Underfloor radiant heating and electric baseboards

snorkyllerDecember 3, 2009

I have an underfloor radiant heating system and some electric baseboards in each room.

I wonder how I should balance these two systems to get the more economic results.

Should I try to heat with the underfloor system as much as possible and use the electric baseboards only if necessary? Or should I use both equally?

Thank you

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What is the source of heat for the underfloor system?


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Since they are both electric, maybe it does not make a whole lot of difference.

The electric baseboard is going to be nearly 100% efficient. The radiant floor heat may have some heat losses to whatever is underneath the floor, so it may not be as efficient.


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All electric heaters use the same amount of energy to make heat. However, many people find that radiant floor heat "feels" warmer and allows them to set the temperature lower than they otherwise would.

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Hi Bill,
The study that Canada Mortgage did on whether people really set the temperature lower with radiant heat seems to say they don't -- see the attached link.

I guess to me it would make a lot of difference how well the slab is insulated underneath. It seems to me that adding radiant heating above a slab that is not insulated well underneath could be a real heat sink.


Here is a link that might be useful: Radiant floor heating

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