open stock flatware?

pdg777February 26, 2007

Does anyone have a source for openstock flatware? I'm specifically looking to purchase extra dessert/salad forks. thanks for any help!

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What brand? Some brands have outlet stores...Dansk, Oneida. You can also get these at and

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Thanks, Sudie for the sources. What I am looking to have is enough salad/dessert forks (probably 24-36) for serving when the setting is sort of buffet-style with heavy appetizers, but I don't want to use paper/plastic ware.

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If you're not fussy about the pattern, you might check Big Lots, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, etc. I've sometimes seen flatware there in boxes of just forks, just spoons, etc. You might check my favorite source, garage sales or Salvation Army and other thrift stores. Often you can find things like that. I sold 3 dozen iced teaspoons at a g-sale once.

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You might make a trip to a restaurant supply store if you are looking to purchase a large amount of flatware for parties. Prices are much better than retail and you can buy large amounts of the same patterns.

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Depends on the quality you want....I find Sterling rather inexpensivly on ebay. I have 18 Salads in my "wedding" pattern, 12 in a different pattern and 15 in a third pattern. I also can put out easily 50 dinner forks in assorted patterns. Over the years I have saved lots of $$ by not buying throw away junk....and the silver has only appreciated in value.

Here is a link that might be useful: sterling salad forks

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my sister always entertained and used mixed patterns as mention...the problem is not getting stuck with that diner quality flatware (as many supply places offer)

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I bought my forks for a buffet from Target. They have a stainless
in a 6 pack for about 4.99 I believe. They also have knives & spoons of course...I just needed forks.

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I just re checked my link to "inexpensive" silver forks! LOL!...Turns out they weren't very inexpensive by the end of the auction! LOL!
But trust me...there are sterling forks to be had for less than $5 each!
Linda C

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