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aka_raeanneAugust 20, 2007

Happy Birthday

Hope you have a great birthday, where ever you are. We miss you!

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Since not too many people posted over the weekend I wanted to continue the celebration. Come on out and play Tikanis.

BJ - I was hoping you would have a chance to check in with us. I am sending positive vibes and love your way.

My sister and her husband (not the one that was suppose to come) "dropped in" on me yesterday. So I am taking today off to spend with them.

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Happy Birthday dear Tikanas!! I hope you had a wonderful day and I wish you a year of lovely days. I hope that you will be able to stop in and say hello. We all think of you sister.

Nice job Raeanne! I can imagine the pressure! LOL

BJ, I am thinking of you too. Let us know how you are.

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Happy Birthday Tikanis!

BJ, I am sending positive thoughts your way and hoping for a speedy recovery for you.

Not a lot new here. Only 2 weeks before school starts so I feel as though I need to cram alot in! I am trying to get my house and clothes organized so I can start fresh in September.

I am going to see Meatloaf tonight in Boston. I just love him and I know he puts on a great show.

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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Hold on to your hats---looks who is back!

I just came here on a whim and saw that our old BJ has arrived back among us. Welcome back Woman!

I have been absent myself-so here is an update in the shortest form possible

Son # 2 - Police Officer in Illinois

DD - Graduated High School, off to college at DePauw University, playing softball for them! Almost a full scholarship ( Whew ), spent the summer on campus and then off ti Ecuador with them ( paid in full by an Alumni)

Son #1 - Happily married and still a Police officer in San Diego

Step child - Graduated UMich-moved back home and is making 45K a year. Started his job in June-we are asking for rent beginning next month. He is still immature and is very lazy. His room is a nightmare. I don't want to harp but come on...clean the room. We thought we were going to be empty nesters but nope. I was seriously depressed about the Step moving home. I really was looking forward to just spending time alone with DH. You know...the no schedule of when we were going to eat, drink and have fun * wink*

Ex husband- still a deadbeat but now I am pursuing other avenues of recourse- Passport Program and State of CA drivers license renewal * smirk*

I am fine and it sure seems like we are all a bunch hormonal menopause women! I am in the midst of it as well. Although I don't have the hot flash kicker, I do have an extra spare tire for those who may need it. What the hell---isn't life tough enough without the fat in the middle?

Got to do a photoshoot with Barilla Pasta and Bob Greene of The Best Life Diet. I am setting up a place for my photos and will give out the link when I have it completed.

Hello everyone...and I am going to try to post more frequently. Really!!


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Hi Gretchen and welcome back! :-)

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Gretchen~Hi! I have really, really missed you. I'm so glad that you are back.

Happy Birthday, Tikanis! I will probably have to try to call & tell her. I don't know if her computer ever started letting her get on here or not.

Donna~Congrats on the weight loss! I'm still at 2.5 lbs but Dave has lost a total of 10 lbs. He didn't want to tell me b/c he was afraid it would upset me. But, it just makes me know that I have to try harder.

Lynn~I'm glad that Dean didn't hit FL & I've been hoping that it didn't hit TX either b/c I leave for there tomorrow. I haven't even started packing so I need to do that today. It isn't that I don't want to go. It is that I don't want to fly.

Besh~Dave likes Meatloaf too. I don't know how much I like him until I hear him singing & then I recognize all the songs that he used to sing. LOL

Raeanne~You did a good job of posting the gif. I think that it looks lovely. I bet that Marci is having a blast. (Just hope that she didn't get flooded in Houston.)

NH Suzanne~Is it starting to cool off up there? We have broken the weather records for the past 3 or 4 days at least! I'll be glad for it to cool off a little bit. How are the animals? I need my animal story fix. LMAO

BJ~Please check in.

