I pad kindles and tablets on my

ctstarNovember 12, 2011

I really want an I pad but its a little to expensive for me? There are so many different tablets and kindles and other things out there is anything almost as good without the huge price tag? Can someone make a few suggestions? I would mainly use it for music movies and books I would like decent gb but it doesn't have to be 32 wifi is fine with me one less bill.

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"Almost" is a pretty subjective term and only you can decide what device would be "good enough." The simple fact is that the iPad is an incredible device and I don't know anyone who owns an iPad that wouldn't buy another one. I've never seen anyone, including children, technophobic adults, and even those mentally handicapped, who hasn't been able to pick up an iPad and be completely comfortable it within a few minutes.

There are a myriad of Android tablets out there with prices as expensive as the iPad to those that cost less that $100. As you move down the price scale, manufacturers have to do something decrease the cost, which typically means slower processors, less memory, lower resolution screens, and the like. Only you can decide what you're willing to give up.

The Computer forum on GardenWeb has had a number of threads on the low priced tablets. You can also try cnet (dot come) for reviews.

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Well said, Mike.

Even though I've always built my own PCs from scratch, and know every aspect of Windows just as well, the iPad is simply the most intuitive device created in years.

Until something better comes along, just spend a little more and buy it.

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