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beshAugust 8, 2005

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

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Good Morning.
Sorry to be an MIA.
I am back at work from week and a half vacation. Went to Ohio and Tennessee. Had a great time. I need to catch up.

Happy belated b-day to Besh and John. Hope your days were great ones!

I still need an address for Jen. I emailed her from her page on this site and had no response. Will tgry again, but if someone out there has it, please e-mail it to me. thanks.

Will return again soon!!!!

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I'm here; just busy busy busy.

Magickitty, I'll send an e:mail to Jen!


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Has anyone else been having trouble signing on here? I get that dreaded "page cannot display" page.

I am still in a good amount of pain from whatever I did to my ribs. It's very hard to do anything that requires, lifting, carrying, bending or reaching. I can only sleep on my back and I am a side sleeper. I stopped taking the pain pills, I had a very weird dream and thought the medication caused it. The dream was more a sensation to my body - like I was a jack hammer and my entire body was just vibrating, when I woke up I wanted to get out of bed, but felt I couldn't, I went back to sleep and had the same dream - this happened at least 3 times.

Everyone is busy, including me. Today is DH's bday and I am trying to figure out what to do to celebrate. There is a concert at the park with the a popular local band - I was just thinking of bringing a basket of food and drink to that and inviting some friends to meet us, but there is a good chance of thunderstorms...

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[[[[[[[[[Raeanne]]]]]]]]]]], hope you are feeling better today. Yes, I've heard that pain killers can cause really weird sensations. You were wise to stop them for now. I hurt my ribs about 10 years ago by coughing, and it took a very long time to heal; it was a genuine 'sore spot' with me. LOL! Take care of yourself, and give Rich a big Happy Birthday hug for me!

I'm off to about 3 meetings today. Was going to take off with DH and go watch the Jets in training camp (he's really nutty about sports stuff) but we both decided that it was best to go to work and earn some $$$ to pay for those season tickets. hehe

Jen, I sent you an e:mail. If you are lurking, Lynn needs your addy!

Make today count!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Morning All,

Boy, it's quiet here so far this week.

Raeanne, I don't remember reading that you got hurt. What happened? I went back to read last weeks posts and it doesn't mention anything either. Sounds like you might have fractured one or two. Did you fall? I am sure you will be better in time just take it easy and (((((HUGS)))))

Welcome back from vacation Lynn. Glad you had a good time.

I was recovering yesterday from putting 400 bales of hay up for the winter! It was so hot and NOTHING feels worse than hay chaf on your sweaty skin. It makes me crazy. But, it's done!!

There isn't much new here. I am riding early in the morning to beat the unrelenting heat but the bugs are still plaquing us. I will be glad when September rolls along. I wish we could have fall weather and temps all summer! That would truly be nirvana.

Check in everyone and say hello

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I am here - just covered in dust and cobwebs!!! Yuck! We are having a garage sale on Saturday and DH and I just cleaned out under our basement steps. I am not fond of dark enclosed spaces, but somebody had to do it, and I was elected. DH just went to recylce all the empty cardboard boxes we had been saving for "who knows why!". Now I need to start pricing all my "treasures".

Went to docs yesterday and need to have a minor operation on August 31st. Told him that if he couldn't fit me in to his schedule in August, I wasn't having it done. He says I will be good to go on Sept. 6th, when I start back to school.

(((Raeanne))) - I too didn't know that you had hurt yourself. If it is bruised ribs, time will heal. Just use this as an excuse to slow down and put your feet up!

I am reading Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Weird and interesting book. I had a hard time getting into it, but the reviews said to persevere and the journey would be justified. I am beginning to get hooked, so I have to bargain with myself. One hour pricing, one hour reading, one hour housework and start the cyle over again. Anyone else make bargains with themselves to justify "me" time?

I've got to start the pricing so I can get to the reading!


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I thought I posted it. We got caught in a very bad storm on the lake, just as we were docking. I was holding onto a rope to tie the boat up and was pushed into the side of the boat, I heard a pop, a sharp pain shot through me and it took my breath away (not in a good way). My friend was having an art reception that night and I went, feeling a little sore, but not unbearable. Well, what a surprise when I couldn't lay down to go to sleep. 6AM I drove to the hospital for x-rays. The x-rays were inconclusive - but didn't show any obvious breaks. The Dr. felt that I tore the cartlidge from my breastbone - he based that on where the pain seemed to be coming from. The good news is that I do feel a little better today.

