Tax credits on energy improvements

lara71December 18, 2006

This is really bad of me to ask because I am a seasonal tax preparer-but I have never had anyone use the credits. I will be making improvements in 2007. So for the 2007 return we plan on getting a new energy star front door and a tankless water heater. The way I have read it, I would get 10% of the cost of the door and 300.00 off the water heater. The credit is a total of 300 off of improvements like windows, insulations and doors but the credit for the water heater. solar panels and hybrid cars (hopefully 2008) is figured separately. Is that correct?

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Lara a few months ago John Markman wrote a piece on MSN's Money Central which led people to believe that these were not tax credits but tax cuts. Not so says the IRS and the Bush Energy Bill. You really need to do a little homework here beginning with, entering your zip and finding rebates and incentives in your area. Many of the local incentives don not make their mark on the website, in this case go to your local utilites and check for rebates and incentives. I found one on Keyspan Gas for $300 for my new Bosch Wall mounted tankless hot water heater. Combine that with the tax break, and I'm only out the flue and gas hookup. Windows are $10/ea, not certain about doors. Solar PV and Hybrids are currently $4000.

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Not sure of where you live bushleague, however where I am (NYstate) windows are 50 dollars each. (up to 300 dollars I believe?)
Did you make a typo maybe? Or maybe this is just a NY thing?

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Oh, nevermind. I figured out why we were told 50 dollars each.

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What happens if you're moving into a home (for us, it's new construction) and we selected argon gas filled/energy efficient windows as an option. Does that mean we can get a tax credit/cut when we move in in June of 07?


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You may, please check the website.

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You get 30% federal tax credit for solar hot water systems, up to $2000 off your federal tax bill. NY also has a 25% state income tax credit, over an above the federal tax credit.

Much greater tax credit than energy efficient windows and makes for a quicker return of investment. I've received window quotes of more than $500 per window, with a total $750 tax credit and maybe a 30% savings on my heating. With 14 windows in the house, it would take me 25 years to recoup my window investment.

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Mike, welcome to the forum. It's good to have the perspective.

One note, though. You're posting on old, dead threads. You might want to save your time and effort for cases where the original poster is still here and paying attention. Most of these people have probably long since moved on to other matters.

Just a suggestion.

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FYI - I put geo-thermal into new construction. The electric companies pamphlet that comes with the bill said they paid a one time good deal 350 for something like that. I called the electric company and found out it had been paid to the company that installed the unit - he said that happened a lot.

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