What Can I Do With Ugly TV Cable Cord

trish-growNovember 11, 2007

Dish TV installed in one of our bedrooms where the outlet for the Tv was half way around the room from where we wanted the TV. Now I have this ugly cord running around the edge of the bedroom floor from the TV outlet on the wall to my Tv. How can I hide it or what are my options? They said they could not install a new outlet (where the TV is ) becasue it would be on a outside wall of the house.

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Go get some kind of wire molding to hide the cable behind. Available at most home improvement stores Home Depot and Lowe's.

Here is a link that might be useful: Like this.

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Thank you for the site. It is a new home with moulding at the baseboards so I guess I am thinking I would be better off with cable TV than Dish TV. Would I still have cables running around the room?

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Everything about Dish is bad except for DVR with two TVs.

DVR with two TVs is very, very good.

Unless you want DVR with two TVs go to Direct or cable or the local casino bar.

(OP writes of Dish installation problem. Many of us have had the same problem mention in OP -- and worse.)

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The fact that the wall is an outside wall should have nothing to do with it. Whoever told you this is probably just too lazy to deal with snaking the line through with insulation. I'd bet if it were their home the line wouldn't be a tripping hazard lying across the floor of the room.

Do you have an attic above this room? A basement below the room?

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