DeeMarie - my DD broke her rib coughing several years ago - boy was she in pain.

NH Suzanne - Do you think you will be available right after Labor Day to get together? Tuesdays and Thursdays are my best days to get away. Glad that hay baling is over.

Marci - good luck with the yard sale. It is nice to get cash for your trash. I am a box saver too, or I was - I have gotten a lot better.

I guess I better try to get some housework done, at least the light stuff - you have to see the trail I leave in my house these days, since I can't bend over - I never realized how many things I drop or put down on the floor.

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Raeanne, I'm glad you're feeling better. Wish I was a bit closer so that I could meet up with you and Suzanne. :-(

Magickitty, I've e:mailed you Jen's addy! Please let me know if you don't receive it.

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Hello again,

I feel your pain Raeanne. I broke three ribs after falling from my old horse Paddy several years ago. It was an unbelievable pain and there was nothing they could do about it. I still remembering trying to breathe, ouch. Yes, I should be available right after labor day. Maybe the week of the 12th? I will be away at a ride/drive labor day week but then I am free. Oh boy.

DeeMarie how far is it for you? It's three hours for me and I think it's about the same for Raeanne where we meet. It would be nice if you could make it.

Marci, I could never find the energy to orchestrate a yard sale! Way too much work. Good luck.

Has anyone heard from Gretchen??? She has been MIA for a long time now.

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Raeanne, can you send me an e:mail detailing where you and Suzanne will meet? Maybe it's not too far after all.

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Good Morning All,

I just got back from my morning ride and it was cool and lovely and best of all, NO BUGS!!! Strange because it is supposed to be in the 90's today and humid. No complaints here at least I got to enjoy the cool of the day. I have to go mow the field today and that will not be fun!

DeeMarie, Raeanne and I meet in Manchester Center, VT. Maybe there is some place else that might be a little closer to where you are. Raeanne? It would be fun for sure!

I hope we hear from all the MIA's today.

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DeeMarie - where I meet Suzanne (Manchester Center, VT) is probably 3 1/2 hours for you. You are probably about 2 hours to Albany, NY? I will e-mail you when I get home.

Suzanne - how far are you from Albany? Not much happening in Albany, but we may be able to find a place south or west of there to meet (like a nice little spa).

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I am about 2 1/2 to 3 hours from Albany. I was in Albany in March and there really wasn't much going on there! But we can look.

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Raeanne/Suzanne: I'm 135 miles from Albany...not too bad.

Well, I just got out of a meeting that lasted 3 hours instead of 2. I bring this up because the "salesman" that accompanied the VP of a software company was wearing a tight shirt, unbuttoned to his (hairy) chest, with thick gold jewelry over a too-tanned body. He was one of those "how ya doin'" guys, who did not know a thing about this software. The VP was dressed in a great-fitting suit, and was very knowledgeable. My colleague and I were also dressed in suits, as this is a large, international corporation and this was a serious meeting. She and I laughed so hard when he left; we both said we wouldn't buy shoes from this guy! Can you imagine what an impression this was? Fortunately, we respect the company and already own the software; just want to upgrade to the web-version, but really!! Wish I had a camera phone with me for this guy. Total guido! lol (I can say that, because I'm a NJ Italian American..LMAO!!)

Gotta run and have some lunch; it's already 2:00pm.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Suzanne/Dee - Saratoga Springs is a great town, but that would add another 20 miles to Dee's trip, not sure about Suzannes. It is a great town for shopping, restaurants and spa treatments. It is closer to me and that wouldn't be fair either. hmmmmmm......

Dee - you had me laughing with your comments about da salesman - I'm sure I know him LOL.

Where is everyone today???

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Ooooh!! Maddie - There was a suspicious looking package sitting on my doorstep when I got home this afternoon. (It looked suspiciously like a birthday present from you! LOL) It wasn't ticking, so I felt safe bringing it in my house. But like a good little girl, I will wait until tomorrow to open it!!

NHSuzanne - I can't take credit for organizing this garage sale. We have a multi-family garage sale every year and there is a committee that organizes it. Each street has a "chairperson" and they collect the permit money for their street. The committee takes care of all the advertising and the signs. Because it is such a large garage sale (usually 80 houses), we even have policeman directing traffic in and out of the plan. I live on a cul-de-sac in the back of the plan and I don't get as much traffic as the front streets, but we get enough to make it worth our while to set up. I just hope it isn't 90 degrees out like it is today!! That cuts down on our traffic a lot.

