thanks for the info on the restaurants.

Maddie, tell Rog he's a big poopie head...LOL!!! I like BJs idea of playing the music over and over. I love the thought that he may surprise you with tix.

Gotta run, as I just now got out of meetings (which I've been sitting in since 7:45am). It's now almost 1pm and time for lunch (low fat ham and mustard/lettuce on weight watchers ww bread, carrot sticks, and a peach).

Thanks for all Kim's hugs!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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HI Folks!

Gas here is up to $2.80 and going up. My friend works for a transportion company and the inside word is that prices will get over $3 by next week and could reach $4 a gallon :(

Maddie! what a party pooper DH is being! I like Bj's idea too, may I add also that when ever he asks you a question sing to him "let me sleep on it, baby baby let me sleep on it, let me sleep on it and i'll give you an answer in the morning.... :)

BJ- glad to see the car worked out and gives you a little relief. The woe seems to be working well for you and including little treats is a smart idea to keep things "real".

Joanne- welcome back its good to hear from you!

Dee- I would offer Kimberly a hug, but last time hugging college girls got me into deep trouble, so how about a supportive high five?

Raeanne- the trip was long but honestly we didnt paddle very hard and took it easy. I can understand how its much harder on the body to paddle in choppy lakes, we do most of ours on smaller ponds. On a river like this the current helps move you along nicely while paddling very easy. The harder part of the trip was sleeping on my way too thin air matress and sitting in the kayak for 8-10 hours a day. The river was only 2-5 feet deep so I used my PDF as a seat cushion most of the trip, tsk tsk for me but it helped :) I picked up a great book called "quiet water paddling of Nh and Vermont" its has all the out of the way spots that are nice and quiet with little or no motor boat traffic and lots of wild life, im not sure if they have a similar book for your area.

Things are going OK for me, im down another 2 pounds to 228, getting closer to my goal of 200 by the year end. Blood sugars are doing well so next month im going to try to get off another one of my meds, its know to cause water gain and edma so I want to ditch it and see if it helps me lose some more weight. I also lost 3 inches on my gut, which is where I need to drop the fat the most. I still need to get more exersise, and with winter coming it will all have to be at the gym, so I need to get it in gear before the snow flies..

Low carbing is still working well for me and keeps me satisfied. I did cheat a bit when we went to the Red Sox game this weekend, I had deep dish pizza but ate mostly the filling and very little crust. Tomorow im going to the Patriots, we will tailgate and they will be drinking beer, but im sticking to my gin and diet tonic, with extra lime and bringing some carb friendly snacks.

Whats on the menu you ask?

breakfast was some almonds and colby cheese with a large iced coffe with sweet-n-low and cream.

Lunch was some green pepper strips with 0 carb ranch dressing, a sausage wrapped in a low carb tortilla with mustard and a spinach,cheese and egg square.

Dinner will be chicken wings with calliflower casserole(calliflower steamed and mashed, baked with,cream cheese, cream, bacon bits, and spices)

snacks are sugar free jello.

It takes more time and effort to be creative with this woe but if you are willing to make your own foods you can have a good variety!

I hope everyone has a great week, do your best!


PS: if you want to make your own pond to paddle in follow the link, its odd that thats happening to posts here :)

Also where can I find the pics everyone is talking about? I may even be willing to share some of me ;)

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rabbit - rabbit
don't even ask why I am posting at 3:50/am!

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OK im not asking!

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Good Morning,

Rabbit, Rabbit!!

Marci I think I know why you are posting at 3:50am!!

John, I know why you are! John, I hope you will try to fit Hancock into one of your kyacking day trips, especially if you like wildlife. It's gorgeous out this way and only an hour for you.

The humidity has finally broken and it's nice and cool out this morning. I know I should not complain about anything with all that is going on in the deep south. My heart breaks watching the horror that those people are having to endure. I cannot imagine the devestation and destruction everywhere. I wish there was something I could do right now!