I won't be able to check in tomorrow but perhaps I can some of the time at DS#1's house. It will be fun to chase DGD around for a couple of weeks. Everyone said that the b'day party they gave her on Saturday at her other DGM's was very cute. She would open the gifts & want to play with the toys & they would be taken away from her. She would get upset for a few seconds until they gave her another package. That went on for 2 or 3 packages, then she caught on that if she opened a package, she would get another toy. LOL She ate her cake by putting her face in the plate then using her two fingers & getting a sweet little bite. She alternated like that the entire time. I will get pictures on Saturday so that I can show you what happened. Be good to yourselves, b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

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Good morning all,

Gretchen! So good to hear from you and to hear that all your babes are doing well! Sorry you will have a new room mate soon! LOL I know how you feel but you have to do what you have to do I guess. This too shall pass.

Besh how was the concert?

Patti, it's unusually cool here lately. All weekend it felt like fall but this morning it was only 40! Unusual for August to be sure. I went riding with a friend this morning. My usual 5:30 in the saddle time and it is now practically pitch black UGH. We go off and within 20 minutes or so we can see pretty well but it's still dark. The cold made Ms. Pea quite spirited this morning she was raring to go and go she did! There is an old apple tree that we pass early in the ride and she marches out until we get to it. Then the horses are allowed to partake of a few apples before we move on.....they love them. I always take a few (they are small) and stuff them in my pocket. Later on the ride I throw one out and SP will chase it like a ball! It's too funny and they enjoy playing. I am afraid early morning riding is coming to an end rapidly........I really hate having to give up that time.

Raeanne, how was your day off?

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I don't have time to even read the messages but had to post that I heard from Steve and everything went very well. BJ will be coming home tomorrow. So just continue sending her your good vibes and best wishes for a speedy healing process.

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That is wonderful news Raeanne, thanks for letting us know. BJ, I'm still sending those positive thoughts!

The Meatloaf concert was good. I don't know that I would go again as DH and I only recognized about 4 of the songs. He does mostly ballards and some of them he really got carried away and went on way too long. It was a nice night out though. It was held at an outside theatre right on Boston Harbor and we got to spend some time with my sister and BIL, which was great.

Suzanne I am ready to pull out my sweaters!

Have a nice night,
Love, Besh

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No time to read much, will catch up, promise.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIKANIS!! Hope it was fantastic!!

((BJ)) glad everything went well for you.

Gretchen - I think you stopped posting not too long after I came on here which I think is almost 2 years ago, wow.
Glad to see you back again.

Suzanne and Besh - yes it is cold! Wore sweats and socks last night.

Patti - enjoy the time with your DGD - you will have a blast! WTG on Dave's weight loss, yours will come, you know it will.


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Donna~I have lost down to 4# as of today! Yippee!! Perhaps chasing DGD will help the weight fall off faster. One can only hope.

BJ~[[[[ H U G S ]]]] I'll be glad when you get back. Glad that you pulled through just fine. Not that I thought otherwise. But, it is always good to be reassurred.

Raeanne~Thanks for bringing us the wonderful news.

NH Suzanne~Thanks for sharing again the wonderful ride news. I can only dream of cooler weather. We are still breaking record heat down here. I think while I'm gone it is suppose to get cooler a little bit, & hopefully will get a little cooler in Dallas too b/c it has been just as hot there.

Besh~Glad that you enjoyed being with DS & DBIL. It is always fun to be out under the skies & hear good music & enjoy good company.

OK. I just wanted to get on & sign off until I can get to DS#1's & see if he has a chance to let me borrow his computer. He uses his for work so we'll see. I'll miss each & every one of you. Be good to yourselves, b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

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Patti, have a safe trip. I hope you have good weather. Enjoy that grandbaby (like I have to tell you that!).

Donna, I refuse to put on socks, but I did finally put a blanket on my bed and I wore a sweater the other night. I hope that summer is not over!

Today I am cleaning my closet and purging! Later I have an appointment for my annual physical. Not my favorite thing to do, but I am always happy when it is done. (I'm talking about the physical and the closet!)

Love, Besh

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Besh - I saw Meatloaf about 6 years ago and the show was unbelievable - it was like a Broadway production and he sounded fantastic. We enjoyed it so much that we went again his last tour and we were very disappointed. I hope the physical and closet are done quickly LOL.

Patti - I hope the trip goes well for you. We will miss you too.

Gretchen - so good to hear from you and get an update. But we need you on more of a regular basis LOL.

