Ideas for Displaying Photos?

suziequeFebruary 23, 2003

Hi - - We're having a 100th anniversary party for our church. There are lots of photos that we want to display, and are thinking of the tri-fold, stand-up poster boards, but are wondering if there are other interesting ways to do so.

Can't be terribly time-intensive or complicated - we're all pretty stressed on time and other limitations, but somehow just a whole bunch of tri-fold poster boards seems underwhelming.

Any cool thoughts?

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Nothing cooler than the poster boards...without being labor intensive.
But.....don't forget the bi-focal crowd. I went to a reunion where photos were displayed...all about 5 feet up and higher. Several of us about broke our necks trying to look through our bi-focals at the pictures.
Linda C

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Good thought, Linda C. That hadn't occurred to me, and yes, many of our congregation wear bi-focals.


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Perhaps you could make the photo boards in the shape of your church-using seam binding to divide the different areas (steeple, doorways, windows)..then insert a group of pics in each section. Also-use colored boards & title each one a different room or area of the church-like "Altar", Nursery, Sunday School room #1, Kitchen, Foyer, Steeple,etc & place pics in each area.

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String pretty ribbons across the walls and attach the photos to the ribbons.

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