Healthy packaged cold cuts?

joaniepoanieMarch 11, 2014

Or is there such a thing?

I have googled the subject and didn't get very far. I eat cold cuts almost every day for lunch and am looking for the best options. I typically buy the Hillshire Farms, Healthy Choice, etc. in the packaged section. Is there any brand in that section case better than another, or am I better off sticking to the actual deli counter? The only thing about getting from the deli counter is they get slimy and gross in just a few days. TIA

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I agree about the meats sliced at the deli counter, Joanie. I know that lunch meat in general is not the most healthful, but I do buy and eat it. Mainly Hillshire Farms thin sliced ham and chicken. I use the ham to make breakfast sandwiches or omelets during the week. I like a couple of the chicken slices rolled up to eat for lunch along with hummus and fresh veggies. I 'm bracing myself to hear the nasty details about how bad lunch meats really are, though ;~)

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I think the Boars Head brand is one of the healthier (if there is one) deli meats. I think they have lo-sodium, no nitrates/nitrites, etc.

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Look for Applegate farms. They have organic packaged lunchmeat and some that are not organic, but have better ingredients in their "natural" nitrates, etc. They are very tasty choices. If your market doesn't carry them, ask them to start. I'll bet other consumers are looking for healthier choices, too. I get them at my food co-op. They also have fabulous organic chicken sausages.

Scroll thru the products to the right...the organic choices are at the end.

Here is a link that might be useful: Applegate farms deli meat

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There are several brands that offer the nitrate free versions, which is what I use for all lunch meats as well as bacon and sausages. Applegate Farms as mentioned, Hormel, Oscar Mayer, Kroger has their own, Simple Truth, and I'm sure there are others. I've tried them all and don't necessarily have a go to favorite, usually I buy whichever is on sale that week. When I do play favorites it's usually the O Mayer b/c it's the thinest sliced.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I go to Trader Joes and get the sodium nitrate free cold cuts as it is considered a risk factor for heart disease.

Your alternative is to simply by organic chicken or turkey and cook it for yourself, slice and eat.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mayo clinic on sodium nitrate

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We get Boars Head at the deli counter, or pre-packaged I get Applegate Farms. Not every item is heart healthy, but every week for DH I buy the Ovengold Turkey.

We buy the Hormel nitrite-free bacon or else get it at the regional healthy food store chain.

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No fuss here, buy what's on sale and pig out.
At a Deli, you have the option to only buy 1/4 lb.

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Joanie, you could roast a chicken, turkey breast, beef roast, or ham, and have enough for several days. I haven't eaten lunch meat since I stopped working years ago, and used to take sandwiches. I know it's loaded with sodium and other things that aren't good for you~if you cook it yourself, you won't have those concerns.

Nutella, peanut butter, tunafish salad and egg salad are my healthy choice when i'm in the mood for a sandwich, but I prefer other things over sandwiches. My concerns are blood pressure and cholesterol.

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Like Pattycakes, I'm not big on sandwiches. I usually do salads, soups in colder weather, left-overs, etc. for lunch. I also love chicken/tuna/egg salad but on their on, or occasionally in a pita. Or perhaps you prefer sandwiches? Just throwing some ideas out.

I also worry about preservatives and additives, so buy from the deli counter. I would just buy smaller amount and shop more often (bummer) if that is what you prefer.

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I just checked online and it seems my local grocery stores do carry Applegate Farms...I have never noticed them so will definitely look for them next time.

I generally do take sandwiches for's the easiest thing to throw together in the morning when I am racing around to get out the door ( I know, I should prepare the night before!). Don't cook a whole lot, so not much in the way of leftovers to take. Take salads once in awhile...once in awhile soup.

Thanks all....

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Costco has Kirkland brand turkey, honey roasted turkey and black forest ham, all with no preservatives.

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