It is cool here too girls. However we did spend the day on the lake and I did manage to get a little sunburn. I am wearing flip flops today, but I have a jacket on LOL.

My sister and BIL just left this morning. We had so much fun having them here, but I am totally exhausted.

BJ - if you are able to read this - I am so happy to hear everything went well - as expected! Don't worry about that "to do" list and listen to your body.

I stopped at a very small Farmer's Market in town this morning on my way to work and bought a bunch of basil. The aroma is just amazing. I may bring a bunch to work everyday.

I am having some landscaping done on my front yard and they arrived with a load of top soil first thing this morning. I am excited to get this project going - finally.

I hope all is well with everyone. Check in if you can find the time.

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Jen Have a wonderful birthday!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family. Miss you!

Raeanne, well done!

Well my closet and bureau are cleaned and purged, but my physical got rescheduled till this morning. One down......

Have a great day,
Love, Besh

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Happy Birthday Jen!! Hope you have a grand day with your girls and DH. Stop in and let us know how you are!

Raeanne, wow, you are turning into the GIF queen. You must be honored that Marci entrusted you with this job! I am sure she would be afraid that I would post horse and chicken pictures! LOL

Donna, how are the renovations going?

Besh, I recently cleaned out all of my kitchen drawers and reorganized some cabinets. It felt so good! I now actually have one empty kitchen drawer!! Purging is good for the soul.

It's starting to warm up a little. But it hasn't been sunny all week. Gloomy and cool like fall!! The grass isn't growing as fast which is good! I will post an amazing photo of a hornets nest in my front yard. I want to try to preserve the nest after the hornets die but I am hoping not to disturb them in the meantime. White faced hornets are nasty and extremely aggressive. One stung Sweet Pea recently and she had a swelling the size of a small orange on her neck. Imagine that, a 1,000 lb animal! Ther are vicious.

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Look closely and you can see one of the hornets

Isn't that a beautiful work of art?

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Happy Birthday Jen! I hope today is filled with wishes that come true. I bet the girls are excited about it being your birthday. Let us know how you are celebrating.

Marci did all the work and just entrusted me with pasting the code. It was quite simple. I was just afraid that I would forget.

Suzanne - those are some gorgeous photos. In your next life you should be a photographer.

Have a great day! I am off to the Saratoga Race Track - wish me luck LOL.

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Hi everyone,

My arm is sore and it hurts to type, so I won't type much.
I was reading a few days ago and saw my name mentioned a few times. :) That was good of you all to think of me. By the time hurricane Flossie got by Kauai, it was out to sea and diminished to a tropical storm, so our weather was nearly normal, but with breezes and overcast skies. At her height, I read she was 140 miles across! Those things get big!

I hope Tikanis and Jen had a happy birthday. I came by one day on my birthday after I hadn't been posting, and there was a party for me. That is so nice of you all, and a special thanks to Marci, too, for all the care taken to make those things special! I see these recent parties were hosted by Raeanne. I hope I didn't miss anything important. Is everyone still okay?

Hi to BJ - I finally got to see your name here. Hope I see it again soon, and to Patti, and everyone. NHSuzanne, those are awesome pics! What kind of camera do you have?

Who would have thought that among other things, I'd get focused on anime and online gaming. Still trying to read and write and paint. I'll try to get back again in a few days. Take care, all. Eat heathy and be safe.

Aloha, Amy

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Hi Amy, great to see you!

Dr. appointment went fine this morning. She said I was boring because there was nothing wrong with me. LOL I told her I needed a pep talk about my weight. She told me that is was great that I was back at WW, but to get a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps a day. She said that combined with WW and I would be fine. So that is what I am going to do. Once I get the walking in, I am hoping it will spur me on to some other kinds of workout. The only bad thing is, because I am 50 now (ugh), I have to get a colonoscopy. What fun!

Suzanne, great pictures. Not only can you write great stories, you take great pictures. You should be a photo journalist for National Geographic!

There is a nice article in the local paper today about DS Eagle project. Can you tell I am a proud Mom?

Love, Besh

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Happy Birthday Jen!!! Enjoy!!

