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Tikanas2August 7, 2006

Wake up! The coffee is on!

QOD: What's your favorite thing about Mondays? Dig deep now.... : )


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QOD - I think of Monday's as an opportunity for new beginnings. Both DD's were born on Mondays.

Find out what day you were born on from the link below.

I am Wednesday full of WOE LOL.

Here is a link that might be useful: Day you were born

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Good morning!

I have to agree with Raeanne's comment about Mondays being a new start. "I'll start my diet, exercise program, etc., on Monday."

And, Raeanne, both my sons were born on a Monday! My firstborn grandchild and I are Sunday's children.

I can now say that I'm back on the right track. I woke up last Friday morning and just decided to buck the Monday start-day and just go for it. So far, so good! I'm one of those quirky people that just has to do it when I'm ready, not when the seams are splitting or comments are floating around. LOL

Hope John's camping trip was a good one. Everyone take care and have a good day!

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Happy Monday!

Tikanas, my first day back to work after a week off I will certainly have to dig very, very deep for this one. I have to agree with Raeanne and Milkdud -it's a chance for a new beginning.

I am Sunday's child (I was born on Easter Sunday).

I will have to catch up from last week - won't be MIA this week!


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Tuesday's child here---full of bull----er, ahem---GRACE!

QOD: Mondays: I dread them but I also love them! A new start, like Raeanne easy day to make phone calls and get appointments on the calendar and then feel productive! A day to that calls a HALT to weekend indulgences.

What would our bodies look like without Mondays?


---Not to mention logging on to thsi site and reconnecting with all my sistahs and my next-to-my-favorite brother!

:) Back to writing until my hand falls off.

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I still havent gone camping yet ;) Im leaving the 18th and am back on the 22nd or 23rd. Hmm are you all trying to get me out of here for something? I will probably come back and all the curtains will be pink and the hand soap will smell like flowers!

I was born on a Saturday at 3 am, probably why im such a night owl who lives for the weekends!

Mondays are my tired days, I work Sunday night with only usually a small nap, so when I get home im pretty beat and get to sleep early. Though I dont mind mondays. I never cared too much for Sunday nights, they always seem like a downer, probably because its the last chance to have fun before the week starts!

So my favorite thing about Mondays? Probably that I have low expectations for monday mornings. So there is no guilt for coming home, watching some tube and then going to bed early.

I hope everyone has a good week! be good Im still here watching !!!!


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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! John! You scared the heck outta me! Glad I didn't buy the airline ticket to break into your place and redecorate! However, I was going to re-do it in these cute, CUTE kitty-print fabrics ---accented with airplanes.

And I was gonna get rid of that ickky bar soap and replace it with some nice, fresh shower gel - in---how'd you guess? PINK!

We'll be gone from here at the same time...but I'll be in WILD and crazy Alaska, cruising the roads in my rental, playing my 80's music CDs. Don't forget to pack your bug juice!

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QOD: I like to take short vacations on a Monday to extend the weekends and finish up on my good intentions. Actually, I was on vacation yesterday and took my niece with me for pedicure and manicure. We went to a new place not far from where I live and I must say that the gal did the best pedicure I've ever had. I'm actually showing my toes in the office today!

Raeanne, I was born on a Sunday, but I'm not gay ("Not that there's anything WRONG with that!") -- But the Child that is born on the Sabbath Day, Is witty and wise and good and gay! Thanks for the site.

Not much to say this week....eating is horrific with vacation on and off. (I'm working today and Thursday while my niece is entertained by her step-cousins). My intentions were good, as my fridge is full of fresh fruit and yogurt, but we went out for Tex Mex last all know the rest.

Had my first mojito cubanos on Saturday night at a Bahama Breezes restaurant after the Van Morrison concert. I'm in love! hahahahahahahahahaha

Gotta run... back later

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Hey Dee - it's a marvelous night for a moondance.... How was Van Morrison - I saw him a few years ago and he sounded great. LOL to your QOD response!!!

Hope everyone is doing well today.

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Hi everyone!

Still writing, but checking in to connect to the REAL world! Friday is my last day of school until fall quarter!!!!!!!!

DH said last night that he think the teens are being too lazy this summer. My 18 year old is working like crazy, so comes home and eats, sleeps, and does a little internet cruising. My 15 y.o. did pilot ground school, flies once a week, and now is hanging out with her friends alot, savoring the last bits of summer. She stays up late with the friends (here-since she has to in by 11, but her friends can come here after that) and sleeps in.

DH says he worked for his dad and got exercise surfing (CA boy) when he was 15, so he thinks they both should be doing A LOT more. When I was 15, I had summer work as a babysitter and hung out with friends. I think they're being normal teens---but he is p!ssed about how they are spending summer and wants to sit down, get them volunteering, and impose a curfew and bedtime for them...with 3 weeks left of summer....

