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debbeeanneFebruary 17, 2004

I didn't know where to post this, but thought I would try here. My daughter is getting married in May and her sister, the MOH, is hosting a shower. They want to invite about 25 of my daughter's friends, and the idea was to make it a Personal Shower. However, she does not need 25 sets of bras and panties, or negligees. We were trying to figure out a way to make the shower 2 different categories, like Day to Night, or Practical vs. Sexy. Does anyone have an idea on how to do this and to word it cleverly on an invitation?

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How about a boudoir include all things for bed room and lotions and potions, towels, maybe his and her terry robes, as well as lingerie and nighties?
Linda C

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what DOES she need? bath and bed stuff (sheets, pillows, towels?) kitchen stuff (a fondue set, good henckles knives?) is she a gardening freak who would LOVE a matched set of ceramic planters? is she a crafty girl who needs innovative storage bins, a new cutting mat?

: ) they went to my husband, who knows me best... who suggested power tools, since I'm the happy home-builder, and ogle things like detail sanders, a scroll saws, and cordless drills and the like... one dear old aunt gave me the reel mower her husband bought for their first house (she's a widower now, and uses a service- she even had the blades sharpened!) which was a dream come true for me- it's ELEGANT looking in a way that modern ones will never be!

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I know this is probably too late, but you could do a "round-the-clock shower" where each guest is assigned a specific time of day or time frame and they bring a gift that would be used at that time.

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I've heard of one shower where each guest was appointed a time of the day or night, and were to bring a gift suitable for the "time". Thought it sounded like fun!

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