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marci_paAugust 3, 2009

Bee Happy! It's your birthday!

Happy Birthday Jan!!

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Happy Birthday JAN!!! Wishing you a wonderful day and another hugely successful year ahead of you to reach even further toward your new lifestyle goal! You have done so well!! Enjoy your day. XXX OOO

Happy Birthday brother John! Hope you have a wonderful day and I hope can stop by and share some of what's new with you.
I for one miss you brother!

Maddie (((((HUGS))))) I hope you are feeling better. What an ordeal. It's so good to hear from you but with such disturbing news..........makes me sad. Hang in there sister and get well. Whenever you want to the garlic low down let me know and I will share.

I had a wonderful weekend on the boat! We started in Portland,ME had lunch on board and then motored up to Booth Bay Harbor. Booth Bay is a pretty little harbor. It was raining pretty hard up there so we didn't see much of the town. It was just raining so hard. After dinner we went into town and little to some local music. It was fun. Just after breakfast on Saturday we motored up to Camden, ME which is an absolutely gorgeous town. It's also a boat building community.

Here is Camden Harbor:

DH and me:

The whole fam damily!! (sans grandchildren!)

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Happy Birthday, John and Jan! Hope the day is bright and cheery for you and that ALL your wishes come true!!!!

NHSuzanne! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures!!!!!!!!!!! Were you flying to get that picture of Camden Harbor???? If so, I'M JEALOUS!!!! You guys look FANTASTIC---what a GREAT portrait! I posted a link below for YOU! The Julia movie should be a good one!

HUGS to everyone that needs them---
I have to catch up on my thread reading---been MEGA busy--Baby V court stuff, meeting with court advocates, moving DD into college apt this weekend, and hosted my FIRST large dinner in my new place on Thursday, with guests from England and Greece!

It's MONDAY and I'm ready to start a diet again -- lol--


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Happy birthday, Jan and John! May all your wishes and wants come true this year.

Suzanne, you are so cute! I guess I've never seen a picture of you before. Good looking hubby, too!

BJ, you really stay busy. What a full life you're leading. Good luck on your eating!

Patti, you're missed here. I see you on FB, so pop in here, too!

I had a relaxing weekend with friends, but it's back to busy this week. We have company coming this weekend, so I need to get busy picking up and cleaning up around here. I'll be peeking in on my breaks though, so keep on posting!

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Okay...That link I was talking about? Here it is:

Here is a link that might be useful: Julia Child clips, movies, etc.

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Good morning!

Thanks for all of the happy birthday greetings - I didn't know anyone knew. What a nice surprise, especially Marci's e-card!

It was a goofy day - started out good at WW - 2.8 pounds lost, am closing in on 50 (47.4 pounds lost.) Then went to renew my driver's license and spent from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. before it was done. Is it just our area (Mississippi Gulf Coast) or are all Motor Vehicle places like this? It was unbelieveably slow. There were kids there to get their licenses and permits, and after 1:00 an employee comes out and announces there will be no more driving tests for the day! It was a mess.

My husband wanted to take me out for dinner to celebrate (plus I was in no mood for cooking) and we drove to 3 of our towns within our vicinity and none of the decent restaurants are open on Monday! What?? Don't people eat on Monday?

So, when I came here to check the day's messages, I was so happy to see the birthday greetings. A nice way to end a crazy day.

Suzanne, what beautiful pictures, and even more beautiful family! What a great time y'all must have had! (I thought your cute husband's cap said "SEX" instead of "SFX!"

BJ, I'm dying to see the Julia Child movie! I love Meryl Streep and she looks like she's great in this.

milkdud, I need to clean house - it has totally gotten away from me these past few weeks. But my yard looks great - ha.

Have a wonderful day, everybody!


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Oh my GOSH, I missed the party? Well, we'll have to make it a celebration week!

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY TO YOU........
HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY TO YOU........
HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John, I hope that your special day was happy, and I promise to spare you the singing. (Jan, I beg for forgiveness if I was off-key....was not expecting to perform today) LOL!!!

[[[[[[[Maddie]]]]]]]]] -- seems we are sending out lots of hugs your way lately. Hope your days improve steadily.

If you could see my calendar at work here, you would all freak! Just gobbled some fresh veggies and a Boars Head chicken on a 1point roll, and I'm off to a 15-minute massage. That is all the time I have away from meetings today. The rest of the week is worse! Each day is closer to my next cruise in September.

Hello to all my buddies out there!

Make today count!