QOD: What did you all do when you were teens---in the summer? And for those that had kids, what did your kids do?

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QOD - I had some steady babysitting jobs, but I also did a lot of hanging out with my friends. I swam a lot and walked to my friends houses (to pocket the train/bus fare LOL). My girls were both very different, my oldest got her first job when she was 14 as a chambermaid. She can't sit still so she was off doing something all the time, swimming, hiking, rollerblading, camping, etc. DD#2 got her first job when she was 17, when she was 16 she attended college for the summer. She was content to stay home and read, sew, do crafts or watch the boob tube - she actually liked hanging out with her family LOL.

BJ - myself and DH often disagreed on what the girls should or shouldn't be doing when they were teens. I don't blame them for savouring what is left of their summer - it goes way too quickly and they have a lifetime of work ahead of them. Your kids are definitely normal teens. IMHO today's kids are faced with a lot more pressure during the school year then when we did at their age.

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QOD: I was not able to work until I was driving...17. I started babysitting from the time I was 13, but it had to be in the neighborhood within walking distance as we had no family car when I was growing up. During summers I would hang out with the gang from our dead-end street and play games all day long (after chores both inside and outside in the yard). With my allowance, I would save up to take the bus to the library where I would borrow as many books as they would lend me (and I could hold on the bus and during the 1/2 mile walk home from the bustop!). In my spare time, I read everything and anything I could get my hands on.

I agree with Raeanne that there is lots of pressure on the kids of parents who 'care'.

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QOD: I started babysitting when I was 12. From then on I has a LOT of regular work esp. during the summer when I was in charge of kids from 2 families. I made .75 an hour for each family x more than 8 hours a day. I thought I was rich!! Lol!

My DS works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for a grocery store. Sometimes they need extra help on his days off and he will work then, too. He has to be at work at 5:00 am, likes to stay up late, and is exhausted when he comes home. He usually naps, eats and surfs the net after music practice. Phone time with the girlfriend eats up a lot of time too....

DeeMarie, It IS a marvelous night for a moon dance! I hope you had a wonderful time! I love Van Morrison. I'll bet your toes feel Mahhvelous dahling.

Donna, How was your first day back?

Milkdud, I'm glad that you are back on track. How is your knee?

John, I thought you'd left already! I think you should really watch your back. That Bj might do an EXTREME makeover on your place while you are gone. Perhaps you could get a large "gaurd cat"? rofl!!

Bj, Alaska sounds exciting. Say, what degree are you working towards in school? I am glad you'll be getting a break. Any idea when you'll be coming down here?

Best run, back in the morning!


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Well! First one up again??

Check in everybody. NH Suzanne, Besh, Marci, Maddie?? And WHERE is Patti?

It's over the hump day. What are y'all up to?


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Hi Guys!

It RAINING here---finally! The weather has dried everything out this summer, so I'm sure people are happy about the rain, but the roads are going to be SLICK!

Tikanas: I am working on a Mortuary Science and and Airport Management degree. Hence all the social science classes combined with meteorology classes. It sort of a wierd combo, but I'm covering my bases for options once I move to the island.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

Thanks for the input on teen life! If anyone else wants to chime in, please do! I am really interetsing in getting a large sampling of responses bacause now I'm just plain curious about this.

WHERE ARE ALL THE SS-ers? CHECK IN and let us know what you're eating and doing.

One of my GFs went away for a couple of weeks and left me her subscription to her fruit and vegetable delivery, so I am going to pick up her weekly box from the farm today. I'm so excited! (you can see what a life I lead when a box of farm-fresh veggies and fruit excites me THAT much...) But, anyway, I will need help figuring out recipes for all the stuff, I'm sure. So, maybe we can shake up our menus by exchanging some recipe ideas!

Back later...

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Happy Wednesday - hump day!

Tikanas, it almost feels like I was never off. The craziness continues.

Raeanne - So far I am enjoying Curves. I think, for me at this time it is perfect. It is also turning into a pleasant social hour for me - I am seeing people I haven't seen in a while and am enjoying catching up while exercising.

QOD: I babysat for as long as I can remember. My first "real" job was a switchboard operator at a chain hotel in Atlantic City. It was a real old fashioned board where you had to plug in to answer and/or dial. I enjoyed it and really enjoyed getting a check every week!

Gotta run and write some checks to pay some bills..will catch up later.


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Hi everyone!

BJ~ this long post is for you....LOL

QOD I started out mowing lawns and cleaning pools when I was 9 or 10, started babysitting when I was 11. When I was old enough to get a work permit I helped in the pro shop at a golf course on weekends, worked in a dinky diner (the old fashioned ones that kind of look like a train car and yes that was the name) after school and spent summers as a lifeguard .