Raeanne - I am very impressed with your GIF skills, I couldn't do it.

Patti - WTG on the 4# loss!! I know you will lose weight chasing that darling DGD around - enjoy the trip.

Besh - I did the physical thing last week, ugh. Always glad when that's over. My doc gave me a good pep talk and encouragement about my weight loss and the WW program overall.

Suzanne - awesome pictures. The renovations are moving along, tomorrow the new carpet goes in and then the fun of unpacking all the junk (I'm being nice) begins. It's a perfect opportunity to purge. It also showed me that I have procrastinated way too long on cleaning out my garage. After I get the house in order that's the next big thing.

Weighed in tonight, was down .8 for a total of 10.8#. I'll take it! Ended up eating out 4 nights this past week which is unusual so I am lucky I lost at all. I forgot to pick up a tracker this week, darn I hate that. I'll have to improvise with a pad of paper. If I don't track I'm sunk.

Gotta finish packing up stuff - lots of stuff and not much room to move it around in. The dogs will go insane tomorrow with all the activity and strangers in the house.

Will check in tomorrow after I get the computer back up.

Have a wonderful Friday!!


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Happy Birthday Jen! Hope you didn't have the horrible stomrs like we did today. It was crazy here in Chicago.

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Hi Guys!

It's 2:30 in the morning here and I am up and at 'em...not by choice! My sleep schedule is totally backwards since my surgery. But I am feeling pretty good and haven't had to use any of the narcotics the docs offered me. Just Extra Strength Tylenol for me so far...and lots of sleep :)

My kitchen table looks not unlike a funeral display. My family and friends have been very nice about sending flowers. One friend brought over some garlic mashed potatoes today--it's her signature dish to bring when someone is sick! YUMMERS--as Happyto would say. And thank you for all the email notes. You guys are the best!

I will read and catch up tomorrow in between naps!

Happy Birthday to Tikanas! Where are you, girl pearl? I am going to send you a text! I hope everything is going well in So-Cali for you! You are such a ball of fire; it makes me wonder what you've gotten yourself into lately! Did you ever make it to Oregon? You better hurry up! I'm moving out of Seattle in 10 months and the flight lesson offer will expire! :)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEN!!!! I knew it was your b-day, but fell asleep before I could post on the actual date! (I'm a great date since I had my uterus removed...) I hope you had a fun celebration with your dear family and your cutey-pie girls. We miss you SO much here. Please come back and share with us! The girls must be getting ready for school...PICTURES! Love and hugs, Jen. We love you!

Raeanne~GREAT GIFS! Good Gadfrey, girlfriend! You really are TOO computer savvy lately!

Well, that about does it for me. I'll catch up and post tomorrow. Nghty-night!

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THANK YOU everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a nice day. Had the day off, so I got my closets cleaned out. Sounds like fun huh? Anyways, I am just glad to have it done.

DeeMarie, YOU are terrific! I opened up the package and found a set of "Heavenly" rollon perfume which is my absolute favorite scent in the world. Also some body lotion to go with the perfume. A gift card from A.C. Moore, a little 24 car, and a copy of The Record "All Star Weekend" from North Jersey. Dee also sent the girls a package which was a scrunchie maker. They love it and have had a ball with it. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

Things are slowing down here, I will try to be back on the board a little more.

Tikanas, Happy Belated Birthday!

Gretchen, We are dry as a bone done here. No storms. It's funny how the same state can be so different in temps. You all are getting to much rain and we are not getting any. Oh well..

BJ, have a speedy recovery.

Hello's to everyone. Have a great weekend.


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Jen, glad you had a good day. Sounds like Dee did a good job in helping with that. Is that Victoria's Secret Heavenly? That is what I wear. Love it. Stay in touch!

BJ, I wasn't expecting to see you back so soon, but I should have known better! You "sound" terrific and I'm so happy that you are doing so well. Enjoy the taters!

I'm off to mow the lawn and pick up the house. DH runs a big Jimmy Buffett party every year at the yacht club we belong to. Tomorrow is the big day, so I get to be his b*tch! This year 3 other yacht clubs are attending so it will be a huge crowd. Fun, but lots of work.