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Jan - Happy Birthday to you! I am so happy that you have joined this group. You fit right in and have livened things up. You certainly have been an inspiration in more ways than one. Thank you my friend.

Suzanne - any chance your FIl is looking to adopt and overaged kid at heart? Simply gorgeous.

Dee - I hear the high seas calling...

BJ - I would never have been up to entertaining already - you are ambitious.

I was going with a girlfriend to see Julia this week only to find out it wasn't in the theaters yet LOL. I read the book and truly enjoyed it.

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Suzanne, I loved the photos! Made me anxious for my trip, as we are stopping in Portland and Bar Harbor ME again. Absolutely beautiful views. Last year, the fog rolled in, and our ship disappeared from view while we were up in Acadia.

Back to work!!!!

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Dee, Acadia is where I was for a week this past June. Driving with the divine Miss Pea on the carriage roads there. Have you ever taken a horse drawn carriage ride on the Carriage Roads of Acadia? You really should - you don't have to love horses to enjoy it! I stuffed my face full of lobsters in Bar Harbor in the evenings........I stayed in Seal Harbor. Sigh........just a mere memory.

My trip back Sunday was not fun. We were completely socked in with fog and seas were rough. We could not even see the horizon! 5 hours of that back to Portland.........ugh. Thank God for movies.

Don't forget to have lobster for me while you are there!

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John - happy belated birthday!

Jan - happy belated birthday to you too!

I hope you both enjoyed.

Suzanne, great pictures.

Dee, I love Maine.

Just got home from work and will have to catch up but I will be back tomorrow or the next day.

Hi to everyone!!!


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NHSuzanne - We took a family vacation to Acadia National Park when I was a youngster. I recall seeing a Mt. Marcy when I was there. Is my memory serving me correctly?

Great pictures by the way!!!

My DS is in South Africa right now and he has been sending us pictures of his adventures. Baboons cross the road like deer do here in PA and try to forage for food in hotel rooms. He has been on a safari and been to Cape Town to sight see. I told him I am vacationing vicariously through him! LOL

Jan - Glad you had a nice birthday (for the most part). We will have to have another "party" when you hit that 50 pound mark!!!!


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I remember Acadia Nat'l Park! DH and I visited it on a trip a few years ago. Hiked the rocky beach nearby and enjoyed EVERYTHING.

Then we went to Bah-ha-ba (Bar Harbor) ---- HEY! That was about 13 years ago, actually! YIPES...seems like yesterday.

We went to the dock to get cheap lobster and corn and these people were eating CHICKEN sandwiches. I said to my husband, "Why are they eating chicken sandwiches when the LOBSTER is so cheap???" Three days later, after eating my weight in lobster and getting really sick of it, I was ordering the chicken sandwiches too! We have some really funny pictues of us there. We stuck our jackets under our shirts to make us look like we had HUGE bellies and put plates of lobsters in front of us on the table. Then we made big eyes and rubbed our tummies and took a bunch of pictures. Very fun! We signed up for sailing 3 days in a row and every day, the company called us and cancelled due to fog. We never sailed! But we did land and take off in the fog, which is always an interesting experience.

Ahhhhhhhh..reliving memories! Great stuff!

Hope everyone is doing well. CHECK IN!

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Hi All!

Milkdud, glad you found your passport! Refresh my memory and tell me when your cruise is again.

NHsuzanne! YAY that your DH found his ring. That is an amazing story.

Maddie- Sounds like you are coping with everything well. What a LOT to handle! Sorry to hear you had to drop out of school, but you'll get back to it when the time is RIGHT!

Marci----THANKS for posting the b-day wishes for JOHN and JAN! Hope you are getting your school all ready for the new tots!

Well, Baby V's planning hearing was yesterday, so I'll find out in the next few days what the "plan" for him is. The state makes a PLAN A and a PLAN B. Long term foster care is normally PLAN C. I'll pop in when I find out everything and let you know what's happening with my little guy.

Well, I tried threatening Patti on FB---told her we were going to come get her if she didn't check in, but...no joy. She very active on the FB though! lol!

We want to hear from all you lurkers!

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Good morning.

I didn't walk this morning because I was determined to do a major housecleaning - it's almost 11:15 and all I've done is talk on the phone and write a few letters.....hmmm.

I am excited, though. My sister lives in DC and she's always asking us to come up. She emailed this am and asked would we want to go see Cate Blanchett in Streetcar Named Desire this fall in DC at the Kennedy Center. I called my mom and said before I change my mind, do you want to fly up together and spend a few days in DC - she was so excited. She's been a little fearful of flying by herself (since she is 84) so, us two "chicks" will be making a trip soon. My husband's so relieved he doesn't have to go - ha. My sister was so happy and surprised that I would take her up on the offer.

