HDTV and Dishnetwork

johndeereNovember 28, 2007

I went with a Sony Bravia 32'' HDTV wide screen LCD TV.It has the HDMI inputs and I was thinking of upgrading my Dishnetwork reciever to a HDTV reciever.However if I read the information correctly its not just a matter of upgrading the reciever?Its a added $9.95 per month charge on the bill?Why is that I would be willing to buy the equipment needed reciever etc.But why would I pay an extra charge on top of a already to high priced monthly charge.Just to get a even cleared picture.I would ask if its worth it.But I already know it is not.

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I don't know about Dishnetwork, but for TimeWarner Cable, the reciever upgrade is free, and LOCAL HD channels, but the other HD channel package is extra.

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We upgraded mostly to get the DVR part of the DirecTv HH-DVR.

I seem to recall reading that none but the experts would note a lot of difference on a smaller screen -- which is what we have (36"). I know the picture on our old 13" Sony has always been sharp enough for us.

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I believe the $10 increase includes some HDTV channels. Check out the programming options at dishnetwork.com

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We have Dish for the two TV set DVR.

We really, really like the DVR -- a few glitches but nothing that cannot be overlooked

BUT -- we really, really hate everything else about Dish. The instillation is shoddy, the billing is very complicated, the service is infuriating etc.

Unless you want the DVR and if you can find what you do want elsewhere avoid Dish like the SARS or bird flue or West Nile. It is really, really bad -- except for the DVR.

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It is a little hard to justify the upgrade for just a 32" TV. See if you can try the service without a big commitment and decide for yourself if it is worth it. I have 3 HDTVs and $10 for HD programming is easy to swallow for the improvement.

I have DirecTv. To me, it offers the best product, but at a high cost.

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chris8796 suggests to see if you can try the service without the commitment. We found that talking to different persons one could get different contracts. We had several things we did not want like HBO "free". "Free" turned out to be paying for them and then later getting a deduction for the payment.

chris8796's suggestion is a good one I think. Ask them more than once. We have had different persons tell us different stories. Once the same person told us one thing and then told us another after we ask for his employee identification number.

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I called Dishnetwork.Its more like $20.00 more per month.Direct TV is $10.00 per month.The heck with them both thats to high.I do not have any movie channels like HBO because there to high also.I rent a few and buy several DVD'S.So they can keep there hd programing.I might get a Blue Ray disk player.

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