Well, I am off to gently rattle my suspicious looking package! LOL

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Hi goils!

Gosh, Ive missed being hereÂthe last 3 weeks have been wild, and quite frankly, IÂm glad theyÂre overÂ

I had another job interview, which started this whole run of craziness. The guy was a jerk, and 10 minutes in, I knew that this was not the place for me. Actually, he was rather insulting; actually asking what was my old firmÂs year total billing/revenue. Now, granted, I have no loyalty to them, but I thought that was wayyy over the top, and I declined to answer. ThatÂs none of anyoneÂs business. And it got worse from there; he asked me what religion I am. (Yeah, I know, illegal question, but after the one about the revenue, nothing was going to surprise me.) Needless to say, I didnÂt hear from them! LOL!

Then, a bud of mine for 28 years rented a pontoon boat for just the 2 of us, and we loaded fishing gear and all the junk food we could handle, and off we went. OMG! We had the best time! SheÂs been married almost 23 years, and has 2 wonderful sons, but her and her DH have some deeeeep problems, and have had for years. They can literally go months without speaking; IÂve never seen anything like it. So, we hashed over men, friends, her parents, problems, and just why we couldnÂt catch a darned fish! I havenÂt had that much fun in a long time! Thank heavens the lake was big, Âcause we had it at full throttle (well, when it was safe), and did doughnuts. IÂm smiling just thinking about it! LOL!!

Then, Rog and I and a friend went to Holiday World amusement park and played all day (and this was the day after the pontoon adventure). I love water parks, and am perfectly content to sit all day in the water and watch everyone else. HW has some great coasters, but I was in it to get wet, and water-logged I became. WeÂre all going to KingÂs Island in Cincy next Tues, and IÂm heading for the water park again!

And then comes the first show, and it was OK. The only good thing about it was getting to see friends. IÂm in it more for the socializing at this point. We see these people on a monthly basis, so we all go out to eat, and party some. ItÂs an eclectic bunchÂ

And another interview. SighÂ.

And then onward to the Street Rod Show, and meeting Billy Gibbons. This is the first time we have done this show, and it.was.a.trip. Over 11,000 cars from all over NA, and I am in loveÂI want a street rod!! WAAAA! (Or I did until I got a good look at the pricesÂwoooweeeÂway out of my league, but I can dream!) I have some news from a manufacturer that I met, and IÂll tell the details when things are finalized All in all, it was a great show, and we sold out of several itemsÂLED belt buckles and dog tagsÂteenagers just loved Âem!

And between all of this, I was making purses with MIL, and painting the-original-poster-child-for-birth-control 12yoÂs room in screaming pink and orange. ItÂs gonna be great when it gets finished, but dear gawd, the price I am paying now. IÂm doing this with my MIL, and what possessed me to do this, IÂll never know! She canÂt paint, canÂt read or take directions, and she screwed up a whole wall while I was outside painting closet doors, and then got p!ssed when I got p!ssed. (Ralph Lauren paint and glazeÂnot cheap, and now itÂs ruined. SighÂ.)

Mom is slowly going over the edge. I know itÂs only been 6 months since dad left us, but she is getting worse by the day. She keeps telling me about dadÂs, ummmÂ.. private parts, and their s3x life, and other assorted things that I can not go into here, and has become obsessed with a mutual friendÂs marriage (which is 47 years in the works, and they are still so in love). Example: she mentioned to me yesterday that Dana Reeves has lung cancer, and I replied that I had heard that, and that I felt sorry for her, sheÂs been through so much. Mom then says to me, "Well at least sheÂs got something to look forward to." OMG! I couldnÂt believe she said that. I said "what??", thinking that I had misunderstood her, and she repeated it again. Okayyy.

Anyhoo, thatÂs what IÂve been up to and dealing with. I havenÂt had a chance to catch up yet on the posts, so IÂm sorry for not addressing everyone.

I have noticed that Patti, Amy and KYSusie havenÂt been seen for a whileÂanyone hear from them??

ItÂs good to be back!

Love and hugs,


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LOL Marci! (Dangoneit! D@mned cheap batteries!!)