Then I realized I have NO fall/winter clothes that fit. So, not only am I looking forward to the trip, but shopping for the trip! Fun, fun, fun.

The last time I was in DC was when Bill Clinton was impeached - we walked by the White House and the media was swarming the WH lawn. We saw Wolf Blitzer and others. Now, Bill is the hero, helping in getting the American journalists released.

Dee and donna, thanks for the birthday greetings!

Raeanne, what a sweet thing to say - I've loved being here, and sharing my life with such a wonderful, caring group.

BJ, I hope Baby V's plan is one that you are happy with and is the best for him.

Marci, what an exciting trip for your DS - can you imagine? You'll have to share some of his pics with us.

Better get busy. Enjoy your day.

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Hi Girls,

First of all, Happy Belated Birtday Jan. I hope it was wonderful, if anything, it sounds like it was interesting. The last time I renewed my license, I was in the registry for over 4 hours. It was the most insane thing I have seen. Congratulations on the weight loss. Are you close to your goal weight?

John, Happy Birthday to you also. I hope it was great, and you stayed out of trouble!

Maddie, I do hope that you are feeling better. I googled your flu, boy does that sound scary. Sorry that you had to leave school. It is all going to be good from here on!

Marci, good Lord. Your son is in Africa! I am worried about mine being in Maine for a few days camping, I can't imagine him out of the country! What a great experience. Are you enjoying your summer off?

BJ, those pictures of your babies on FB are priceless. You are such a wonderful person, giving those little ones some much needed love.

DH and I are going to see Paul McCartney tonight at Fenway Park. I don't know what I am most excited about, Fenway or the concert! Pray for no rain please!

Suzanne, what awesome pictures of your family. I am glad that you are back safe. It can be pretty hairy out on the water sometimes.

Dee, I want a 15 minute massage!

Raeanne, I love those chairs!!!! I want one! What was Meredith Viera doing in your home town? Was it for the auction?

Donna, I hope you are having a great summer!

That is all for now!


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Jan - So happy that you will be going to DC this fall with your mom.

Marci - There is a Mt. Marcy in The Adirondacks - it is up near Lake Placid in the High Peaks. I don't remember one in Acadia - but there is a Cadillac Mountain.

BJ - there is no better way to have lobstah. Fresh from the ocean onto your plate (paper LOL). All the fishing boats, lobster pots, charming buildings, and beautiful scenery. I want to go there NOW.....

Besh - the Today show did a remote broadcast from our town. They did it on the waterfront at the Sagamore Resort and we were in our boat watching. I got a cute photo of Ann and Meredith in a paddleboat. I was on TV too for a few brief moments, friends from Boston and CA saw us. My daughter called to tell my DH to turn around all she could see was the back of his head LOL. We were floating out there for 4 hours with about 100 boats. Enjoy Paul McCartney and Fenway.

We went to see Coldplay the other night and I have to say it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to - considering we were probably the oldest couple there LOL.

Donna - thanks for the quick check-in. Hope all is settling down in your world.

BJ - Hope things work out for the best for you and Baby V. He is just so precious.

Enjoy your day.


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OK, OK, all right already! LOL

First of all, happy belated birthday to all I missed.

BJ~I actually did come here & they wouldn't let me log in. I didn't want you getting those boots after me! :-)

I'm so thrilled to read about all the adventures with everyone & to see the beautiful pic that NH Suzanne has provided for us. I was gone for 2 months to TX & I've had plenty of computer problems but I have a new one on the way. This one is a 2002. I think we actually bought it in 2004 but the hardware all says 2002. Anyway, I wanted to drop in & say hi & let you know that you are all on my mind. I'm sorry that I didn't get in earlier. Apparently they were having a glitch.

Have a great day. Oh, when we were in TX, the boys have bought a boat & they are really into wakeboarding now. I absolutely loved water skiing in my day. I HAVE to lose this tummy & get some muscle there so that next summer I can try wakeboarding with the boys. It looks like so much fun. So, I need you to hold me accountable. Can I hold you to that? ;-) Thanks. You've been here for me for 10 years now. Time flies when you are having fun!! We still need to have that SS group get-together.


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Good Thursday all,

Hello stranger Patti!! I have missed you. I will be here to help you stay accountable but you have to be here too. Don't stay gone so long.

