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nhsuzanneAugust 31, 2009

Good Monday all! (if there is such a thing!!)

I hope everyone had a good weekend and I hope we hear from BJ and Besh soon. I am thinking of you both!

Everyone else - how was your weekend?

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Well, I worked about 18-19 hours over the weekend, and still have not put a dent in what I need finished before I leave on Thursday. Had a talk with my group, and they have assured me they will put in the overtime needed to get the job done before I return. Feeling better about that, even tho it will cost a ton in overtime. They deserve it!

[[[[[[[[[[[[BESH & BJ]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Praying that this week is easier for both of you.

Check in and Make Today Count!

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Good morning!

Besh, and BJ, ditto what Dee said!

Well, guys, I made it to losing 50 pounds! Actually, if anyone's counting, 51.2 pounds! I still want to lose a little more, and firm up what's left, but this was my big goal. I'm so happy! Thanks for listening to me and all of my struggles - I had to come here to celebrate and share with y'all.

Hope everyone else is off to a good week. I'm getting ready to watch the US Open (tennis.) The Britton boy is from Mississippi and is playing against Roger Federer. He got in on a wild card (he's only 18, I think!) and just turned pro during Wimbledon. It could be a blowout, but what a thrilling experience for him and his family.


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Congrats to you Jan!! What a milestone. You should be very proud.

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Doing a happy dance for Jan!

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Good afternoon! It's actually kind of nice weather here today - only 86 F.!

Suzanne, thanks for getting us started today. I didn't touch my computer the whole weekend, so I've been busy catching up on everything and just now getting the chance to post.

Besh, for whatever is going on in your life, this (((hug))) is for you - ((((((((Besh))))))) I hope that time has helped you with it somewhat.

BJ, hope things have formed a workable pattern in your home with your in-laws. Just chant the 'serenity prayer' instead of speaking your mind. Come here to do that! LOL

Dee, good luck with your workload.

Jan, I'm so happy for you! Wish I could claim the same, but keep trying to inspire me, please!

I had a wonderful time with my son and DDIL this weekend. They didn't work me hard at all - mostly just let me 'supervise' and enjoy their company. My son did cook wonderfully, fairly healthy food, and we shopped a lot, which was lots of fun. They gave me a lovely Vera Bradley Day planner for 2010/2011 (feels odd typing those dates!). DDIL bought herself one identical to the one she chose for me. Love that girl!

My friend Susanne's newest grandchild came several weeks early just after she arrived at their house from dropping me off Friday night, so she had a wonderful weekend, too. We had a great trip home discussing all our beautiful grandchildren.

My xh contacted me today because he has filed for SS and wanted me to know that I will be contacted by the SSA. Whatever!

Wishing everyone a good Monday evening!

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((BJ)) and ((Besh)) continued good thoughts, lights and prayers your way.

Dee, you have a great team!!

Suzanne, thanks for starting us off.

Milkdud, you sound like you had a wonderful weekend, good for you!

Jan, I am so proud of you and so INSPIRED by you. I need to lose 50 lbs - to me that's a bit overwhelming but I know I can do it, just have to get my head wrapped around it. I know so many struggled with weight for years but until about 5 years ago I never had a weight problem.....was always skinny as a kid and perfect weight as an adult. Suddenly I filled out :-) Life changes huh??? Congratulations!!!! Hope your Britton boy does well.

Hi to all - hope we all have a great week.

Take care - check in - be safe.


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Rabbit! Rabbit! It's already September! Wow!

Can't believe I'm still up, but I am hooked on BBAD tonight! LOL

See y'all tomorrow!

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Good morning!

Thanks to everybody for sharing in my happy moment. It means a lot.

Donna, I know what you mean. I didn't have a weight problem until I entered my 40's. Even then, it wasn't bad, just gradual. THEN came the 50's, menopause, stress from family illness and Katrina, and my weight just went off the charts! I know I gave up. It took me a very long time to get my head on straight. In my extreme denial, I seriously had myself convinced that I could never lose the weight again, given my age, and having so much to lose.

I most likely was/am so much bigger than most, if not all of you. To keep myself out of denial, I am going to share it all now. Yesterday I said I had a little more to lose. Actually, I have 21 more pounds to lose, for my personal goal. I started out at 221.8 pounds in January, now weigh 171, and want to be at 150. (Also, they didn't add correctly yesterday - I've only lost 50.8 pounds, not 51.2.) I am 5'6", so 150 is at the heavier end of normal, but at my age, a reasonable weight. So, that's the "rest of the story."