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I would definitely be up for Saratoga Springs. I don't know how much farther it is for me but it can't be that bad. 20 miles is nothing for me.

Dee, how about you? I can certainly picture this salesman! It's amazing how some people don't have a clue!

Maddie, great to hear from you and hear of your adventures! Bummer about your Mom. Don't know what to say expect hang in there.

Marci, I can't wait to hear what's in that package!

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Me, again...

Rog just called from work, and he's gotten a promotion and a merit raise (in addition to the one earlier this year). I guess I'll hafta bow when he gets in! :)

Dee--sounds like the guy that met us on a car lot, ignored me standing there next to Rog, asked Rog what we were looking for, and when Rog motioned to me and said that I was the one looking for a car, he then asked Rog what I was looking for. Nothing on *this* d@mned lot, was my answer, and off I went. :):)

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Hello ladies,

Just wanted to pop in and say hello before I depart for a weeks vacation. Sounds like everyone is keeping busy.

Maddie sounds like you are having a good time, I wouldnt bow when DH comes home, however it is proper to walk 3-5 steps behind him when out in public ;)

Its going to be a busy day today, lots of errands to do and all the finaly prep for our camping trip. We are kayaking down the Saco river from NH into Maine, and will be camping right on the shores for 3 days. Then we will be winging it and doing hiking and more kayaking around the White Mountain area. Its been a challange to find the right gear and food/water that will fit in the kayaks as we will have no other support. Should be exciting and fun :)

Other than that not much is new here, same old same old at work. Im down a couple more pounds to 233 so Im a little behind for my goal of 200 by the year end, but moving in the right direction.

I did have a meeting with our hospitals diabetic education team. They want me to go to a nutritionist and I dont feel it is needed. Im doing a low carb diet to keep my blood sugars in line and its working well for me. She tried to feed me some line about how the brain needs 120 grams of carbs a day to function, and if you dont supply it you will start to have memory loss and lack of concentration... this is exactly why I dont want to see the nutritionist, the ADA diet is a high carb low fat diet and that just doesnt work with most diabetics, so I declined and am going to go at it alone. They also freaked out cause I have bacon and sausage the morning that they did a menu survey on me, and am worried my cholesterol is going to be too high, I cant wait to get the results because its been proven often that low carb diets even including more fat than normal can reduce cholesterol, I would enjoy tossing that fact out to them if my results come back fine. On the plus side both ladies that teach the class are my age and babes, so I will endure ;)

have a great weekend everyone and "bada bing bada boom" take care!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCI!!! Have a wonderful fun filled day. No major renovation projects, no classes for preschool and stay out of the garage and basement LOL. This place wouldn't be the same without you. I remember when I first started posting here and when we compared notes, it was like we were twins separated at birth. We both worked in the same field, had 2 kids, married forever, and on and on. I wish I could decorate this place for you, like you do for everyone else. I know I keep threatening to learn how to post gif's but I still haven't. I need to add that to my list. xoxoxoxoxo

John - I'm envious of your kayak trip. I am glad the ladies are a great motivator for you.

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Happy Birthday Marci!!! Have a funfilled day.

John, Have a great trip.

MagicKitty, I am so sorry I never answered your e-mails. I think they all went to my junk box and I never saw them.

DeeMarie, Thanks for taking care of me!!!

I can't believe this summer is just about over. School starts around here next week. WOW!

Better run.


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Yah, Yah, Yah (here is where you all picture 1000 colorful balloons being released into the sky)

Now, everyone APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HaPpY bIrThDaY tO yOuUuUu
hApPy BiRtHdAy To ToUuUuUu
HaPpY bIrThDaY tO eyerythingthatDeesaidand beatmetothepunchandweloveyouMarci.....

(hard to hear over the dawgs howling!)

Marci--thank you for being you. In all of these years, I have come to realize just how wonderful you are and how much I've enjoyed you. Remember our "walks"? And I'll always remember you kindness when I just simply could not take another step, and I'd come here looking for a friend. You've always had your hand out, and always with a smile. So, happy birthday, my incredibly beautiful friend! (((hugs!!!))



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I snuck back in to say Happy B-day to Marci!

Have a great day and enjoy some ME time!



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Taking a bow and adjusting my tiara! I feel like Queen for a day! Thanks for all the songs (who needs an alarm when you have singing like that! LOL) and the birthday wishes. You guys are just the nicest bunch of cyber friends a girl could ask for.