If I don't get back here, enjoy the weekend!

Love, Besh

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I honestly can't take any credit for the gifs other than remembering to post them LOL. Marci did all the work. If you will notice Jen's was posted at 1:30 in the morning. That is because I woke up and remembered that I hadn't done it the night before and was afraid I wouldn't do it first thing in the morning. I don't know how Marci ever gets any sleep LOL.

BJ - you are amazing. I never expected you to be posting by now. I would've emailed you but figured you weren't even checking them yet. I know you will be back to your old self in no time. I am not surprised by all the flowers and good wishes you have gotten - you deserve each and everyone. I have to admit that the mashed potatoes would be my favorite LOL.

Besh - Hey proud momma! The party sounds like it will be huge, a lot of work but a real lot of fun.

Donna - I hope all the renovations go smoothly and quickly. I agree it is a good time to purge. I think I should move every few years, it is my only real motivator to get rid of crap (I am being nice LOL).

Jen - I am glad you enjoyed your birthday. Cleaning my closet makes me feel really good - so I don't think that it's a bad way to spend your birthday. I look forward to you posting more often.

Amy - It's always good to hear from you. Marci is fine, she is visiting her DD. Sounds like you are keeping yourself very busy. How are the granddaughters and your cats doing?

Suzanne - I was also curious on what kind of camera you used. Can I steal one of those for an art project? I love how the light is casting shadows on all that green. I still want to do your eggs, chicken and SP eating grass - I need to quit my job so I can paint.

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Good Morning! I am back from the deep south and glad to see that you guys partied hearty without me! LOL

Raeanne - Thanks for holding up the birthday traditions while I was gone. (If you want lessons in GIF 101, I can help. LOL)

NHSuzanne - Those pictures are gorgeous! I too want to know what kind of camera you have. DH told me that while we were gone the weather turned cold up north. It is back to being hot and humid now though!

BJ - So glad to hear that all went well and that you are up and around. (We never doubted for a second that you would come through with flying colors.)

Jen - I agree that cleaning closets can be cathartic, but I hope you got to do some other fun things too. Dee's package sounded like fun. She is a great birthday partner!

Tikanas - I hope you got to read your birthday wishes, even if you can't post. Email someone in the group and update us on your life. Inquiring minds want to know.

Amy - I went to Lafayete, LA to visit my DD for a week, but thanks for missing me. I am glad to hear that you are still painting. I treasure my picture from you and look at it daily.

Besh - I too love Heavenly from VS. My DD turned me onto it. I usually buy her some for her birthday and Christmas, but she said she has had to stop wearing scented lotions and sprays because of the bugs in LA.

Donna - WTG with WWatchers. Your renovations sound wonderful. Any before and after pictures to show us??

Gretchen - What can I say? What a nice surprise to log on and see a post from you. I thought for a second you had moved to California, since you are now calgret, but I see you are still in Chicago. Please keep posting, we missed you.

Patti - I hope you reached Dallas ok. My first Houston experience was WET! On the way to LA, it poured in Houston on my layover and my luggage got soaked. They must have left it out in the open at some point. I had to wash all my clothes when I got to DD's apartment. But my flights weren't delayed, so I got out on time and my return flight was uneventful. I met a really nice lady on my first layover and it turned out we had the same birthday. We chatted and tried not to notice the wind and rain outside! LOL Have with your DGD!!!

Magic Kitty - Haven't seen a post from you lately. How are you holding up in the FL heat?

DeeMarie - I hope you are having wonderful weather and enjoying every minute of your cruise.

And speaking a enjoying every minute, that is exactly what I did in LA. Despite the heat and humidity, DD and I had a wonderful time. We explored the swamps, two plantations homes, went searcing for alligators, ate seafood, sampled Cajun cuisine and music and just spent some Mother/daughter time. The week went fast but I hope to be able to visit her again before they transfer out of the area. I will post a few pictures in the album when I get a chance.

Now I have one more trip over Labor Day weekend and then I start back to school on 9/4. Part of me is looking forward to a paycheck, but part of me doesn't want the summer to end!