My brother-in-law is getting married on Sat. DH is the best man so I will leave tomorrow for Norwell, MA to start the festivities. I plan to be back on Sat. night!!

September is going to be a busy month for me. Each and every weekend I will be away on a horse adventure PLUS on the 13th Raeanne, DeeMarie and I will be getting together in Saratoga, NY!! Can't wait for that!

Not much new here with me just horse stories and lots of riding. I am really enjoying my time off.

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Hi Again:
So nice to see the "old" familiar people posting -
John - your doing amazing on the loss - keep it up - I had missed reading your updates
Marci - I'm not asking why you were up - I'm always up now - between the wedding arrangements running through my head and the hot flashes, sleep is a thing of the past.
BJ - I had honestly forgotten about my birthday until you just mentioned - my entire focus has been September 18th

Now, I'm really being bad because I forget who I'm suppose to do my Birthday box for, just know it was in the fall.
Can someone help me out and supply an address.

Thanks a million - Hi to everyone - where's Patti and Amy?


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Good Morning (again),

Joanne - Your partner is NHSuzanne and her birthday is November 20th. I'm sure she will email you her address.
Congrats on upcoming wedding! How fun but exhausting I am sure.

John - I will email you the link for the photo album and would love for you to share a picture with us. You can email a photo to me and I will add it to the album.

BJ - You have to give DeeMarie credit for the link, but if you win, you can split your prize with me! LOL (just kidding) Glad you got the Jetta for DD.

I had minor surgery yesterday and all is well. I guess I rested too much yesterday and then I couldn't sleep last night. Plus DS called and he is being evicted from his apartment. The complex is under new management and they aren't renewing any of the leases. His lease is up at the end of September. He is traveling the entire month of September (in fact he is in Iowa right now), and he hasn't figured out what he is going to do. That news didn't help induce sleep, plus I watched way too much of the New Orleans news last night. I just can't wrap my mind around what those poor people are going through. And now the looters are out of control and unauthorized people with guns are shooting at helicopters trying to land. I will never complain (even about the rising price of gas - $2.89 as of 7/pm yesterday) about the minor inconveniences of life again.

Maddie - What if there was a concert that DH really wanted to go to on the 8th? Would he want you to say he couldn't go because of the show? If the answer is no, he should show you the same consideration. I agree that is being a poopie!! LOL

I am supposed to take it easy today, so I guess I will follow orders. Then tomorrow I have to go into the classroom and start setting up.

Jen - That reminds me of a cute preschool story. We usually do ask the kids about their summer. I asked one little boy if he went anywhere fun over the summer and he thought about it for awhile and then announced, "We went to Wal-Mart!" His mom couldn't believe he said that. She said they had been to the beach, the zoo, to visit relatives and all he could remember was that they had gone to Wal-Mart? We should have sent that in the Wal-Mart for an advertisment!
Glad that Erica is loving school.


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OK John-- I gotta know right now!
Do you love me?
Will you love me forever?
Do you need me?
Will you never leave me?
Will you make me so happy for the rest of my life?
Will you take me away and will you make me your Wife?
I gotta know right now!
Before we go any further
Do you love me?
Will you love me forever?

What's it gonna be boy?
Come on
I can wait all night
What's it gonna be boy yes or no?
What's it gonna be boy yes or no?

heehee! I love that song--All of a sudden I'm back in HS, and thinking we've so cool, singing these lyrics! :):)

(((Marci)))--I hope you're feeling better! And I hope things look up for your son--:):)

Things are the same here--tired and getting ready to go to another show over the weekend.

Gas went up from 2.69 to 2.92 to 3.09 to 3.19 to 3.29 yesterday morning. Ouch! I wish wages would go up like that!



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Weather Update - humidity is gone, blue skies in the 70's PERFECT

Gas Update - $3.59 for regular this morning - who knows by now.

Meat Loaf Update - Stop right there! I gotta know right now! Before we go any further!