This is just my opinion but I think it is important for kids to be busy during the summer, but that doesn't mean working there b**ts off. I think there has to be a nice balance of work, social activities and community service if possible. DS started mowing lawns in town the summer he was 9 or 10 and worked with DH at our apartment buildings and rental houses, but there were swimming lessons, 4-H and 4-H day camp and sports camps to participate in and balance things out. When he was old enough to get a work permit, he worked for a friend doing landscaping, and with DH when he was needed, but he was still involved with 4-H, sports camps and golfed on a teen league. His junior and senior year of HS he was an assistant counselor at a boys camp, volunteered his time to help with the 4-H Fair and with different school sponsored sports camps and activities.I would like to think that DH and I have instilled in DS a dedicated work ethic, along with a desire to help others and the importance of having fun while living life to it's fullest. Last fall DS and a few of his friends took a leave of absense from there jobs to go down to Mississippi and Louisiana for several months to help the hurricane victims so I think DH and I must have done something right.


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Just checking in to say hello and see how everyone is. This has been a very busy week at work and at home.

I have been riding early mornings in this lovely cool, dry weather and have had some fabulous riding because the girls have so much good energy in the cool. My little donkey, Tillie is doing much better and really enjoying our 45 degree mornings.

I am off to Nantucket tomorrow morning for my annual trip to Never Never Land on the big boat. I am really looking forward to it as there is nothing to do but relax and the most important thing I have to do is dress for dinner!!

QOD: I worked babysitting since I was 12-13. I also had a side business ironing shirts for .50 each! My mom taught me how to iron them and seemed like I did it for the whole neighborhood! When I was 14 I lied about my age and got a job in a hamburger joint. Ah youth.

I hope to stop back here today to see what everyone is up to but if I don't have a great weekend all.

Zig, I thought of you this morning as the two fawns were out. They are growing but still have lots of spots. Love, love, love it.

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I wish I could make a beautiful presentation for your birthday but this will have to do. Wishing you a wonderful day and year and may I speak for all of us in saying you are a beautiful lady who helps keep us all together.

Treat yourself royaly today. We love you!

Okay, Maddie and Dee, we need you to sing and we will all join in.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCI!!! We couldn't ask for a better SS sister than you. You are our official decorator around here and always brighten things up even when you don't post an image. I hope today is filled with only the best of wishes and surprises as that is what you deserve. LOVE YA!

Suzanne - have a great trip, kick back and relax!

Donna - I am glad Curves is working out for you. Hope you "feel" the results soon.

I have to get ready for work, but wanted to wish Marci a Happy Birthday before it got too late.

Enjoy your day!

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Checking in real quick to wish Marci the very Happiest of Birthdays!

Marci, I hope that your whole birthday weekend is filled with fun and enjoyment! Happy Birthday!!



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Happy birthday, Marci!
(If I knew how to do gifs, you'd have one here!)

Have a great day and take care. I'm off to cool off from shopping and fix a bite of lunch.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCI!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it the best ever!!!

Love, Besh

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Hi, I'm back.

I have been MIA due to the wedding planning and bringing DH to Dr. appointments. I think I told you about his thyroid. After the CT scan we were told that everything looked ok, probably a goiter, but they wanted to do an ultrasound. We got a phone call from his Dr. saying come in so we could review his options. The ultrasound showed a huge mass in his thyroid, a nodule, but very large and it could start obstructing things. They also can not rule out cancer because of some other findings. He is having a biopsy in two weeks and then an appt. with a surgeon. Either way it has to come out. They just need to determine if part of his thryroid, or all of it will come out. Thyroid cancer is 100% curable so we feel good about the outcome. It has just been so upsetting and nervewracking.

We did go to the Jimmy Buffett concert last night. It helped to take our mind off of things. It downpoured in the middle of the concert and ofcourse we had lawn seats so just go wet. What are you going to do? We still had a blast and he never disappoints. He performed for over 3 hours. It was a great time.

QOD: My oldest DS started working when he was 15 for a Marina/Engine repair place. It lead to him going to school to because a certified marine technician and he is still currently employed by them. Prior to that he was always busy with scouts and band. He spent one summer coordinating and carrying out his Eagle project. He always seemed to keep busy. My youngest worked last summer when he was 14 for my brother's appliance business, but not this year (medical conditions forced DB not to work this summer). This summer he has been hanging out with his friends. He lifts weights and does power training for football conditioning. He has been starting to plan his Eagle project, but is basically dragging his feet and making me crazy. Next summer this boy will be working!

My oldest DS informed us that he has been offered a job in Virginia at a marina and probably will be moving there the beginning of October, just after the wedding. :-( I understand it is a good opportunity for him and he has a better chance of buying a home there than he does up here, but it brakes my heart. Nobody in my entire family has ever moved away. We all live within an hour of one another, so this is very hard for me.

