question about my wood burning stove

eggboDecember 15, 2008

we just bought a farm house with a wood burning stove. It is very large stove, not sure of the brand but looks fairly new. When we go to bed at night or go to work during the day, we are losing alot of heat. After starting fire and having it burn for 30 minutes or so, should i close the damper or dontinue to leave it open? It does not have a middle ground. Also, i am not sure if it has a catalytic converter as everyone mentions that. Any advise to get maximum heat while we sleep or at work is helpful.

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Looks like you might not get an answer here -- you might try posting the same question on the forum at -- lots of wood burners there that I'm sure will have some good advice.


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Thats a tough one. Some stoves have separate controls for the damper, plus another air flow control. On our stove you can adjust the damper to have the wood burn at a rate you desire. Obviously too low, and you are building creosote, so I'd probably err on the side of just leaving it open. Will burn quicker, but if that's the only option....

Maybe you can figure out who makes the stove, find them on the internet and email them? Or call the local woodstove retailers, some real experts.

Ours won't last the night, either. I'm used to getting up, throwing on a big sweatjacket and starting the fire up again. Still not nearly as bad as the pioneers had it. (Thats just to keep us in the right frame of mind)

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