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salbwilNovember 7, 2010

My husband and I are trying to enter the digital age and get new cell phones. Can anyone tell us why we should choose one brand over another ( age appropriate wise , we're in our 60's). We're looking at Droids, blackberries, etc.

Many thanks,


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So much of it depends on what you are looking for: if you need to text or watch videos, the Droid phones have the edge: if you want easy to use, look at the iPhone. Keep in mind that Android is an operating system, and is offered on a variety of phones from different manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and Motorola, and on different wireless carriers, and iPhones are offered only by Apple and ATT. If you are currently an ATT customer, and are happy with their service, then the iPhone may be a good option. if you are a customer of another wireless carrier, the Android operating system is available on all 4 major wireless carriers in the US.

This month's Consumer Report magazine rated smart phones, and that article is a good starting point. They rated the DroidX from Verizon and Motorola the best Android phone, and the iPhone 4 the best ATT wireless phone.

I have had a Droid X since August, and am very pleased with it, having come from a Blackberry Storm. While it is not particularly difficult to use, there is a learning curve to it, as there is with any new electronic device. The DroidX is highly customizable, and can be configured to work the way that you want it to, with a little tinkering. The iPhone is easy to use and very intuitive, but is not as easily configurable to your way of doing things.

Your best bet is to get a teenager somewhere to help you out...LOL

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I have the same questions. Where can I rent a teenager for a few hours?

Seriously, the limiting factor for us is the fact that AT&T service here is terrible. AT&T has a bunch of places that are real black holes service-wise, and that also includes some big cities.

So if the iPhone comes out on other carriers, like Verizon, that will level the playing field a lot between the two systems. Which just means that I can put off this decision for another 6 months.

I figure that I have saved about $1500 to $2000 by keeping my little old clam-shell phone that doesn't even have a camera and just using the basic $30 a month plan, since I don't even text.

But one of these days, like the OP, I'll join the rest of the world!

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If you like to download applications, the good news is that most of the Android applications are free. While the Iphone apps are not expensive, you will usually end up spending a couple of bucks for each one. I find that lots of times I download an Android app and don't use it much or try out several similar apps before settling on the one I like.

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Assuming this is your first cell phone, do you really want a smart phone?

Smart phone (Droid, iPhone, Blackberry) are better for doing "internet" activities than being a phone.

Get a smart phone if you want access to things like texting, email, www sites, google maps etc... from anywhere.

For which smart phone, I'd recommend the Motorola Droid. My reasons.
1. Motorola Droid is supported on the Verizon network.
2. I have the Motorola Droid, been very reliable.
3. My wife has Blackberry Storm, which hasn't been as user friendly or stable as the Droid. Takes more "clicks" to send a text message than a Droid - I find that to be a pain. Blackberry syncs to your PC, Droid doesn't.
4. Youngest daughter has HTC running Android. While similar to the Motorola Droid in many ways - syncing all your contacts etc.. to gmail doesn't seem to be supported?
5. Syncing contacts to gmail means if I add a contact on the phone, it automagically goes to gmail contacts and vis versa. No need to back up the phone.
6. Oldest daughter has her own ATT plan with iPhone. Telephone calls are TERRIBLE quality. Calls drop all the time. We live in the same area so it's either phone or ATT service? Don't have that problem with Droid/HTC/Blackberry on Verizon.
7. Friend/neighbor has iPhone. Same problem with calls dropping.
8. Nephew has iPhone, calls dropping is a problem for him too.

If you have/use an iPod and have an extensive library of music purchased from iTunes - get the iPhone. iPhone is easily the most user friendly.

If iPod/music isn't a concern - then get the Droid on Verizon.

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As far as call quality goes, my DroidX has NEVER dropped a call on me: I believe it to be a better phone than the one in my old Blackberry Storm. My Droid syncs to my pc just fine, with drop-and-drag file transfer and easy updating of contacts and calendar through Google.

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Thank you all!

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