church potluck

mraz2February 8, 2009

We have many functions at our church and need a idea for

the cutlery tray for the buffet table.....we have been using just a basket,none of the trays I find are large enough....any ideas would be appreciated...

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At our church, we put the cutlery on each table. That way you save room on the serving table and eliminate the annoyance of having to run back for a spoon.
We use paper placemats and put a knife, fork, spoon and napkin at each place. But you could use a basket of cutlery and napkins on each table.
Linda C

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Thank you Linda, I like the idea at the end of each table,
we have tried wrapping them but sometimes we are pressed for time ......

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Something just occurred to me while reading this. Do you have youth groups or any other groups who need service hours or just want to help in some way who could wrap the cutlery and store it for future events? We've done this at our church. Youth groups may spend just 15-30 min once a month. It's helpful at potlucks, funeral dinners etc.

I did it one afternoon for a church event. A group of us sat in the church hall, drank our coffee, soda or tea, chatted and wrapped so much we didn't use it all. Great fellowship there too.

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