Re: yesterday's US Open Tennis, Devin Britton was beaten soundly by Roger Federer, but he had a few moments of brilliance and will definitely be a player to reckon with in the future. I imagine the experience of playing with probably the best tennis player in history was worth every second.

Better get my walking shoes on. Looks like I've rambled again. Have a great day, everybody!

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Rabbit, rabbit! Already September.........

Jan, you are an inspiration to all of us!

Donna, has your remodeling project started yet?

Milkdud, what is BBAD??

The weather has turned so nice I have been able to ride in the evenings after work with no bugs!! Last night a friend of mine and I got back from a ride and we were in the new pasture down below the barn just talking while the girls had some grass. All of a sudden Sweet Pea started bucking like a bronco! She had obviously been stung by something and in a moment it was clearly bees. The poor girl pulled herself together long enough for me to get down safely. I felt so terrible for her. She is such a testament to the Morgan horses sensible way. Some horses would have run through your hands and taken off like a cannon. I love her so. I think we got into a ground nest of bees and this is just the time of year for it. It was too cold this morning to go down and check. It's amazing that I didn't get thrown and hurt...thanks to Sweet Pea. Casey got stung a couple of times too but I was too busy to pay attention! LOL

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nhsuzanne, thanks! Glad your Sweet Pea watched out for you - bless her heart - that had to hurt!

I was going to ask the same thing re: BBAD? I am clueless on so many things!

We are actually having a little coolness here, too, which is such a nice change. I know it's only temporary, but am enjoying it while we can. Might be planting some elephant ears my neighbor gave me this morning.

Take care.

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Good morning, ladies! Another mild day here, so I'm loving it!

BBAD is Big Brother After Dark which comes on at 11 CST on Showtime TOO. You get to watch 3 hours of live coverage. I never make it longer than an hour before heading for bed. It's real time coverage instead of edited, so it's sometimes interesting. I read at Two Peas board, and so many of them pay for and watch the live feeds, so I read that at times, and if it sounds like the live show will be good, I'll peek in.

Today, I have my Red Hat luncheon at one of our Mexican restaurants. It's always fun with that lovely group of ladies. I need to do a little Wal-mart shopping afterwards.

Suzanne, that must have been startling for you and your horses to have them suffer bee stings. Hope they're doing well today.

Hi, Donna!

No cooking tonight as hubby and I are dining out. Wishing everyone a great day!

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Hey milkdud, I'm a BB fan too. So mad at Jeff lately.

Happy Tuesday to all; still have a ton of work to get thru, but vacation looms on the horizon.

Sending out best wishes to [[[[[[[[[BESH]]]]]]]]

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Hi all!

(((((hugs))))) and smootchies to Beege & Beth. Ya know we love you both!

Jan! Congratualtions!!! How awesome! :)

Suzanne, I was thinking of you this past week as the
World Championship Horse Show was at the KY State fair. Man, oh man---those saddlebreds are soooo beautiful. And, the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games will here held here at the KY Horse Park in September. That looks to be an incredible event; they are expecting to sell 600,000 tickets. I'd love to see the driving class and the dressage class. :)

Things are OK here, I have some homework that I'm procrastinating with, but other that that, everything is smooth. I have a chance to go to Myrtle Beach (SC) this weekend, but am waivering.

Hope all is well!



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Hey! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood here. Only 85 F. again and sunny.

Heaven gained a new angel last night when my friend Renee' passed on from ovarian cancer. I've been weepy since learning of it an hour ago. She was such a fighter, but pain and the cancer beat up her body, and now she is free from all that.

Maddie, it's so good hearing from you. Stay well and safe, my friend.

Wonderful Wednesday wishes for everyone!

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milkdud, I'm so sorry for your loss of your dear friend.

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Milkdud, so sorry for the loss of your friend. She was lucky to have you in her lifetime that is for sure! xxxooo

Maddie, I want to got to those games in 2010 and I have no idea how I would manage it. I am just dying to go! You have some mighty fine events down there. The National Drive is another one I am going to get to someday. I mean me and Miss Pea of course!

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(((Milkdud))) - I too lost a dear friend to cancer this past year. I know what you are feeling and I am sorry that you have to go through the pain of losing someone close to you.

JAN - WTG!! Can't imagine how you must be feeling. Just think of the health benefits you have gained along with that magic number 50!!

Preschool stuff is calling my name - I'll check in later.


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Happy hump day!

((Milkdud)) I am so very sorry about the loss of your friend. Hugs and prayers to you.

Maddie, good to see you posting! Continued good thoughts and prayers head your way.

Continued good thoughts prayers for BJ and Besh also.