Maddie - Your gifts touched me so much!! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Maddie made the teddy bear and the heart from an old quilt that belonged to her great grandmother. And the pin is, and I quote, "For when I just want to click my heels 3 times, wave a magic wand & get the &*%@ out of Dodge!! LOL"
I love, love, love them!!!

DH and I are going out to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. Going to rent a movie for later and I bought a Tiramisu from Costco for my "cake". One of my best gifts so far was a phone call from my childhood friend who has cancer. I think I posted about her before. I found the most wonderful birthday card (we share the same birthday) to send her. It basically said that some years are better than others, but birthdays come along anyway. And it saluted her courage, stamina and faith during this past year. She was amazed that I had found a card that fit her situation so well. Thanks Hallmark! Anyway, she is hanging in there. After brain radiation, chemo and many many tests, the tumors are shrinking. She sounds like her old self again and is getting her strength back. I only hope we have many, many more birthdays to celebrate together.

Now I am off to lunch. Do flip-flops and tiaras go together? LOL

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Happy Birthday Marci, sounds like your day is off to a great start with all the singing around here. I too appreciate you more than you can know and can't imagine this place without you.

Don't eat all that "cake" in one sitting!! Okay, go ahead if you want to it's your birthday.

I wish you a wonderful day each and every day this year!!

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Maddie, what lovely gifts! Who knew you were so crafty...hmmmm, I guess ALL of us know how crafty you are. LOL!!!!

Enjoy your gifts in good health, Marci. Great news about your friend; I'll keep her in my pr@yers.

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HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! (That is the extent of my singing) Marci have a wonderful day. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer too. School is just around the corner. :-(

John, have a wonderful trip!

Maddie, the ruby red slippers are awesome. Salem is using that in a logo in a new advertising campaign. I will email you about it.

Raeanne, feel better.

Sorry I have not been around much. DS is moving this weekend :-( and :-) and I have been helping them paint, clean, you name it. I don't even do this much at my own house!

Have a great day.

Love, Besh

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Hello Everyone,

Just stopping in to say have a nice weekend. I am off to Nantucket very early in the morning and I don't know if I will have time to check in. See you all next week. Stay safe and have fun.

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WE LOVE YOU!...........

for all you do: gifs, funnies, uplifting sayings, the SS Daily online photo album, and your stories of preschool bravery, and internet/computer tutorials. The place here would never be the same without you.

And wouldn't you, of all people, give your friend the greatest gift for her birthday----the perfect card. So nice. ((((((HUGS))))))

Someone is always the REAL GLUE that keeps friendships together and reminds us that we are special to each other in a very special way --- and that someone is YOU! When things are running slowly around here, you always come up with some silly Maxine cartoon that prompts a response or often times, a sappy quote to bring us out of 'lurking mode' and onto the board.

Hope you have a fantastic birthday and EAT SOME CAKE, you skinny mini!

Thanks for posting the heartfelt gifts from Maddie. I love to see what people come up with! Maddie~ You're sweet.

Signing off for now.....


MARCI, CELEBRATE!! That's an order!!!


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How'd the bday go?

I am trying to gear up for a trip to CA---Tikanas, did you get my email?

Why is it that when a person gets ready to head out, 5 million projects rear their heads? LOL!

I am down another pound. It's slow going now, but still in a downward spiral.

Gotta fly!


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Birthday was great, thanks. Nice lunch, lots of cards and phone calls and I am going to lunch with my parents and my sister on Monday. Treated myself to a day of relaxtion and reading and today I am working on the garage sale pricing.

Thanks for asking!!


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Marci - Glad your day was a good one - you deserve a lifetime of those days.

BJ - you've outdone yourself once again. I am e=mailing you - you are one special person and your kindness always astounds me. The world needs more people just like you. Enjoy CA and I hope you and Tikanis get together - I know the two of you will hit it off.

DeeMarie - Did you catch Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel the other night? - he lived in NJ and did a show on Asbury Park, Vernon Valley, Leonia, some Soprano spots and more - he is very funny and I thought of you the entire time. If you didn't catch it, I have it on my DVR and can probably tape it for you.

Suzanne - Can't wait to hear about Nantucket!

I am slowly on the mend - very slowly - I am so tired of not being able to do some very basic things. I try to rest as much as possible with hopes that it will allow the muscle/cartlidge to heal faster - but I am sooooo bored. I have resorted to doing the daily crossword puzzles when I get home from work.

