Homeowner's Insurance for Earth Berm Home

cathycdkDecember 19, 2006


I tried to get a quote from my current insurance company for an earth berm home we are considering buying. My current company told me that they can't insure that type of home, but couldn't tell me why. Is their difficulty finding a company that will insure an earth berm home? Or maybe this is just a fluke with the company that I currently use. What could be the reason?

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Many moons ago I looked into earth-bermed homes . . . and ran into the same thing . . . and not from just one place. It's "unconventional" and there is a relatively small "database" from which to generate loss rates. And; intuitively it seems as though the risk to total loss is higher than with structures that are above ground; in terms of flooding / any other water-type damage; and in this day and age => lets not forget about mold(s) too.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money; not being a bunch of nice, reasonable folks. So, just like they won't touch a nuke plant insurance-wise because of the astronomical cost of an "event"; they also have no desire to insure unconventional structures.

20 years ago; I bought a log home => my "major" / natinally known insurance company point blank told me they wouldn't insure it, period; because of "unconventional" construction. This was the day before the closing. If a log home ( which many of our ancestors probably lived in ) is unconventional; then earth-bermed homes are out of this world to them.

I applaud your desire to own one; when properly done they've got a LOT of advantages; and DON'T have to be "caves". If improperly done; they can be a nightmare. However; you will likely encounter more and more resistance as you look further for insurance with various other companies. Perhaps ( as I ended up doing ) you can use the same company that presently insures it now . . .

Good luck . . . .


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