We have had two sunny warm days in a row and I am beginning to feel like my tomatoes might actually start to ripen!! I have babied these from seeds and I am so excited about them. They are all heirlooms so I can't wait to see who the best producers are.

Raeanne, I wish I'd see the show! I would have been able to pick you out in a crowd for sure!

Marci, I don't know about a Mount Marcy in Acadia either. Still, it's a gorgeous treasure of a place.

What is everyone up to for the weekend??

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Good Friday all,

TGIF - in a big way for me. I am beat this week.

It's supposed to be a good weekend and I am looking forward to it!

Please meet one or our 2009 Kits. I think he is a boy for sure. He was sleeping in the sun on this rock and sat up to pose for me. Is he sweet or what. He has two siblings that I believe are girls as they are far more elusive and I haven't been able to get a good shot of them.

What is everyone up to???

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Hello all,

I've been so busy working that I don't have time to breathe. Really under tight deadlines, but I thought I'd steal a few minutes to check in.

Raeanne, I can't watch TODAY, but I would have if you had called me from the boat! We have some plasma screens around the office and I could have called in a favor to get them to switch the channel! LOL!!!

Suzanne, I have a red fox that comes to my window. My office isin what they call the 'ground floor', and my windows are about 18 inches from the ground. Our complex is on 26 acres of wooded area, so I get families of deer, red fox, and I think I saw a groundhog eating one of the bushes. Not sure if it was a groundhog, because you know I'm not an expert at anything animal....not 100% sure about the deer. LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, gotta run because I need to finish up 2 huge projects before I can leave today.


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Oh dear Dee you really need a trip to my house!! You will be an expert before you leave!! A nice retreat with the horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, fox, moose, deer, woodchucks, song birds, birds of prey, owls, oh yes, and me!! I would probably have to bars on the windows to get you to stay!! LMAO!!

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suzanne, thanks for starting off the day with such a beautiful picture. Yes, he is sweet - what a pretty little face.

I've been to the doctor for labwork. Silly, but I was disappointed they didn't weigh me. When I go back for my results, I'll be sure to ask. I think his scales are lighter than WW's.

Not much on tap for the weekend. Husband's been out of town, flies in late tonight. I want to surprise him with an immaculately clean house (I love our home, but I despise housecleaning.) Just can't stay focused - would much rather work in the yard, even in 100 degree heat.

Were any of you a fan of So You Think You Can Dance? Such beautiful young people with such discipline and fit bodies. I would have been pleased with any of the top four winning, but was really happy that Jeanine won. She was not pencil thin, but athletic and gutsy and could dance to anything! Fun show.

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Oh dear Dee you really need a trip to my house!! You will be an expert before you leave!! A nice retreat with the horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, fox, moose, deer, woodchucks, song birds, birds of prey, owls, oh yes, and me!! I would probably have to bars on the windows to get you to stay!! LMAO!!

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Jan - I watched SYTYCD and I actually teared up when Jeanine won! I loved her. I thought this was a great season and I am glad we don't have to wait until next summer to see more. I think I will quit watching DWTS, and watch this instead. What talent!

Since we are talking animals, here are some pictures DS sent me from South Africa.

Dee - How would you like to see this trying to get in your window?!

Instead of deer crossing, you need to watch out for Monkey Crossings!

According to DS, this eel has no soul. Look at the inside of its mouth and check out his eyes. Eerie!

And lastly, some gorgeous scenery! This is Cape Point, SA

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Marci, great pix thanks for sharing them!! I would love to see the expression on Dee's face if that monkey was outside her window! That might even startle me!! I wonder if the monkeys get hit by cars as much as the poor deer?

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Wow, Marci, those pictures are amazing! That eel creeps me out. What a lovely, secluded beach, with emerald-colored surf. Wish I was there. Those monkeys could get on my nerves - can you imagine???

I agree with you - SYTYCD is far better than Dancing with the Stars - you don't have near as much drama, and the dancing is more the focus. I even like the host, Cat Deely - it's fun to watch just to see what she'll wear. Plus, she's so sympathetic with the contestants.

Gotta get busy around here. Bye.

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Hi all!

Wow! What great pics, Marci! That eel is very creepy! And Suzanne-you and DH make such a great looking couple! (And yes, if Dee doesn't make it to your house for the critters, then I volunteer to take her place ! :):) I love mooseses :), and would like to see one up close. Well, kinda close!)

Well, things are pretty much back to normal around here--for me at least. Rog and his family are taking things one day at a time, but are holding up pretty good, under the circumstances.

