Beer can solar air-heater - test report here

robertsolarDecember 1, 2010

You may find it interesting to look over this doc - it includes the evaluation of a diy solar air heater:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Good way to recycle beer cans (or soda, I suppose). I confess I didn't view the video clip, so maybe I missed something, but I would think that fastening the cans end to end and machining the manifolds would take quite a bit of effort.

This might be a good choice for people with more time than money, providing they have access to the necessary tools.

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The bottom of the cans are cut off and dilated, so one can be pushed into the other. You can build an airtight duct easily. The ducts are sealed into the manifolds.

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Pls watch the video from 1.50min to 2.50

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