Hi to anyone I missed. Maddie - where are you? Kate - are you sill with us? Joanne - Come back! John - We need you to check in brother!

Gotta finish up some laundry and catch up on the mail and bills! UGH.


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Good FRIDAY all,

Am I ever glad it's Friday. I need a break!

BJ, it's good to know you are up and around and feeling good! There's no keeping you down for long! Take it easy though - be a good girl. LOL

Besh, I use a pedometer and find it quite motivating. It's not easy to get 10,000 steps everyday but they do add up! My Dr. finds me boring too so we talk about my weight. Ugh. Have fun at your Buffet party! You parrot head you!

Donna, purging is good. Seem to be a purging binge going on here! LOL right Besh?

Amy, it's good as always to hear from you. I know nothing about on-line gaming. Is it gambling?

Raeanne, how did you do at Saratoga? My camera is a little Olympus digital. I am amazed at how awesome the pix are. I will email you the hornets nest pix. I need to quit my job to become an internationally acclaimed photo journalist!!

Work this week has been a bear and I can't wait to go home and have a glass of wine. One of many!! LOL

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Suzanne - as you noticed I made no mention of my day at the track - because I am a big loser! Well not that big as I don't really bet all that much. We did have a lot of fun, my one girlfriend won about $300. I really only go to admire the beauty of the horses and to people watch. I feel bad for them, but it is what it is and I usually go once a year out of tradition. For DD#1 birthday we gave her riding lessons out in San Diego, she has been itching to be around horses. This week was her first lesson and she is totally in love with the horses already.

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Suzanne - I meant to say that I feel bad for the horses not the people LOL.

Marci - I was too quick on the submit button and forgot to welcome you home. I now have a whole new respect for your talent and organizational skills hahaha. I am glad that you and DD had a wonderful time together - it sounded like you made the most of it.

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Marci, welcome home! It sounds like a perfectly marvelous time for you and DD!! Ugh, back to school!

Raeanne, I knew you felt sorry for the horses!! I do too. It makes me ill. How exciting that DD is taking riding lessons! It's really great news......uh's addicting!

All the garden centers now have huge displays of colorful MUMS but they make me feel melancholy.......sort of bittersweet because they represent the end of summer and daylight!


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Suzanne - DD used to ride when she was young and then she was on the riding team at college in her last year. It really is her passion and she needed to get back to it, but couldn't afford it. As you know it is an expensive hobby LOL.

Fall makes me very melancholy as well, but at the same time I love it. However, I really do miss the daylight - the days are too short as it is.

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Good Morning!

Jen - Happy belated birthday!!!!
Suzanne - Great/Beautiful pictures!!!!
Marci - Glad your having some great travels and visits.
Besh - sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead!!!!
BJ - gald your at home recouping.....take it easy!
Patti - safe travels to you.
Donna - Keep up the good work on losing the lbs. I am jealous!!!
Besh - sometimes it just plain good to be boring (re: dr's appt.) My dr. has never mentioned anything about my weight cause all my test results/levels have come back good/normal range. I am sure on of these visits, the D & E words will come up. (Diet & Exercise).
Raeanne - Sounds like your keeping yourself busy too!
Too all those I have missed...."Howdy".....
I've crocheted a scarf and will now attempt to embelish it. It is my first one, so It is a bit crooked, but practice makes perfect. After a few circular counter pads (to set hot dishes or pots/pans on), I am going to start a afgan next.
I had crown moulding installed on Monday and there are two guys here now filling and painting. I am so happy we decided to have it done.

Talk to you all soon!!! Lynn

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"Amy, it's good as always to hear from you. I know nothing about on-line gaming. Is it gambling?" No... no gambling, lol. Maybe that's why no one ever says much when I talk about it. :) I'll see if i can put up some pictures in a day or two. I didn't used to know how to do that, but I think I might be able to do it now. Has anyone here heard of the online virtual reality environment called "Second Life"? I've been playing there, too.

Glad Marci and everyone is okay, and thanks, Marci, for saying that about the picture. I like to think that the pictures people have from me add happiness.

Back later :)
Take care and eat healthy


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