MPG equivalent for electric vehicles

razlDecember 7, 2007

I was reading some interesting articles about a company that makes an all-electric scooter called the Vectrix. It has a range about 60 miles and a top speed of 62mph with it's 20kw motor. It takea bout 2hrs to charge the 3.7kwh batteries on 220v service or 3hrs on 110v.

Out of my own curiousity, I'm trying to calculate MPG equivalence.

Assumptions are:

battery 3.7 kwh

electric rate is $0.17 kwh

Fuel rate is $3.00 gallon

1)Cost to charge the batteries is 3.7kwh x $0.17=$0.63

2)Convert $0.63 to gallons of fuel is $0.63/$3.00 gal.=0.21 gallons

3) Solution is 60 mi range/0.21 gal = 286 MPG

Is that right? Holy cow if it is!

I'm not saying I'm ready to trade in my 75mpg 250cc Yamaha for this $11,000 EV scooter just yet (my annual mileage doesn't justify it, at least not yet).

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I thought I responded to this post.

Anyway, I am surprised to learn of this scooter... sounds fantastic!

An added bonus is that electric vehicles *should* require far less maintenance and *should* be far, far, easier to repair (and with much less mess!).

Alas, I can't stand wearing an helmet. I'm vain, and my hair becomes unalterably messy after wearing a helmet. I might have to wait for the perfect car.

Perhaps the Toyota Prius will fit the bill in a couple more model generations.

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You're not gonna be able to run that 20Kw motor for and hour (drive 60 miles ...) on a that 4Kwh battery. Those numbers are likely off by an order of magnitude. Sounds more like 28 MPG.

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What about the cost of the other car that you would need if you want to get out and go somewhere on the highway?

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