Maddie - "you took the words right out of my mouth" LOL

Marci - (((((HUGS))))) use this time to have DH wait on your LOL. Sorry about DS, but things will work out for him. I think I just fell asleep when you posted - just lying there with my eyes wide open.

NH Suzanne/Dee - I can't believe that our meeting is less than 2 weeks away YIPPPEEEE.

John - You are making it sound like your paddling was easy, but you still put a lot of hours in the kayak, I know that after 2 hours I have a hard time getting my legs to work enough for me to get out. You are also so limited as to what you can bring with you - so I still applaud you LOL and I still want to do a trip like that.

Enough for now, I have to think about what we are having for dinner.

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Well, Raeanne, "Two outta Three ain't Bad", but "You Took The Words Right out Of My Mouth"!!! LOL!!!

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Oh, I am SOOOOOOO behind! Going back to read everybody's posts before I say anything. I am working from home tomorrow and since I'm the boss, ha ha! I'll have lots of time to see how everybody's doing.


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I never figured out what the gambling lyric and broken-down car had to do with the theme of that song....

"Pair of dice by the crashed Ford light....." --- HUH?


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Good Morning!

Gas update: $3.29 as of this morning. I told myself I am not going to complain. At least I have a car. After what Katrina left for people, I am thankful to have what I have. I am finding myself staying at work over lunch unstead of going home and making some choices like that.

Marci, Heaven only knows what will come out of Erica's mouth at preschool. There is NO telling.

Does anyone have Big weekend plans? I plan on staying home and cleaning house. That sounds like fun huh?

Better run.


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Gas is $3.88 here! It's absolutely ridiculous.

The crisis in New Orleans is also over the top. We're spending millions of bucks and have our military in other countries and we can't handle a flood situation on our own land. The military is slow getting in, babies and the elderly are dying, no water or food, and gangs are threatening people with guns. Not to mention the rapes and deaths happening in our (loose term) "disaster shelters". You'd think the government would have plan for a city that's built below sea level. They could take a lesson from Denmark. What a waste of our country's thinking minds, caught up without government funding and now a city that's completely out of control. Arg.

Okay, now back to the regularly scheduled board:

Dee: Congrats on your anniversary! Did you say you were going to a psychic party? If so, spill about it----what happened? Oh! And thanks for the Janet link! So hows Kimberly faring?

MagicKitty~ Good job on the diabetes diet. Glad it seems to be working. My friend's 9 yr old was just diagnosed with diabetes and they're adjusting well.

Raeanne~ Well, I hope your ribs are healing well. OUCH! The concert sounded fun. I love any sort of live music though! The girls and I saw some cool shows in Vegas.

Marci~ I remembered your surgery was the 31st. Glad to hear your fine. Rest easy, will you? Heal fast!

Kindergarten story: When I picked up my DD on her first day of school, (long ago), I asked her if she had a good day, and she replied, VERY loudly, "OF COURSE, YOU HORSE!" Hmmmm... I'm glad THAT nickname didn't stick....

HNSuzanne~ Have a great trip and enjoy the wedding festivities! Are you still doing fat flush? How's it going? Hope you are getting some updates on your mom, even if you aren't able to visit her. That must be hard for you. I'm sure you've written her expressing your feelings and all of that, but maybe she'd welcome the contact if you sent her a phone card or something----or just showed up? Anyway, (((((((HUGS))))))))).

Happy belated Birthday, Jen and Tikanas! I was off on my trip when you all celebrated!

Jen, I hope your headaches have settled down. I can relate to headaches - mine were due to a thyroid problem, as well as diet, I suppose. It was such a relief when they stopped. I will be thinking of Erica on the 9th. But she'll be thinking of those Dora boots, I'm sure!

Tikanas~ Did you get all caught up on your home biz? It's nice to be your own boss, but working from home is SO, SO hard! Along with being a single mom, it must wear you out some days!

Gretchen~ (((((((HUGS))))))) on your loss. There's an Eskimo tale that says the stars that shine at night are the souls of the loved ones. I love that thought. Peace to you. I love the photo of your dad and you. Lovely.

