want to know about Philips TV

clairdo2November 15, 2008

I see a lot of people are having the same problem with their Philips TV. I've been looking at the 42in. flat. After all the complaints about those TVs I'm having second thoughts. Do I understand that the problem is the resistor that is too small and if I put a bigger one in it will work fine...

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The people who have posted on this forum about various Philips and Magnavox TV's have had quite a variety of problems.

There isn't just a simple "One fix takes care of them all" repair that actually will take care of them all.

The TV's break because the MFGR has chosen to make a product as cheaply as possible so there is no tolerance built in. Any little issue and the TV just breaks.

This isn't a recent phenomenon. They have had this for 20 years now. The store I used to work in had to stock dozens of tuners for Philips and Magnavox tube tvs as they were a long time problem area.

Just like your dad always said, you get what you pay for.

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