Someone asked about my remodel - today I got a tentative commitment from the bank for the new loan!! The sticky wicket is the real estate appraiser - he is tough to pin down. I live at the Jersey shore and he is in Bucks County, PA (west of Philly), an easy 1.5 to 2 hour run from here depending on his location there. He called me 2 weeks ago on a rainy Friday at 4:00 and left a message he wanted to come between 6-7 that evening. No good....I had plans. He left a message at 5:00 pm last night and wanted to come this morning between 10-11...hello, we work. Gave him a direct dial # at work and suggested Saturday AM as he has a place down here..said he wasn't sure he would be down but would let me know. Come on, a 3 day weekend with nice weather predicted why wouldn't he head to the shore?? My mortgage rep says they have had trouble with this guy before. I suggested there has to be someone else they use between Bucks County and the coast. We have to see...once he's done it looks like we're good to go!!

Oh well, that's my rant for today. Hi and hugs to all. Have a great evening and stay safe.


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Good Thursday all,

I hope everyone is doing well today.

QOD: What are you doing for the Labor Day weekend?

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Good morning. I can't believe it is already Thursday - fast week!

We are going to a neighbor's for barbecue and drinks on Saturday. On Sunday we will be watching husband's alma mater, Ole Miss, play Memphis. They are supposed to be really good this year, so should win, but Memphis always likes to upset teams.

It has been so beautiful this week - cool mornings, sunshine, but clouds are moving in, just in time for the weekend. As long as Ericka?(tropical storm) stays away and doesn't bother any of us, we'll be fine.

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Happy Friday!

I guess everyone has started their weekend early!! I am checking in to say hi and hope everyone has a great weekend. Be safe.

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Hi NHSUZANNE!!!!!! I'm finally here!

I am printing and reading the thread to catch up!

In-laws are STILL living at my house! It's getting easier...thanks to YOU ALL and you advice!

I'm escaping to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning and then to the pet shelter to help train the unruly dogs---my usual things on Saturday mornings.

My 13 yr old DD has talked me into walking every morning, starting on Monday. She'll run the gravel pit mile a few times and I'll walk it. In this town, they made a path around the top edge of the gravel pit---it is exactly one mile. I just gotta start getting some exercise and I'm not motivated enough to do it myself. My weight's been on the rise again since the in-laws moved in, so I have to do SOMETHING! Stress eating is a drag!

Okay, I'll read and be back later!


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Hi All,

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful long weekend!

Thanks for the support. I am ok. I just had a lot of things that happened the week before last, compounded with alot of illness and death over the course of the summer. The tragedy, was a huge one, but not something I am comfortable posting here. I know you all understand. But thanks for your hugs and well wishes. They never go unnoticed. (((HUGS))) back to you all.

I am a little out of the loop as to what is going on here, but please know that I think of you all and hopefully all of the negatives are behind me now and I am moving forward and will be here more often.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!! Lobsta today!


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Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!

I want to thank everyone for the kind words about the death of my friend Renee'. It's always hard to lose a friend, even a cybernet one, because friends are such a precious gift.

(((Besh))), hoping you feel more peaceful about what you've gone through this summer.

I've had a houseful of kids and dogs this weekend. My 2 sons, their wives, and our 2 DGDs - plus their 3 dogs and my Lucky dog! Controlled chaos reigns here! LOL At least my sons are cooking wonderful food to keep us happy and stuffed. :)

BJ, you're earning stars in your crown for all the tolerance you're showing!

Jan, let's keep praying that hurricanes just pass us by this year! I'd much rather pay all the high hurricane-related insurance premiums than endure another one of those.

Suzanne, your rub has now officially won over my 2 sons. I will have to order some from you for their Christmas stockings.

If you have a thought to spare today, please send a comforting one for Rob, Renee's husband. His company is leaving today, and he'll be alone for the first time to face the start of his new life without his true love.

Have a sensational Sunday and be good to yourselves!

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We're watching the Ole Miss-Memphis game - Ole Miss should be playing better, but at least they are winning.

Besh, I hope each day gets easier for you and you see brighter days ahead. If there's anyway we can help you, please let us know. On a side note, your "lobsta" sounds good!

milkdud, I totally agree about the hurricanes. Gosh, if we can just get through September, I'll breathe a little easier! October can be bad, but August and September seem to be the cruelest.

Yesterday at our neighbors' party, we met the most fascinating couple. They are Korean - he's a neurosurgeon, a little older than us. He shared with us stories of his family and growing up during the Korean war. His sister and brother were kidnapped and killed during the conflict. We could have listened to him for days, so interesting and so intelligent, yet so humble. He talked of first coming to America, and how wonderful it was. Sometimes we have to be reminded how good we have it.

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