Our weather has been so off-kilter since the end of June. Our average temp for July was 80.6, and we got 6.5 inches of rain in 75 minutes this past Tuesday. Heck, we even made the front page of USA Today because we flooded so badly, so quickly. We've had the house open for weeks (thank heavens the electric bill will be small), and there's no end in sight. :)

We got to go to a free, pre-release screening of Julie & Julia last week, and it was so great. Meryl Streep is just wonderful as Julia Child, and the man who plays her husband---well, their sceens to gether are just magic! I highly recommend this movie!

Gotta go--hope all is well with everyone!



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Happy belated birthday to Jan and John!

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Good to hear from you Maddie. You can come any old time to visit! I heard about that freak storm you had! WOW

Dee, I forgot to mention bears and turkeys! LOL

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Maddie - Love, Love, Love having you back among us!!

Lions, turkeys and moose, oh my! Where is the lion you ask? DS said if you were ever good at Where's Waldo, you will be able to spot the lion in this picture.

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I see him Marci. He's at the left just at the crest of the hill! Cool. DS is very lucky indeed. I would be in seventh heaven! Well maybe eight heaven!!

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Yes, NHSuzanne that's him. DS said he was sleeping and the jeep backfired and woke him up.

Now, here is what would put me in 8th heaven. I just LOVE the animal hiding in this picture. Great camouflage. How cool is nature.

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Marci, is that a trick question? I can't see any animal! The pictures are just magnificent. I have to agree with everyone else. The eel gives me the creeps.

Maddie, so glad to see you again. I am happy that everyone is on the mend.

OK, so Paul McCartney was amazing!!!! He is 67 years old and sang for 2 1/2 hours without taking a sip of water or a break. His band took a break and he pulled out the ukelele and kept on singing while they were gone. I loved Fenway Park. It was my first time there and I think my heart skipped a beat when I first walked in. It is beautiful. I am definitely going back for a ball game!

Speaking of Lobsta! Tonight we are having some!!! Our first this summer. We are going out on the boat with some other couples with their boats and will raft up and have ourselves a feed! I am looking forward to a great evening.

Suzanne, love the fox. You take the best pictures! My mom says she has one that has been coming around her house and she is concerned about her cat because she sleeps out on the deck all day in the sun.

Dee I laughed right out loud with Marci's comment about the monkey looking in your office window. Being the animal lover that you are (NOT!), I would love to be a fly on the wall if that were actually to happen!! You know we love you, right?

I should get off of the computer now. I only have about 1 million things to do today. Have a great weekend all!
(((HUGS))) all around.


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Besh - It's not a trick question. Look closely!

I think the rule if you are staying on the first floor of a hotel in SA is: Lock Up Your Bananas!! LOL The animal preserve where the lion and the ________ were was in Pretoria, SA.

Besh - I am envious. I did get to see Ringo Starr once and I have to say it was the most fun I have ever had at a concert. But what I wouldn't give to see Paul McCartney! Glad you had a great time!

I am leaving soon to go to my annual craft show in the woods. This is where I get my wool ornaments. I am like a kid in a candy store when I go into her booth. One day I will take a picture of all my ornaments from her and post it.

I am going to try to just get some fruit to eat there and ignore all the other decadent choices of goodies. I'll let you know how I do. LOL

Hvae a great day!

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Marci, I see him/her! That is so neat! My heart would stop if I saw that in real life - so close and so hidden! Beautiful.

I need to go walk, but the rain keeps coming and going. Didn't walk yesterday, and didn't clean the house, either. Can't get into that habit. I tried on my swimsuit that I recently bought and saw where the rest of the weight is! That will keep me honest for a while! Guess it's a good thing it's August, won't be wearing it for a while, most likely.

Besh, what a great time you are having - Paul McCartney and Lobster! Wow.

Have a great weekend.


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OMG, I see it!!! Wow!

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Good Sunday all!!

Marci, I see that lion too. Neat photos. DS must be having an absolute blast. I forget what is he doing there?

What a beautiful weekend we are having. DH mowed all day and I played in the garden and it was sunny and dry and just a picture perfect summer day.

Another beautiful day is waiting for me and there is no shortage of things to get done while DH is home!

Have in great day.

Besh, lobster and McCartney? WOWZA I can't believe you have never been to Fenway! Now you know what you have been missing! Hope you had a great lobster/boating day.

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Lion? That is not the animal I saw! Maybe I am imagining things!

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It's not a lion. The lion is in another picture.

It is an _ _ _ p _ _ _ _.

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That's what I saw! :-)

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