Maddie! Have you been rolling in your dough? I remember when you talked about that before. It must be so fulfilling to have a successful business even though it's hard work. You sound like you're doing it full time and enjoying it! Will your mom be okay with phone calls? I know you expressed concern over not getting to see her; would she be okay with talking on the horn? Enjoy the corn dawgs! Fair season is almost over!

Besh~ CONGRATS on your weight loss! WOW! It really works! Bet you feel great!

Speaking of weight loss, JOHN! Great job, skinny! The excitement you have for exercise is so refreshing! And you activities sound like a blast with you GF! I hiked the Red Rock Canyon while in Vegas---BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I would like to try the prickly pear sorbet you mentioned--- that sounds delish!

My teen kids have been getting me the DVD versions of Six Feet Under as they come out and were watching them together. Quite eye-opening for them! We all love it! Big fans, we are.

Well, I gotta tackle my list and get some appointments made. Listed a piece of property last night and got a full price offer with an escalation clause this morning. Must be their dream property. It's is a gorgeous piece, but I've got my eye on something else to buy. Gotta get back to the paperwork-----WORK!

Make it a good one!

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Oh! Jen, I forgot to answer the weekend plan QOD!

Friday: DH says we're going on a date to go ring shopping. :)

Saturday: I'm going to the fish market in the morning. DD has a flight lesson in the afternoon. Then we're having a crab cooking dinner with some friends.

Sunday: Morning......LAUNDRY......then over to a friend's house for an early get-together/dinner.

Monday: Over to my friend's house who has 4 kids (2 of them twins) and another one on the way. We're going to the plant nursery sale and then we're cleaning her house all day.

Tuesday: School starts for the younger ones!

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It is impossible to imagine what these poor people are dealing with. My heart breaks and I wish there was something I could do for them.

BJ - just in case you weren't teasing us "pair of dice by the crash ford light" is a very common mislyric for "paradise by the dashboard light" LOL. Congrats on the property sale! DD must've been taught some rhymes on the first day of kindergarten - you gotta love them. I can't wait for you to see the end of 6 Feet Under WOW.

Jen - It's amazing what comes out of those cute little mouths - you will have no secrets.

QOD - no plans, DD#2 is in Greece for a wedding, DD#1 isn't coming home because she is heading to Colorado next week. I will be working Saturday and Monday and will probably be cleaning on Sunday - that's my exciting life. However, on Monday all the shop owners close up early and they have a celebration (bar hopping) - so I will partake in that.

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My child's rhyme was bland compared to another child's story:

She told her teacher that, for a few days that summer, her mommy had been very sick, "throwing up", and that her daddy even had to help her mommy get to the bathroom. The teacher asked if she had the flu or an "owwie" and the girls lifted her arms and said, "She got an owwie here (touching under one arm) and an owwie here (touching under her other arm). She got a boob job!" My, oh, my, was that mommy red-faced!

Gotta love the kids!

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Ahhhhh.....Sunday at last.

We had a get-together last night with some friends and cooked up a bunch of dungeness crabs. SO GOOD! I bbq'd corn on the grill and cut some cut up carrots, butter, and chicken broth in a Reynolds aluminum bag, poked some holes in it and put it on the barbi also. Pretty yummy. One of my friends brought over some homemade hummus and another brought some apricot dessert wine from Israel. We had a feast and great conversation! Gotta do that more often!

Today, I'm splitting time between the yard and laundry. Then, at 3, we're heading to my kids' kindergarten teacher's house. Over the years of her having 2 of my munchins in her class and in her science club, she has become a dear friend and since our husbands click, it's great! So we're having a BBQ at their house today. I'm making a crab salad to bring along!

Tomorrow, I'm headed to clean a friend's house all day long! Our kids will play together while we organize, clean and go to the garden center to see what we can't live without.


I have an work-related event on the 24th that I want to wear a skinny dress to!