Other than the Buffett concert last night, this week has basically s*cked!

Love, Besh

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Happy, happy birthday Marci! Have an absoutely wonderful day - you deserve it!


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Hi Marci!


I love your gifs, pictures, and funny Martha comics.

You are the spark that gets us started around here most weeks and you've been doing it A LONG TIME!!!!! We love the way you take the time to find a special something whenever we need a pick me up or when someone has a birthday. I know it is not easy to go through all the gifs and artwork and find something that fits perfectly, but YOU ALWAYS DO IT!

Setting up a picture site was so cool and then offering to post our pics on it...DOUBLE KEWL!

As well, I love when school gets going and you tell us about "your kids" and the funny things they do and say!

And you are an inspiration to me---staying trim and fit while making cookie after cookie is no small feat!

I hope you have a great birthday. You are such a sweet, kind, caring person---you deserve a massive celebration!

Love, Hugs, and Kisses, Sis!


PS: Eat cake today, will ya?

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Happy B-day Marc, I hope it was a great one for you! Thanks for all of your wonderful gifs you give us all year round!

Besh, sorry this has been a tough week for you :( I hope things get better soon. Couple of my friends also were at the concert and said it was a great show. I would like to go to it one of these years if I can get tickets, even if it was just to tailgate party! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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I'm sorry to hear that your experience in DH's testing isn't over yet. I can relate to how frustrating that is and how nerve-wracking it can be. But I am glad you are able to get him to his doc appointments and he is following up on his doc's medical advice. Some people just hide their head in the sand---I'm happy he's not doing that. Anyway, I'm thinking of you guys and hoping that your news is that he'll have a minimally invasive procedure done and everything will be back to good health in the shortest time possible. Relax (if you can) this weekend and recuperate from this stressful week, girl!


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Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had a really nice day yesterday. DD came home and we went shopping, got our nails done and went out to lunch. DH and I are going out to dinner one day next week and my girl friends took me out for breakfast last week. My parents always take my sister and I out for our birthdays and we are doing that one day next week too. So I have had some nice celebrations.

And I received a beautiful package in the mail from NHSuzanne. My birthstone is peridot, and a friend of hers made me a beautiful pair of peridot and green onyx earrings and she also sent a cool watch with a green band. I love them both and have worn the watch every day since I got it. I am saving the earrings for a special occasion.

DD, DH and I just finished walking around our housing plan for the annual garage sale. DD found lots of stuff for school. We are moving her furniture tomorrow, so she came home to find some good deals, since her apartment is unfurnished.

Now I have to get ready for my friend's son's wedding this afternoon. This is the wedding I baked for. In the end, we made up 42 cookie/candy trays! I can honestly say that I am sick of looking at cookies. And I can honestly say that I can easily pass up the cookie trays tonight.

Besh - I will keep your DS in my prayers and thoughts. Keep us posted.

Gotta run and hit the showers.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes.


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Sorry this took so long, but I could literally not get into the Diet Club for 3 days. I got into the Kitchen Table, but the system blocked me from this forum.

Hope your day and this week are wonderful.....just like you. Sounds like a lovely gift from Suzanne too!

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Belated birthday wishes Marci. I hope you enjoy all your celebrations!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Guys!

For those of you who don't have "the recipe!"


Posted by apollonia on Mon, Jan 20, 03 at 16:00

1 package (10-oz.) frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry
3 eggs
1 lb Monterey jack cheese, grated (or ½ Pepper Jack & ½ Monterey Jack)
1/2 onion, diced and sautéed in 1 T butter  optional*
Canadian Bacon, diced and sautéed with onions  optional*

Thaw spinach and drain thoroughly and squeeze dry. Add beaten eggs and cheese (*and sautéed onion and Canadian bacon if using).

Mix together.

Bake in greased 11x7" Pyrex baking dish at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or until lightly brown on top.

Let cool and cut into 16 squares for a great appetizer or into 6-8 pieces for a side vegetable or a quick breakfast.

Variation for lunch: Saute onions in butter first, and then add the spinach, eggs, nutmeg, 8-oz.feta cheese and 4-oz. grated Muenster. Bake for about 20 minutes. It's a really yummy variation of Spanikopita (w/o the phyllo).

***MarciÂs variation: I used ½ C chopped onions, 1-2 T butter, 6-oz.crumbled feta and 8 oz. grated Muenster and added 1/8th tsp. nutmeg. I then baked it for 30-35 minutes at 350*F.

Well, I am off to the beach with DH, the kids, and teen DD & her boyfriend (they've been dating 9 months--so he's kinda part of the family by now. It's a beautiful day on the island, sunny, clear skies, & enough breeze to keep the mosquitoes away. The kayakers were all over the little bay this morning!

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