Have a great weekend. If anyone is looking for someone to do laundry with. I will be here on Sunday LOL.

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((((((((((((HUGS, RAEANNE))))))))))))))))

Feel better!

Marci~ Glad you had a good bday!

Off to Cali! See you next Friday!

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Just peeking in real quick to say Happy (belated) Birthday, Marci! I hope that you celebrate all week long. I'll have to come back later to read everyone's posts!


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Hi all!

Marci, I'm so glad you liked your gifts. :):) I've had that quilt forever, and figured that one day I'd think of something to do with it--make gifts for people that I love.

Raeanne--sweetie, owie! I hope you get to feeling better!

BJ--safe trip, my friend! :)

Well, I got an answer to a pr@yer today. We're tried to get into the Fair to sell our stuff, and the contract came today--which is scary b/c the fair starts this coming Thurs, the 18th and runs until the 28th. 8am to 10:30pm, everyday. Everyone, please send pr@yers, good vibes, and **lots*** o' booze my way! It's just the 2 of us running this thing, and I shudder to think of what I'll be like on the 29th! LOL



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BJ "sighting" !!

I got a call from BJ today! She was on her way to an exciting vacation spot of (wait for it.....) a MORTUARY!! Lol!

We are tentatively scheduled to meet up on Thursday. I am so excited! I was hoping that my son would drive down with me as BJ has her girls and they are roughly the same age. But : ( my DS leaves for a week at camp tomorrow morning.

BJ sounds just as strong and energetic as I imagined and I CAN'T WAIT TILL THURSDAY!!

More tomorrow, gotta pack this boy up for camp! (Gee, wonder what kind of trouble I can get into with a WHOLE week to myself???!!!)


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Boy, it's quiet around here without BJ to do laundry with LOL.

Actually I can't do laundry, or I should say I can't get it out of the washing machine. I can't stretch that far - I wonder how long I can use this excuse and get away with it hehehe.

Tikanis - give BJ a hug for me. I do believe that is an exciting destination for BJ LOL. I have a lot of faith in you, that you can get into all sorts of trouble with DS away LOL.

Maddie - you have to be careful of what you wish for LOL. I am sure it will be fine, nothing a few margarita's can't fix for you. I hope you have the most prosperous 10 days. Our office is doing a trade show this weekend for the first time and I feel that we are very underprepared and it's making me very anxious. I can see I have my work cut out for me this week.

Marci - is your garage sale this weekend? If so, I hope you sell everything.

It is a rainy day here, but I'm not complaining, it has been way too dry and everything is thirsty.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Hi Raeanne - Sorry, I am not doing laundry today. I am trying to recover from yesterday's garage sale. It was a major disappointment. We didn't get the crowds that we usually do and I blame the extreme heat. It was miserably hot and humid and I know that kept people away. We were actually giving stuff away at the end of the day, just so we didn't have to pack it back up. I only made $34.20! :~(
I usually make around $75 when I just have junk and more when I have big ticket items like furniture. Oh well, there is always next year.
Sorry to hear you still aren't feeling better. But I give you permission to drag out your "woe is me" plan of inaction as long as your DH will put up with it! LOL

Tikanas - I could get into a whole lot of trouble if I had a week to myself. But it would be a costly week! LOL On the other hand, I can think of some great things that don't cost too much money. Breakfast with a friend, long walks first thing in the AM, hours browsing in my favorite stores, no cooking, watching chick flicks, hours talking on the phone, just to name a few. Have fun and give BJ a great big hug from all of us.

Hope NHSuzanne is having a great time in Nantucket.

MagicKitty - Glad to hear you had a nice vacation too.

I bought a new desk chair today and it is SO comfortable. No wonder my b*tt fell asleep in that other thing! LOL I ordered a turntable for the TV and a chenille throw for the couch. I am still looking for an ottoman and an area rug but those will have to wait until I get back to work and start getting paychecks again! lol
Once the desk and hutch get here, I can decide what I want to put on the walls. I will post a picture when it is all done. I like the feeling that this is my space. I guess some good came of DS moving out.

Better go find something for dinner.

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Tikanas - I found something for dinner. It was your Zucchini Lasagna. I forgot to tell you that I made it this week. It was great. Thanks again for the recipe.

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