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BJ - doesn't sound like you need any exercise with that agenda. Have a great time - I also became very good friends with my kids Kindergarten teacher. DD#2 was the same age as her DD - so we ended up socializing for many years. I put laundry in when I left this morning, so I'm with you there.

I went to an impromptu BBQ on Friday night and we stayed until after midnight - it was a lot of fun. Today I took advantage of no sales tax on clothing and went shopping, between the sales and no tax, I did very well - but probably lost the profits to the gas my car used LOL. We are invited to a BBQ today, but it is out on an island and I don't think my ribs can withstand the ride.

My paintings will be in an art show at the studio I paint at next Friday, so I am busy framing my latest addition.

I better get busy.

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Hi BJ - Busy as usual. You should be an event planner or coordinator of some kind. Sometimes just reading about all that you do makes me tired! LOL

But I acknowledge that I am not a high energy person. Add to that my nights of fractured sleep and I am even less energetic. But I do what I can, when I can. Today is absolutely beautiful out and I am going to spend the rest of it on my porch reading the last of my library books. DH is going to work and I just finished cooking him some lunch, doing laundry and washing my entryway walls and woodwork. I am going to wash my front picture window when the sun isn't shining on it and wash my mini blinds, but that is it for today. Not an exciting holiday weekend, but sometimes that is nice too. With the price of gas being what it is (I paid $3.19 yesterday), I am content to lay low anyway. Going to go to a few Labor Day sales tomorrow and finish packing up my great neices and nephew a care package. I have been picking up school and art supplies as they go on sale or I have coupon and now I have quite a nice collection to send down to them. As a single mother, my neice can use all the help she can get.

I spent about 5 hours up at school yesterday. No one else was there and I had the copy machine all to myself. I got so much done. I feel less anxious about the start of the school year now. We will spend Tuesday getting the new aide, Kim, oriented and finish getting the room put back together. I should have Wednesday off (one of my goals when I put in so much time yesterday) and then the kids come on Thursday and Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a good year.

QOD - what is everyone doing for the hurricane victims? I donated to The Red Cross and plan on donating to Habitat for Humanity on 9/19 in Alli's honor. I donated to them in her honor when she died and I can't think of a better way to honor her memory than to donate again to help put a roof over someone's head.
I am also trying to think of something that our preschool can do. Maybe we can collect supplies for school age children and send them to a shelter. We usually collect pennies in the spring for Habitat, so I also thought of doing that earlier this year and asking the preschool board to match the parent's donations. I will have to think about that and moniter the needs of the refugees as the weeks pass.

Now I am heading out to the front porch to soak up some rays, rest my feet and read.


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QOD - Good one Marci. I did donate to the Red Cross, and want to donate more, but I like to wait and see where the money is actually going before I do. I don't even think that money is the immediate answer. I love the Habitat for Humanity cause and that may be a good one (thanks Marci). DH and I have seriously thought about having a family move in with us and we are still discussing the logistics involved - it was his idea - we will see...

Marci - enjoy the rays and the feet up. DH came home from work, I put together a platter of cheese, olives and sausage and a nice bottle of wine and we sat on the deck for a couple hour - that felt good.

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Adopt-A-Family info link attached.

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BJ - thanks for the link. From that link I found where Congress is urging every American city to adopt a family. I forwarded the info to our town Supervisor and hope he will seriously consider it, if not I will take it to a couple of the churches in town and see what they can do. I still haven't ruled out having a family come here, but it would be nice to have a family come to their own home.

Today I did 20 minutes of aerobics - the first time since I injured myself, it felt good - I hope I still feel better later.

Today is the day that most of our tourist evacuate our town and it once again is all ours. No hunting for parking spaces or waiting on lines in the supermarket, bank, and restaurants. The lake is once again a much safer place to boat on and we don't have to lock our car doors LOL. I actually do love the tourists, as many of them have turned into residents and have become our good friends - but it is nice to have peacefulness restored.

Have a happy and peaceful day!!!

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