Sanyo 27' DS27890 High PItched Whine

hashdhNovember 6, 2006

Recently I was re-arranging my home theatre components, when my aging TV took a trip to the floor from 3 feet. I was amazed that it didn't shatter on impact, as was further amazed when the tv still worked when I plugged in it.

However, it whines, BADLY. It alqyas had a somewhat annoying high pitched whine to it, but after the fall, its now driving me up the wall. I literally can't stand watching it for more than 20 mins before my head hurts so much I have to turn it off.

Theres a few ghetto methods I've been using to help (for some reason pushing a pop bottle cap under the A/V jacks makes most of the whine go away for a short time) but I'd really like to just fix this thing once and for all.

It's an older TV so calling a repairman would be spending more money than the TV is worth. Any help would be appreciated.

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